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  1. Biggest thing for me is a nation wide warranty. What I had was a Foley Cat warranty, which is most of the area I run in, but not all. This one scattered metal all throughout the oil system, so it was going to be a bare block rebuild. 6 to 8 weeks turn around. You might be able to sit that long without an income, but I can’t. Hopefully it will be ready to roll again Memorial Day.
  2. 632000, and yes it was replaced.
  3. They found the bull gear failed. I am getting a different engine, but it’s still up in the air as to what all I am paying. We found a factory reman, but it is 10,000 more than what they are willing to pay.
  4. I found these when we up on the river. Not sure how I spotted the spike. 2012, I found a number of massive skulls with horns but left them all on the ranch.
  5. Makes a bit of a difference when your spouse is the parts guru. She has a factory reman sitting in Wichita. I am really hoping for that to happen.
  6. Pretty sure the bull gear failed. Broke it in with Delo 15-40 switched to Shaffers full synthetic this last oil change.
  7. We aren’t sure how it’s going to play out. My wife works for the company and we ate lunch with one of the higher ups in the company and they are well aware of how many miles and other things. I am sure they will help some, how much I don’t know. They are a Cat shop and were having doubts about working on my Detroit before they tore into it. The tech that did the work has since quit. I don’t think they should pay the entire bill, but I hope they split the cost of a factory reman with me.
  8. 65000 miles since we overhauled it. No idea what let go yet.
  9. Truck was making noise in the front of the motor. I had a load on and delivered it to Cimmaron. Had an appointment in Wichita this morning to get it looked at. Never made it that far. They opened up the filters and this is what they found. Haven’t heard if they got it opened up yet. A noticeable pop, and a blue puff of smoke. No compression now.
  10. The old man told his story. Gene Watson The Old Man and His Horn weird
  11. I’m going down Feather River Canyon- Red Simpson
  12. An aggressive dog helps remind them that they need to take care of their baby. I am envious of your chute and would still buy your Powder River if you decided to sell.
  13. I liked the Simmy cattle but like all the breeds that came in, we didn’t select for temperament or calving ease, to start with. They kind of got a bad rap because of it. Myself, I like the Pinzgauer breed out of Austria.
  14. Totally different animal. I think it’s based off of the David Brown tractors? Way to new for me to know much about them.
  15. Lazy WP

    Shed moving

    You need to come to Kansas and help me take the 12 inch rack out of my barn. It was leaning a bit before the wind in December. Now I HAVE to fix it. Nice job on your shed!!
  16. Dad had one of them back in about 1979. Made decent hay, but the stack mover was a joke. Only 3 chains.
  17. I can measure the width of the 11/22.5. A metric or low profile might serve you better. The old digger truck I had up north had 8.25/20 on it. Couldn’t find any of them, but there were some 11-20 already mounted on an auction. Put them on, no problem
  18. Yepper, we never had a winch, so we would have to pull a half stack on if it was icy. Dry, we could load a full stack. First tractor I ever drove was a SC Case while Dad pitched hay off. After I got to wearing chaps instead of insulated bibs, getting the zipper down got a whole lot easier!!
  19. Don’t you miss the M chained up, pulling a stack of hay? I really don’t mind the cold, and I always enjoyed operating a open station tractor in the winter, but I don’t like hay blowing in my face and the older I get, the quicker I get cold!! PLUS the older I am the quicker I need to get my zipper down!
  20. Pushing cows across the Niobrara river back in 2009, I think. Last 2 pictures are of other times with my helpers
  21. She has been riding in the pickup since she was a pup, but HATED the big truck.
  22. Dolly and I have been together for nearly 4 years. This is the first time she has ever insisted on truckin
  23. I don’t remember what Dad had, maybe a Foster Chaffwagon? Sounds about right. Anyway, we used it for 2 or 3 years, but on gravity irrigated ground it was a challenge to get the bunches picked up. Next he tried a Heston stackhand. Like you said, to much dirt. On the corn, after I got to running the combine, there wasn’t enough corn in the fodder to make good feed. The shucks were filler but not worth the cost for us.
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