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  1. Just for the record, if a bovine sinks, an equine will become stuck!!
  2. I was on Highway 81. The bank is on the south east corner of us 81 and highway 50. I seriously doubt these are repos, they are parked on the sidewalk in honor of agriculture month, I think! They were there last year around this time also.
  3. I was driving and trying to out run a freight hauler. Sorry ?
  4. The other day I went through Yankton South Dakota. They must have had 30 older tractors lined up around the bank. Quite an impressive line up. Any of you in the area who have not seen them, you should take a drive.
  5. Thanks for all your information, Sledge!! Very interesting!!
  6. Are Fords still stacking? They are about the last of the dying breed.
  7. Game and Parks are importing them. I can remember when seeing deer was special. Now they are everywhere. I saw pictures of a Deer taken north of the forest at Halsey. I am not so sure that Butcher didn’t take it when he was doing all the soddy pictures in the early 1900’s. Anyway the deer had a set of horns that would rival many Elk. Grandpa told of shooting big deer, then a few years later there were NONE. Between hunting and natural die off, they about were extinct.
  8. Who were you at around Dunning? I went to 9 years of school there. Guessing you were at McGinns, Cooksley or Zutaverns?
  9. So I am going to show my ignorance, an anvil is forged? That means it was molten metal then “poured “ into a mold?
  10. How do you mill the face? That looks amazing!!
  11. Not sure where you are, but in Sandhiller’s area that would be maybe 1 cow. I can run 2 cows on that. My father in law needs 100 acres per cow
  12. Maybe, I don’t ai, nor does my wife, although she is pretty interested in learning to. I finally have enough facilities to get the job done. I want to go back to a Pinzgauer bull just for old times, and I think they are probably more feed efficient, as if that matters the way we feed them out
  13. We direct sale everything that we don’t eat. That pays for the feed and purchase of the calves we eat. Remember if you are going to have cows, you need some way to make babies! Last year I borrowed the neighbors bull, since I wanted to calve later in the year. This year we added a couple more, so I need a jerk for a month. I only have 80 acres so I have not decided how to deal with him yet. Maybe buy, use and sell all the same month?
  14. Totally agree!! If you want to really make Boohaulers happy, make sure you get a Heeler dog with lots of bite, and use it a lot!!
  15. Just remember if it’s got a collar on, toss that thing on a truck or train leaving the area!!
  16. The problem with all of the so called exotic cattle, is we all saved anything that would breed. No selection for temperament calving ease or much of any other trait. If you had one of the newer fads they sold for a lot of money. Problem was you couldn’t get a live calf, or keep the cows home. We saw it in the Chars, Limmys and Chis. I tend to believe that there’s good things in every breed, just stupid people who pushed the wrong critters. Anymore, I only raise a few head for freezer beef. I have fed about every breed out there and I think I can make them all into a good tasting steak. The steak might be tiny like from the Jersey we fed out last fall, or it might be huge like out of the Main/Limmy cross. To make a great tasting steak, you have to understand that they need a certain amount of fat on them. Some critters get fat easily (like me) others you don’t think will ever fatten.
  17. I showed a lot of Pinzgauer influenced cattle when I was in high school. Never could win the live class but made the top of the carcass class every time. Last steer I showed, won the live class, but I never saw a penny of premium in the carcass. He was a great looking black Chi!! I have bought a couple of my nieces steers that she showed, and never again!!
  18. Oh, you see traces a lot, but a full blown Chi, I doubt. There’s a guy south of Sandhiller who has LOTS OF INFLUENCE over the cattle industry. He had mainly Chi cattle for quite a few years then went to the LowLine breed. Not sure what he is promoting now, but he has always had good looking livestock.
  19. I would stay away from the Chianana breed! Not sure if you can still find any.
  20. I still wear my wedding ring. I have had welding slag under i, and turned it burned my finger pretty good. I always wear my left glove when I weld now. Have hung it on a nail a couple times but never hurt my finger. It’s pretty much oblong anymore. I was given permission to not wear it, but I guess I enjoy the reminder of just what I have.
  21. Lots of planters hooked up in the Panhandle of Texas. I thought I saw planter tracks in 1 field. A number of drills were going a couple weeks ago. I assume oats there. I don’t think anyone can get in the field from the North Dakota line south. I ran in rain or snow from Portales New Mexico to north of Watertown in the last 24 hours
  22. I absolutely love plowing!! First time I can remember plowing was with a SC Case and an Oliver 2 bottom. In 1985, I moved out to Colorado and went to work for Kalcevic Farms. Many of the older guys might remember them from the pictures in Successful Farming. I think that picture had all 16 new 875 Verrsitiles! Anyway, the last time I plowed for them, we had 4,12 bottom plows in the field at the same time. I think they were 24 inch bottoms. We could plow a quarter a day, but you better make sure both service trucks were clear full of fuel. Each tractor would burn over 150 gallon a day.
  23. Dang Jeff, all you have up there are back roads.
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