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  1. Everywhere I was this week was rain, and lots of it. I don’t think I drove 100 miles without the wipers on.
  2. The old man told his story. Gene Watson The Old Man and His Horn weird
  3. I’m going down Feather River Canyon- Red Simpson
  4. I screwed up and didn’t get a fuel code this morning for a penny cheaper. I could have easily broken a grand for fuel
  5. I love them. Thanks again. That is quite a picture of the cattle strung out down the road. And your sunset one is PERFECT!!
  6. Lisa and I were talking the other day about her sales and how they DIED, a couple weeks ago. I told her I think it’s because all of us truckers thought fuel would stay below 5 bucks here in the Heartland.
  7. If any of you need Cat parts, get them before the 1st of June. 15% increase straight across the board. Problem is, unless your dealer has it in stock you aren’t going to get it until after then anyway.
  8. All the talk about banning internal combustion engines can’t and won’t work for many years. Look at the volunteer fire departments like Sandhillers. They rely heavily upon Army surplus vehicles, and I don’t think they have any electric 2 ton 6X6 to donate yet. Strictly a scare tactic that should motivate rational thinkers into action!
  9. I have hauled a LOT of organic grain. Always humored me when you pull in and there’s a sprayer sitting in the yard. I am going to say what I have said before. A good farmer is a good farmer no matter how they do it. Organic doesn’t work in every case, just like no till doesn’t work everywhere. You have to do what works for you.
  10. Take lots of plugs. Normally no deeper than 6 inches. Use your ag university, Ward Lab in Kearney Nebraska, or Midwest Labs. A lot of fertilizer outlets will pull the samples for free as most of the time they are a good sales help.
  11. As you all fight to get your crops planted, remember your custom applicators if you use them. My mind went down this path last week as I was waiting to load. There were a couple guys sitting in the office trying to figure out which farmer was going to have a field done that evening, that needed overlayed with chemical. I made the comment that I sure don’t miss those days. I am pretty much a morning person, although I can run most of the night if needed. Back when I was running a machine, I would get started about 4 in the morning. Catch up all the guys who had planted most of the night and be done by 5 in the afternoon. There was always a guy, usually he only had a couple hundred acres at best, who would insist on getting his field sprayed that night, but he wouldn’t be done until way after dark. Always infuriated me. The big guys would say do it in the morning. We had a pretty good crew. There were 2 of us, that could cover well over 1000 acres a day. My best year I did 147,000 acres.
  12. It is belt driven, tucked clear up under the hood. I don’t know if you can get a rebuild kit. Elmers in Centrilia Kansas will have a good used one. Excellent place to do business with. Another one is Saeli Implement. They are in New York. Lisa has his number.
  13. I have books for them if you need information. Text Lisa and ask her for the information you need. She can scan it and send it to you. I think I have both owners and IT&T books. Not the greatest but most of it is self explanatory if you think about it. My 830 has a leak at the steering box. Some day I will get time and energy to jerk the radiator and get it fixed. Kinda sucks when your wife is a parts person. I always have way more projects than I have time for.
  14. Wanna sell it? I will give you your money back. Everyone says brakes and steering sucks. Drive an old Cockshutte in your youth. Case brakes and steering are GREAT, but I take my brakes apart about once a year and clean up the balls on the actuator. Both of mine have floatation tires which makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in turning, but makes them a pain at road speed.
  15. Does it all have the same maturity date? That would be the only reason not to mix it. Cross pollination won’t matter here.
  16. You better haul it home, or there’s going to be at least 3 others chomping at the bit for it.
  17. Lazy WP


    Well, she didn’t get her 30 foot trailer. Had to settle for a 25.
  18. It’s awful hard to find anything for under $5.00. Nothing you can get a big truck into. Place I fueled on Wednesday, for $4.56, is now 5.02. Gas is around $3.80.
  19. I figured out what was wrong with the lights. When he painted the trailer, he pulled the ground wire off. Got a nice coat of paint on both the trailer and the ground terminal. Cleaned the paint off of both and reconnected the terminal. All the lights work and don’t flash now!!
  20. Most memorable thing about Bell Creek, was one of their drivers tried to take a loaded truck through the drive through at McDonalds in Limon Colorado. 1988?
  21. I dated a gal who pulled 1 of their trailers, briefly, back in the mid 90s. She had trouble getting paid, but she was kinda flaky to start with. They did have some nice trucks! I never had any dealings with them How about the old Speedway trucks? You never wanted to load behind them. I think they always had at least 10 different buyers on each pot load. The other one that I used to see out in Colorado was Bell Creek. Red and white cabovers. Did you see that LW Miller is out of the livestock hauling business? Back when we thought 65mph was fast, LW Miller trucks were flying past us. Probably running 75, but at the time they sure looked fast!
  22. There were 2 of us that went across yesterday. I didn’t know Craig was anywhere close. He left Cameron right at 5, I left about 5:15. His trailer is all lit up, mine is a minimalist.
  23. There’s now some sulfur at Gavilon for you. What is the correct pronunciation of that town?
  24. An aggressive dog helps remind them that they need to take care of their baby. I am envious of your chute and would still buy your Powder River if you decided to sell.
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