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  1. I bought pregnant cows last week. Now I need something to feed out. Someday I’ll get it figured out how to raise them for eating.
  2. I would like to buy 4 or so for freezer beef. I am sure if I sat in a sale barn for a few hours, I could probably come out okay. Last ones I bought were about this time last year, and I made a lot of money off them. Sorta hate to gamble with the kind of money that they are bringing right now.
  3. Wow! Is all I can say! Other than I wish I had a bunch of them to sell!
  4. I spent the second half of the week putting a motor in my Jeep. I don’t like to mechanic nor lay on my back to do it, but I succeeded, sorta. Still need to change a motor mount and service the transmission.
  5. When you are first on the scene, you want a little bit of separation between you and the Roos. I have seen deer go over a grill guard on a truck like Ron’s @ihrondiesel and take out the windshields and center post.
  6. Yeah, the wife is the other partner. They deduct all expenses from her share, but since I am self employed they tax 100 percent of my share. No major expenses last year. I should’ve bought a cow trailer and lost my back side.
  7. Play tag or maybe keep away
  8. Anyone have an accountant who is not afraid to push the envelope as far as taxes go? Obviously the truck made too much money last year! Then they are taxing 100% of my half of the partnership. No expenses are taken from my share, which I find strange.
  9. I have a buddy up north who has one. Probably pushing 500,000 on his by now. He was a Ford mechanic, but never babied his Excursion. I’m pretty sure he has never stripped out a spark plug hole, nor done anything other than routine maintenance.
  10. And how many didn’t get run last summer? Between the hail that wiped out the crops and the drought, there were a bunch that didn’t move all summer. Some got run this winter because if they didn’t use their alotted water they lose their rights.
  11. You are rv exempt! You can do whatever you want and be legal. Now if you want to transport them for hire, you fall under real rules. Just get a semi and tag it rv. You are legal for a 53 foot trailer and drag your pickup behind all of it.
  12. The puppy is not so much of a puppy anymore. He spends a lot of time body blocking Dolly. For the most part they get a long great. The 1600 mile road trip last weekend, he did great with. Dolly did better. She never moves in a vehicle. Shadow would get bored and want to get in Lisa’s lap.
  13. Most are a half mile square, but but there are some up to a mile square.
  14. Pretty sure the strips are rotation farming. Either winter wheat, summer fallow. Winter wheat, Milo, summer fallow or a combination of that. Way too big for solar farms. And they rarely exist out here.
  15. I can only imagine! @vtfireman85
  16. Yes sir. That was how we came back. Going up, we took 29 to road C. The place was the first place west on 102 and road C. It was fun, but I am glad to be home.
  17. We made it home around 1:30 this morning. By the time we got cows put up it was closer to 2. I miss cow truckin.
  18. Pinzgauer These are calves that we raised. Sold the heifer. Did not like her attitude and going to trade the bull calf for something not related. Raised Pinzgauer cattle back in the late 70 early 80s
  19. Well, we bought 4 cows Sunday evening. Had asked before we drove 800 miles each way for the seller to make sure we knew what we needed for health papers and arrange for a vet to be there. Vet wasn’t able to be there until 10:30 Monday morning. Okay. So vet showed up at 11. She asked if we have tag numbers or a way of reading the tags. I say cows don’t have a permanent tags. (I have transported enough adult cows across state lines to know what tags she was talking about) Cow owners are hobby farmers who have NO CLUE! NO FACILITIES!! And think the world is picking on him. 2 hours later we have new metal tags in said cows. Nick is getting frustrated and asks his lovely bride for a sorting flag, and a stock whip. A brief lesson in respect and 4 cows step on trailer. It is now 6:06 pm and Nick is telling stories while Lisa pilots Dodge dually and 26 foot stock trailer through the stupid double round abouts in Worthington
  20. My 2012 Dodge dually doesn’t have lock outs. Has 205000 on it. Turn the dial and it throws mud and snow in the front. Turn the dial a bit more and you have to wait, but it goes much slower and throws mud and snow everywhere. Turn the dial all the way the other way and only the rear throw stuff.
  21. Yes. Somewhat disappointed. The restaurant was closed, but it is a great place
  22. @cobflyI finally found some up here in Wisconsin. Can’t get any in Kansas. First PBR I have had in years
  23. Yes!! They are easy to install.
  24. I spend close to $200/week trying to keep rust at bay!!
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