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  1. 14 minutes ago, Art From Coleman said:

    I could see how having ALL the lights, including the clearance lights on the back of the trailer, flashing at the same time, being an advantage, maybe preventing someone from plowing into the back of it.  Of course, if he/she/it couldn't see two, or four flashing brake lights, the he/she, or it, probably couldn't see several more.

    With the LED lights, there would be very little current draw.

    The small draw from the led leads me to believe that I have a grounding issue. We have always had to run a jumper cable from the trailer to the bed of the pickup. I am guessing we have a bad connection at the pickup somewhere. 

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  2. We had our old 93 Trailman stock trailer sand blasted, some of the rusty spots redone and Lisa redid the marker lights with LED, 3/4 inch cuties. Looks AMAZING! We added some additional marker lights. Now we look just like a mini bullrack, until you turn the 4ways on. Then every light on the trailer flashes. 
    What did I do wrong. We added individual grounds for each light. Added an extra ground to the pickup. Everyone of them will flash, almost with the turn signal, but they are definitely flashing with the 4 ways. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Mike H said:

    range looks great

    id swap the blue truck end for end so the glass is safe [speaking from  experience]:rolleyes:


    flyers happen

    It’s in need of all the glass already, but yes we should have had it behind the muzzle. 

  4. My wife is a certified handgun instructor. Over the last year we have been working on a handgun shooting range. We had to park the stock trailer on the south side and the range wagon on the west. The gals were still shooting at a moving target. 








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  5. 30 minutes ago, Lazy WP said:

    Did he have an ear tag

    I don’t mean to make light of an awesome ram, but I raised REALLY BIG rams, up there, and all of them had ear tags. 
    Nebraska Game and Parks could have learned a lot about the sheep and some of the issues that I over came, but they didn’t want to believe that I knew what I was talking about. 
    I have spent a LOT of time on the park ground at Ft Robinson, and have never seen any of them. We did see a group of ewes south of Scottsbluff, in the hills. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, lorenzo said:

    That a north american world record big horn sheep was shot in western Nebraska last month? 

    This is an Exact replica resin mold of it. 

    Next years sheep tag sold at auction for $330,000.00690ECF65-6F46-4BD4-9356-C7677682DB52.thumb.jpeg.2c993770eb89732f1431248660fde9f1.jpeg


    Did he have an ear tag

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  7. 1 hour ago, sandhiller said:

    Still haven't heard from our guys that went there.

    Will see them this afternoon for a work day on a new truck build.

    Found a 15 F350 SC dually. Should make a dandy grass rig.


    I wasn’t trying to down play any of the other departments who showed up. Tim just was impressed with the Drangon Wagons and how they were able to make a huge difference. He said the local guys with their discs were what kept him from evacuating his place. 
    I cussed everyone when they put in all the pivots and hog farm out there, but they saved many acres of grass last night. He said he had all the pivots going to try to dampen the stalks. No fun for sure. 

  8. 10 minutes ago, Lazy WP said:

    That is exactly where I grew up!!

    Just got off the phone with my brother. Sounds like they got everything out. Thankfully Anselmo showed up with all of their stuff. Purdum had sent part of their trucks east before the fire started south of his place. 

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  9. 45 minutes ago, nc1112 said:

    Screenshot_20220423-092511_Facebook.thumb.jpg.749efc5210556c04f1cf9cf423e8b0ff.jpgThe little storm that pushed through about 3 really helped a lot.  Nice shot of rain and took the wind from 70 back to around 40.  Lightning was still really bad though. The map is of the main fire which started as several smaller ones thatburned together.  There was another fire east and south of Purdum as well.  The circled area is roughly 25 miles north to south. Not sure exactly how wide the actul burn area is but an early guess though it averaged 10 or so miles east to west.

    That is exactly where I grew up!!

  10. 11 hours ago, IHKeith said:

    I wonder if a guy who drove that could figure out a modern electronic shifter knob

    Way higher tech than the team of horses it replaced. This one is pretty high tech. My favorite sweep was a 530 Case. Had a shuttle transmission. 3rd gear on the high side. Young kid who could handle the rough ride. I could keep up with Benj who was stacking hay with a reversed 656 hydro and wide Farmhand. 29 stacks was the record. 

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  11. Bad deal for sure. Hear there’s a fire near McCook? Hopefully things settled down a bit. 
    We got a pretty nice shower last night/early morning. Much needed after the hurricane force winds we have had for the last week, month, year. 
    I know other areas claim to be windy, but central Kansas has continuous wind. 

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  12. 10 hours ago, 1586 Jeff said:


    What are you looking to haul?  For big squares and rounds I have found that I can put more on a high flat than a step deck, but a step deck with good ramps with allow you to move SOME equipment.   It is not a RGN, I have one of those.

    Big rounds and mid sized squares. Of course I have 1 guy who has little squares. Also I want to be able to get into delivering some of the equipment that Steve is doing. Nothing extremely heavy and not oversized. Mostly rubber tracked stuff. 

    Weight wise, is there much difference between all aluminum versus steel and wood floors?

  13. 11 minutes ago, mader656 said:

    If I was buying a trailer to do it all it would be a rental store style trailer... with the hydraulic beavertail...

    They are great for equipment, but a waste of weight for hay. 
    My buddy has both a Landall, with the hydraulic beaver tail and I think sliding axle, and a tandem 53 foot rgn. He is recommending a step deck for what I want to do. 
    I am pretty sure I will end up with one someday. 

  14. I thought this was what I wanted, https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/2009WilsonRoadbruteCFD900TADropDeckFlatbedTrailer but was told that since I had sold the trailer that SHE could haul equipment and hay with, it would be BEST to get something SHE can pull. I did remind her that she has passed all the CDL written tests and her driving part is easy. 
    Was informed that if I found a needle nose Pete, that we can stuff a 6NZ in, I can get a drop deck. 
    Looks like a 30ft gooseneck will be our next purchase. 

  15. 5 minutes ago, jass1660 said:

    Double drop then you can get the big bucks heavy haul jobs. 

    Expensive trailer and permits. Not saying it wouldn’t work, but I am not sure that is my thing. Not real sure if I even want a drop deck, other than I sold my gooseneck flatbed and it’s almost as cheap to buy a big trailer. 

  16. I have convinced myself that I need a drop deck trailer to haul hay and equipment with. I am not real sure about hauling hay, but I have a number of local guys who want me to, plus a friend who hauls equipment made in Salina, and he is having trouble keeping up. 
    My question is what should I look for in a trailer?

  17. To add another aspect to this situation, where are all the people who used to work? My favorite fuel stop in Hastings Nebraska, used to be open 24 hours, now its 5am to 8pm. Probably fine for the normal people, but doesn’t work for us who operate on weird hours. 
    Everywhere you go, there’s signs begging for bodies. You don’t need to know anything, just show up when scheduled. 
    How are the unemployed paying for fuel?

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  18. 7 minutes ago, 766 Man said:

      Don't take this the wrong way but the speculators are going nowhere.  They are in part responsible for the upward swing in grain prices.  Long term there is no market for 12 dollar per bushel wheat or 17 dollar per bushel soybeans as the consumer cannot absorb those prices long term.  The pay raises in the private sector are not there to do that.  

    Okay, so what is driving the markets? It’s not the so called war in Ukrain. Anyway not for fuel. Diesel was already headed up before Russia did its thing. 
    I saw diesel priced $5.46 this morning. Same station had gas price of $3.64. National chain with lots of loyal drivers who fill there. 

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  19. I know you farmers are pretty much at the mercy of the market when it comes to buying fuel. I can pass the increase on to my costumers, somewhat, but these 20 to 40 cents swings in the market makes doing business a challenge. 
    I fueled in Hastings Nebraska Friday morning for $4.36. Yesterday I was going to fuel and it was $4.68. 
    It would be nice if the speculators would get out of the gas and fuel game. 

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  20. Just now, bitty said:

    If there is a one in a million chance they would reconsider and sell then I still have a chance 😁

    Thy might sell, eventually   They know what they have. There used to be a really clean 1468? there also. He said it went to Texas. Canopy only. 
    I offered way too much for the 450, and he just smiled and shook his head. 

  21. 24 minutes ago, bitty said:

    Drool on my shirt again 

    I talked with the guy who runs the fertilizer plant where that propane 450 is, that I posted about a month or so ago. They won’t part with it, so you are safe there. 

  22. 25 minutes ago, JWDozer said:

    Looking for thoughts on 1594 mfwd, good, bad and ugly. Tractor house  has one for 11. It looks a little rough for that price but might take a lower offer. Not a lot of info on forums, I have heard the engine has problems to someone's "best tractor" he has ever owned. I am more of a hobby farmer (mostly hay and some mowing chores) I also try to fix everything I can on my equipment. I have a 1470 tk and I love it, nothing that I can fix on it. Same ballpark as my tk or totally different animal?

    Totally different animal. I think it’s based off of the David Brown tractors? Way to new for me to know much about them. 

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