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  1. My brother has a couple Rangers. He bought a Honda and had it maybe 3 months before trading it for another Ranger. Neighbor up north has had a couple Bobcats and a Kubota. We are all talking about side by sides that get used. If you are just using it for mobility, other then the price, Kubota is the way to go. Automotive type door hinges, easier shifting, and awesome power steering. I had a diesel Gator that topped out maybe a half mph faster than my horses. Only took 5 miles before they played out and I could get them turned.
  2. Wouldn’t stop here. This wind is nuts.
  3. Went with an IPhone SE. I lied earlier, my old one is a XR. Lisa’s work phone is a SE and she gets along decent. I am switching to Visible as a carrier. $45/month. International calling and unlimited data voice and text.
  4. If you figure it out let me know!! My left thumb nail is the only one that looks like normal nails. Now the knuckle above the nail is HOSED! It I am going to miss with a hammer, I miss by 1.324 inches. I measured!🤫
  5. What are you guys using for phones now. I think mine is a 2020 Apple SE. Not a bad phone, but it’s over 2 years old, and I am starting to have issues with it. I almost have to stay with Verizon for a carrier. Someone will probably show up with charts and graphs telling me otherwise, but so far I can use my phone where others can’t. I do pretty much everything with it. My laptop was used when I bought it in 2013, and I doubt it has been turned on in close to a year. I need decent screen size for my internet pleasure and I get all of my load information either via email or text. Talk time isn’t usually an issue. I can plug in. Give me ideas please
  6. Omaha got just enough to make the morning commute a bear. Norfolk was cold and light snow at noon. Had to go north to highway 20 and 81 and that was NO FUN! Snow wind and COLD! Was slick and the scales were drifted over to weigh out. Nothing in York as I type.
  7. I have to share it every year!!
  8. I would seriously consider a Kubota. I would also consider new, since they want dang near new price for used!!
  9. When we had the old 510 Massey and a 3 row head, I was absolutely tickled if I could get 3000 bushel in a day. Never had a cart, or unloaded on the go until I got a 750 Massey and 6 row wide head. Had to be going down hill to unload on the go in good corn.
  10. What does he need? Not sure I can help, but between myself and the wife, we can usually find something.
  11. Dude is a working fool. With his disease, he can’t regulate his temperature and plays out pretty quick. This was the last ranch we were on. Owner believed in low stress cattle management, or in his case let the cows do whatever. Dude totally played himself out, and Lisa had to pack him 2 miles out of the hills. Quite the horse to tolerate the dog.
  12. It’s not the “manly “ thing to say or do, but hugs to both you and your wife!
  13. Better add the other child. This is Dude. He has Canine Dysautonomia. It is 99% lethal. I contend we have $5000 in vet bills on him. Lisa says about half that. His “automatic” functions don’t work, so his eyes are always dilated, he gets cold really easily and he will “freeze” down if his feet get cold. To deal with it he has a Carhart coat, snow boots, which he likes, and Dogolls, which he HATES. He also has a big white fluffy cat that has taken care of him since he got sick, 9 years ago.
  14. lol she is pretty spoiled. Grandma says she gets first dibs at babysitting
  15. They cross the border all the way south to the Mexican border. 55 mph no matter what.
  16. I will assume you are in bed with the owners of this site since you are allowed to cause strife and discontent. I really don’t care one way or another about electric vehicles, if you had any personal experience with them. What I truly dislike is a talking idiot who quotes misinformation. This thread should have been pulled along time ago but since it is left leaning it has been allowed to exist.
  17. Yep yep. You are still an *******
  18. My DC Case has babbit bearings, but I have never seen them poured. I ended up buying a 6 foot 702 Aermotor that I would like to rebuild. Might have to build a jig to repour the bearings. If memory serves correctly, they looked simple. 🥴
  19. Only things I have ever seen with babbit bearings being poured were Aermotor windmill pitman and pinion bearings. I watched for hours while they poured and scraped them.
  20. Supposed to be nice weather here tomorrow.
  21. And you even have a mask on!! You are being politically correct.
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