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  1. I have left jobs for less reason. I was never concerned about finding a job, until I turned 50. Way less options now. Part of the reason I own my own truck. Sounds like you are getting set up for your own business. Nothing as scary nor as rewarding. I to believe that you are being set up. Ride it out until the courts settle a few cases and you have time to gather your chickens.
  2. Yepper, we never had a winch, so we would have to pull a half stack on if it was icy. Dry, we could load a full stack. First tractor I ever drove was a SC Case while Dad pitched hay off. After I got to wearing chaps instead of insulated bibs, getting the zipper down got a whole lot easier!!
  3. Don’t you miss the M chained up, pulling a stack of hay? I really don’t mind the cold, and I always enjoyed operating a open station tractor in the winter, but I don’t like hay blowing in my face and the older I get, the quicker I get cold!! PLUS the older I am the quicker I need to get my zipper down!
  4. Pushing cows across the Niobrara river back in 2009, I think. Last 2 pictures are of other times with my helpers
  5. She has been riding in the pickup since she was a pup, but HATED the big truck.
  6. Dolly and I have been together for nearly 4 years. This is the first time she has ever insisted on truckin
  7. I don’t remember what Dad had, maybe a Foster Chaffwagon? Sounds about right. Anyway, we used it for 2 or 3 years, but on gravity irrigated ground it was a challenge to get the bunches picked up. Next he tried a Heston stackhand. Like you said, to much dirt. On the corn, after I got to running the combine, there wasn’t enough corn in the fodder to make good feed. The shucks were filler but not worth the cost for us.
  8. Cattle always feed better 500 miles away. The Nebraska guys send calves to Iowa, then the Nebraska feeders turn around and buy Montana calves. Kansas calves go to Iowa or Texas. Lots of Kansas feeders feed Tennessee or Florida cattle. Back in my cowboy days, I have had 2 different loads of cattle show up in a in blizzards. One load from Tennessee the other out of Florida and the drivers were wearing shorts and flip flops. The worst deal I ever saw was a guy brought a load of 1500 pound fats out of Canada to Fort Morgan Colorado. He had 3 dead and 6 down that they had to drag off. I think they charged the driver. I have hauled cattle several hundred miles and only lost 1 old cow on a 10 mile corn stalk haul. Ruined my reputation and hurt my pride something terrible. Once you load you better leave the left door shut! You can cover a lot of miles as long that door stays shut.
  9. Lots of cattle move from East Tennessee to central Kansas.
  10. Hebron isn’t nearly as miserable as it used to be. Kansas can be tough but they see enough of us running triples, at 80,000, they don’t mess with us most of the time.
  11. I am sure you are like me. Once you get going you don’t stop, but if you need help or want to stop, we are only 18 miles off of 81 and 10 miles off of I70. Stay safe
  12. Can you run heavy in Minnesota? Looks like you have good helpers!! Nice to see kids helping Dad!!
  13. No rub spots on the back of Holstiens I guess. Cargill was really pushing the fold up ramps, longer steps going into the belly and double back doors. Stay safe!! Keep taking pictures!! thanks
  14. Where the ramp folds up against the side instead of pushing under the top deck. Probably a better term is humane ramp. Cargill was pushing them.
  15. You are supposed to deck the nose too!😜 When I first started hauling cows I pulled a 41 foot American. You had to use every inch available. Times have definitely changed. We even put fats in the jail if we weren’t going far. Do you have the safe cattle ramp?
  16. You aren’t as heavy as I figured you were. I am 28000 empty and fairly low on fuel. Lately I’ve been running a lot of Arkansas and Missouri and have been working with 52000 pound pay loads. If I am Nebraska north or south I can load 61,000. My mileage improves dramatically going south east. Slower speeds and less weight.
  17. I probably should know this, but it’s easier to ask. What can you weigh with the pusher and 4 axle trailer? I am guessing your pay weight is around 62000? Stay safe and keep posting pictures. I miss the fall run, but not the packing plant shuffle.
  18. I assume that feeders are afraid of the high priced grain? That sucks. I remember in 1995, I was extremely happy to sell $500 steers!! Of course the imputs were some less then also. I could rent grass for 5 months for $28/pair/month.
  19. Thanks for all your information, Sledge!! Very interesting!!
  20. So I am going to show my ignorance, an anvil is forged? That means it was molten metal then “poured “ into a mold?
  21. How do you mill the face? That looks amazing!!
  22. I too love a 450! I have had 2 of them, both diesels. Sold them both, back when I could find them everywhere. I stopped and looked at 1 for sale last week. Turned out it was a gasser and the motor was locked up. The rest of the tractor looked decent. 2 point hitch and decent looking tires although they were flat.
  23. Let me know when you wanna do that. We will drag our bunch out there.
  24. Not sure if I shared this one before, but we always had to cross the river twice a summer. First time was always interesting.
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