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  1. Any of you northerners have a long term weather forecast? We are thinking about heading north the 18th. Be there the morning of the 19th and be home mid afternoon the 20th. Probably go up 35, and come back through Worthington.
  2. Lazy WP

    Long day

    That was a big deal 5 or so years ago. From Oklahoma to North Dakota just as fast as you could turn them. You will find out how tight your trailer is hauling it.
  3. Lazy WP

    Long day

    I have spread gravel with an actual belly dump. Even if they open lengthwise instead of width wise, you can still spread gravel pretty much the width of a traffic lane. You just chain the doors to a certain width, open them up with air as you are traveling down the road at about 20 plus mph. Spreads it nicely. The traps on my hopper are manual crank, so I can windrow it, like Friday, semi pile it, because my hopper needs to get shined up. I just haven’t used it in 2 years. 4 loads of gravel and 3 loads of corn is all I’ve done with it in 2 years.
  4. Lazy WP

    Long day

    I had one of them. Sold it earlier this fall for twice what I paid for it. The quarry is 45 miles away. I probably should have quit after the first load, but now I have an idea of what not to do 😁! Everything is a learning experience.
  5. You can call coyotes right up to your vehicle. Animals get used to a routine, and if you don’t mess with that, you can almost set your watch by their routines.
  6. Why does everyone think that you need to camo everything? Once animals get used to it being there, they can care less about the color.
  7. Lazy WP


    ▶️ Watch this reel https://www.facebook.com/reel/364536372848807?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=GCTWuj I can probably support this deal.
  8. Dolly wanted Shadow to play tug of war with her. I helped him out and she still won.
  9. Haven’t decided yet. It’s 20 miles closer to go though Sioux City and up through Worthington. Lisa needs to see the double round abouts, but time wise it’s the same time. Probably go up I35 and come back the 2 lane.
  10. Lazy WP

    Long day

    We work well together, most of the time 😊but there are times… This stuff is way easier than working cows together. You don’t need to visit a marriage counselor after that! A divorce attorney is usually about the next call. She is very good at working cattle and I am better (in my mind) but realistically she is much better. The loader was at the quarry. No clue as to how many yards, but 15 tons per bucket load.
  11. Lazy WP

    Long day

    2 mudflaps and a plastic chrome “top hat”/ hub cover! Could have been WAY WORSE.
  12. Lazy WP

    Long day

    Yeah. I normally like them, but I don’t think they are as good in mud, but it would not have been any better with duals, I guess. Dumb is dumb no matter what you have
  13. Lazy WP

    Long day

    We have finally gotten some much needed moisture!! Like 4 inches of wet snow along with about an inch of rain. I had it where I could get in and out loaded, until we did the dirt work for the building, that isn’t up. Lisa got a couple loads of 3 inch rock brought in and I went after 50 tons of “road stone”! I paid for each load when I picked it up, afraid I would get stuck. First load went great. Second, not so much. It was getting greasy on top and being loaded, I thought I would pack the 3 inch stuff in. About pass number 6, all 6 axles dropped straight down. I was pointing straight at some trees so we couldn’t drag it forward AND the biggest tractor we have is a 2090 Case. Remember I was still grossing 85000! Very sick feeling! Lisa didn’t get off work until 4, so I had all day to stew over it. Took the skid steer and dug a little. Smoothed out some stuff and pretty much panicked! We hooked on to the back of the trailer, and got it about 4 back. That was it. No more. We go to the front and tried on. Hope against hope Lisa goes to pulling. Around comes the front end and about the time I think we have it made, the 2090 spins out. Now we have the truck buried up to the center of the wheels! Remember, my truck is a highway truck and I have some plastic chrome on it. Lisa says, you either need to call the wrecker before it gets dark, or start shoving. I turned 60 in November and shoveling is NOT an option. George, the wrecker owner, is on speed dial, but I think we need to make sure that he earns his money if he comes, so I reposition the 2090 to pull me around a little more. Take the skid steer and dig out the landing gear on the trailer so we don’t rip it off and Lisa goes to pulling again. Success!! The holes are terribly deep!!
  14. They decided that a check would be fine. Probably take cash for the 3 cows I am sure I want and gamble on the rest!!
  15. I need to ask them about that. My wife told me that they wanted cash last night as we were heading to get her birthday gift.
  16. Yeah, years ago we brought one of the first fullblood bulls in from Canada. He was pretty spoiled. Went to Texas every winter. The big bull I have now came from Delta Colorado. 10,000 feet elevation. Guess I was 102 when we loaded him though.
  17. I had no idea that you were such a literary genius Seth.
  18. I had every intention sending them a letter of credit from my bank and buying everything that looked good. Being in the central part of the nation, I can get my money back easily. Was informed yesterday that they would like cash. Been down that road before. You are buying drugs if you carry over $10,000 cash with you. Somewhat limits me on buying 3 or 4 cows. I’m taking a 26 foot stock trailer and have hauled 10 cows longer distances with plenty of room. Just a sign of the times. Used to be, you would dig through the stack of blank checks sitting on the counter, until you found your bank. Write a check for 100 grand and no one ever asked questions.
  19. Pinzgauer’s. They are a dual purpose breed, both beef and dairy, although I am not all that interested in milking them.
  20. Elmer all but retired. Rarely get him on the phone anymore.
  21. If John can’t help you, or doesn’t have the used parts, try Elmers in Centrillia Kansas.
  22. Cheaper registered cows with a different blood line. https://www.abundantliferanch.net/pinzgauer-cattle
  23. I’m looking at some cows in Rib Lake Wisconsin. Any of you near there or along the way? Coming from central Kansas.
  24. I would take the late 1920s. Mainly use horses. Have a Regular to yard hay with. Farm just enough to feed a few calves and hogs.
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