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  1. They were popular here for the same reason. I think they were limited to 60 feet overall? I was in Guntersville Alabama Tuesday. Had to lift my back axle up so I could fit on the scales. There wasn’t much of a chance of me “blind siding “ into that hole. It took the shag truck 2 tries! I was able to get hooked up and pulled back out!😁 Alabama is not used to 50 foot grain trailers. No, I don’t want a cab over to go with it!
  2. You aren’t going to see Nick hauling tators across any wood bridge in that part of the world!! Even the concrete bridge has bad roads.
  3. The worst I ever had was a Rossi Ranchhand in a 44. Couldn’t shoot it like a rifle or a handgun. Traded it to Matt Minor for a set of spurs when he was building them!
  4. I like lots of different calibers. Everything from my 22mag to my 7mm mag. I have killed more deer with my beat up Savage 223 that I bought years ago. My favorite for prairie dog plinking is my 22 mag. The Ruger M77 with the skeleton stock, in 7mm is extremely accurate way farther than I can see. Killed a deer at 700 yards with it.
  5. I was in a warm dark place when he was killed. Came screaming into the world a few hours later.
  6. While I agree with the narrow load out, most of the time, I don’t like them when sending fat cattle out, or bulls. Fat cattle get bruised way to easy and bulls don’t fit in a slider. I have way more trailer than I have axles under it so I don’t have a problem with wide load outs. By the way, this is how I loaded lots of bulls over the years. Good horse and 3 panels, and LOTS OF PRACTICE!!
  7. Already happening!! No lie, I stopped in Blackwell Oklahoma Tuesday morning for fuel. Feller, maybe in his late 30’s asked me if #2 diesel was “normal diesel fluid”! He goes on and asked what I was hauling, and how much an hour I was making. Told him I own both truck and trailer and this month I was sitting on about negative $300/hour. I hadn’t turned in any paperwork yet, and had a $30,000 bill for my motor. He went on to ask if he could drive a truck like mine with a class A license. I said sure, but don’t start where I can watch.
  8. I am building the same basic setup. My alley will be 8 ft wide. Mine won’t have the wing gate! That is a great place for escape artist to leave by. Set it up so your trailer sits at a bit of an angle to keep the door against the right side. Walk through by your trailer door. My crowd gate on the alley will be at 10 feet, but I also have a 26 foot trailer that is the easiest loading trailer I have ever been around. To really make them easy to load, get the back of the trailer close to the ground.
  9. Not to be flippant, but it sounds to me like a number of us, here, are being prepared for something bigger and better. You, Mr Searcy, myself with my truck down. You probably need to get out to Chamberlain and shoot a bird or 2. Take a rifle and do a little stress relieving. God is moving. Just trying to get you prepared! Now for the physical side, that is a very scary situation to be in. Sorry
  10. When we lived up north, there were 3 guys who loved to try to wake me up with their Jakes. Joke was on one of them when he collected a decent bull Elk!
  11. I never shut my Jakes off. I bump the clutch a bit up shifting, but never shut it off down shifting. Kinda embarrassing backing into a parking spot in the truck stop and the Jakes kick on. In the old days, you would have to restart your truck in the middle of an intersection because you didn’t shut Jakes off.
  12. The river is spring fed. Starts in Wyoming, sorta. The hills on either side of this bridge are stupid steep. They get a 2 inch rain, or 5 or 6 inch rain, and the county has a terrible time holding the sand in place. I don’t remember on Jeff’s side, but the other side of the river, they have asphalted a single lane up the hill. Beautiful country, but it is not for the faint hearted!!
  13. You and your bride each leave a vehicle over at Lorena’s? It wouldn’t hurt my feelings a dang bit if they were to leave it for just you, but there’s quite a few miles between bridges for fire purposes. The bridge east of you is almost strictly private, the one to the west, I wouldn’t cross, even in a pickup. I think Westcott’s bridge finally got replaced, but your Ranger is about as big as can fit there. We get about a dozen vehicles a day, usually, past the house, but our south boundary is Old US40, and there’s 100s of vehicles daily.
  14. And right here is the reason every truck driver hates rvs
  15. Pushing cows across the Niobrara river back in 2009, I think. Last 2 pictures are of other times with my helpers
  16. She has been riding in the pickup since she was a pup, but HATED the big truck.
  17. Dolly and I have been together for nearly 4 years. This is the first time she has ever insisted on truckin
  18. I don’t remember what Dad had, maybe a Foster Chaffwagon? Sounds about right. Anyway, we used it for 2 or 3 years, but on gravity irrigated ground it was a challenge to get the bunches picked up. Next he tried a Heston stackhand. Like you said, to much dirt. On the corn, after I got to running the combine, there wasn’t enough corn in the fodder to make good feed. The shucks were filler but not worth the cost for us.
  19. Cattle always feed better 500 miles away. The Nebraska guys send calves to Iowa, then the Nebraska feeders turn around and buy Montana calves. Kansas calves go to Iowa or Texas. Lots of Kansas feeders feed Tennessee or Florida cattle. Back in my cowboy days, I have had 2 different loads of cattle show up in a in blizzards. One load from Tennessee the other out of Florida and the drivers were wearing shorts and flip flops. The worst deal I ever saw was a guy brought a load of 1500 pound fats out of Canada to Fort Morgan Colorado. He had 3 dead and 6 down that they had to drag off. I think they charged the driver. I have hauled cattle several hundred miles and only lost 1 old cow on a 10 mile corn stalk haul. Ruined my reputation and hurt my pride something terrible. Once you load you better leave the left door shut! You can cover a lot of miles as long that door stays shut.
  20. Lots of cattle move from East Tennessee to central Kansas.
  21. Hebron isn’t nearly as miserable as it used to be. Kansas can be tough but they see enough of us running triples, at 80,000, they don’t mess with us most of the time.
  22. I am sure you are like me. Once you get going you don’t stop, but if you need help or want to stop, we are only 18 miles off of 81 and 10 miles off of I70. Stay safe
  23. Can you run heavy in Minnesota? Looks like you have good helpers!! Nice to see kids helping Dad!!
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