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  1. Different farm same general area.
  2. Are they more for taller towers? Sandhillers area they use either hexagon wood rods or 3/4 fiberglass rods. Harrisburg Nebraska area used tiny fiberglass rods. Dad used 1/2 inch galvanized pipe, and I have 7/16 steel rods in Kansas. Buddy north of Halsey uses 1/4 chain part way down the hole. Just interesting what different areas use for pump rods.
  3. Never seen anything like that. I take it the tower isn’t straight?
  4. This is why I love farm deliveries! I didn’t ask for permission to share the location or name. All I will say is that they are in the Rich Hill Missouri area. He might be a lurker? If so I hope he joins and comments
  5. That looks like both of our mutts. The smaller the frisbee the more they cross their eyes to see through it. She is turning out to be a good looking pup, Seth!!
  6. Ours up on the hill. I need to get serious about making water instead of noise.
  7. Those early Upton tractors look a lot like the Allis D-21.
  8. These are what I have in the truck. I have a cap bill mount for my pre trip inspection. Nice hands free wide angle. The Cat one I have had for 6 years and still has the original battery. It’s magnetic and I used to use them for backup lights on my hopper. The Surefire is a great light!! Rechargeable and has 3 settings as well as a strobe. Son in law got it for me. It will start a fire! The Dewalt is great for sitting down and aiming at a work area.
  9. If I recall, the Regular mag bolts down to the base, any mag that mounts the same works. I forget what the coupler looks like but don’t they have a bunch of holes so you can change the timing? I haven’t messed with a Regular since I was about 10 years old and that was a half century ago.
  10. That would be a huge deterrent for sure, but if I remember correctly, you are coming in on I44 and will miss most of the stupid traffic. That is usually west on I70! I don’t mind St Louis on 44
  11. We have a Tractor Supply in Ellsworth. They came in when Orschelns left. I have been in it once. That is 10 miles west. Salina is 25 miles east and there is Atwood’s, Bomgaars, Tractor Supply and Menards. We went to the Tractor Supply in Salina today, because we were on that end of town. It never lets me down. They have absolutely nothing for an actual farm/ranch. Lots of phoo/phoo hobby farm, overpriced garbage. Atwoods and Bomgaars are about the same. Both have a pretty decent selection of useable things. I never think of Menards unless I am looking for building materials. There’s a locally owned farm store in Beloit Kansas that used to be my favorite, but I haven’t been there in years.
  12. Vermeer is all gear driven. On the older models you have to take the entire cutting bar apart.
  13. Three days awake isn’t all that hard. After the first day you just get in a groove. I have never taken anything to stay awake other then Copenhagen and Mt Dew, and haven’t done either of them in years. I could always run harder than the guys using toothpicks and other things. Plus after a couple hours nap I was ready to go again. Now days, I’m not even gonna try
  14. My bet is that the commissioner got changed and he didn’t get his cut of the money. Very jaded view, but my dealings with a captive herd of wildlife and state officials who have granted the permit to have them hasn’t been the greatest.
  15. Does that include humans? Hard to draw a line in the sand and not cross it. I am not a fan of “canned hunts” either, but it was on private property, in a contained area. I am sure the state inspects private hunting sites up there. Every state I have been in does. I am not defending this guy, but if you dig into it, I will bet someone got their feelings hurt.
  16. That stuff has been going on for ages. Back when I was around the Big Horn sheep, there was talk about it. The Marco thing was BIG 15 years ago. The paid hunting is a totally different group! Lots of money, and I would venture to guess that someone got their feelings hurt because they were told that they would shoot the largest horned sheep in the country! $10,000 dollars doesn’t even buy a decent Rocky Mountain ram.
  17. The issue is that he didn’t grease the correct hand.
  18. Years ago we were going to try something similar with Dahl sheep. We had a captive herd, but were line breeding since I believe we had the only Dahl sheep in captivity. My hunting buddy never got a shot, so we never found out if it would work. OBVIOUSLY he did!
  19. I have gone to selling on Big Iron or Purplewave. So far I have come out on the plus side, other than a semi flatbed trailer that I bought in a moment of weakness.
  20. If you are bound and determined to deep penetrate the soil, plant a crop of edible sunflowers. I am not in the business anymore, but I rarely see soil compaction as an issue, throughout an entire field, unless you mono crop. Headlands and high traffic areas, maybe.
  21. I don’t know any of the drivers over there anymore. Lisa worked there when we first got together.
  22. Then there’s guys like Sandhiller’s neighbors who never change their clocks. When we were up there, we were always on Central time. I think we were inside the Mountain time zone about 12 miles but everything we did was in Central time zone.
  23. They might have built it at Abilene Machine. I haven’t been past there in ages, but last time I was, there were some interesting tractors sitting out front. What was the name of the trucking outfit? Might not have been a Kansas tractor, depending on who was hauling it.
  24. I think the last time I priced a new 8 foot mill, it was around 3800 dollars, plus a tower. I want a 12 foot mill sometime. They are terribly expensive and I really don’t need anything bigger than a 6 foot mill, which I got put up last fall. I’m still fighting with the well. Hopefully I can get water flowing this summer.
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