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  1. 1 hour ago, Gearclash said:

    Oh?  Filled at a truck stop in OK City on the way to TX first week of Jan and that was the highest priced diesel of the whole trip. After watching prices closer after that I concluded that Loves and those other big chain truck stops like to screw the non fleet buyers. I think I paid 4.01 there; the other extreme was 2.99 we saw at a Sams Club probably in Houston. 

    Another observation, worth exactly what you pay for it, OK, TX and IA have worse roads than KS and NE. 

    I never fuel at Loves. The Loves in OKC is by far the most expensive place to buy fuel anywhere in Oklahoma. I think the last tank I bought was $2.89/ gallon in Blackwell Oklahoma. 
    I normally fuel at Casey’s in Heston Kansas. Usually about 5 cents higher than Blackwell, but it’s north of the scales, and I can double up on points between Casey’s points and Ambest points. 
    My Casey’s points put gas in Lisa’s car, and the AMBEST points buy breakfast sandwiches. 😜

    You are correct in your assessment of the highways also. 

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  2. 37 minutes ago, from H to 80 said:

    A long gone neighbor talked about a steam engine crossing the Missouri river when he was a kid. That was before all of the dikes were put in to maintain a navigable channel. He talked about a large crowd gathering on both sides of the river knowing that it was going to fall through. They tied the steering wheel straight,kicked it in gear and let it go, to everyone's amazement it walked right across the ice and they caught it on the other bank.

    Can you imagine the BOOM if it would have gone through the ice? I would assume it would have exploded from the sudden temperature change?

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  3. Oklahoma has WAY CHEAPER fuel tax, and I had enough miles in Oklahoma, that I filled there. I normally would fuel close to home, or even better yet north of me, in the winter, but I got caught with a nearly empty tank and expensive fuel on the way home. 
    Long story to say yes, it SUCKS putting fuel in, in areas that don’t normally see cold. 

  4. Going to try it tomorrow. Truck is out there idling and it will run full throttle. Snowing like crazy. Hopefully that quits and I will change fuel filters again. Haven’t moved the truck in 10 days and that always makes it complain. Didn’t help that I fueled in Oklahoma when it was 50 degrees and didn’t add any Howes, because I figured I would be after another load. 

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  5. It’s too cold to haul fertilizer so I called my brother who is a hopper broker. Load salt at Lyons Kansas, go to Watertown and unload it. Reload beans. Brother called and said he can’t find a farmer who wants to start a tractor to load beans. 
    Fine by me. My truck, which has been plugged in all night, and run most of yesterday afternoon won’t run above 1600 rpm. That’s after I had to pull it off the patch of ice it was on when I hooked up to the hopper. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    Hmmm, am I detecting a bit of antipathy in your words for my scenic Niobrara country?

    Being a Kansas flatlander made you soft NIck???


    I loved the river where I lived!! State highway that was paved and sanded by the state, but yes, I don’t miss the signs that tell you to stay right going around a corner where the road isn’t even wide enough for 1 vehicle let alone 2. It still amazes me that there are as few of 2 vehicle accidents as there are.  Lots of miles of single lane roads and lots of people in a hurry anymore. 
    I will say that there’s no other area that is as beautiful as that and as isolated. Most beautiful places tend to have a bunch of citiotes, like what Cob is dealing with. 

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  7. Just curious what filters you guys use that are fighting with gelling? My Davco filter will fell up if I use a Baldwin filter. If I use NAPA, Donaldson, or Wix, it rarely gels. Difference in microns I believe. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Dzldenny said:

    As stated, great for pie crust. However, my favorite is in giant sugar cookies. The recipe comes from an old leather bound cook book. Family legend is that book came from Belgium with our ancestors. These cookies are the size of your opened hand and over an inch thick. Soft like cake inside yet somehow still a cookie.

    Send me your recipe please, if you’re willing to share it. 

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  9. 20 minutes ago, IH Forever said:

    I don’t use that much diesel in the winter but do treat it with Howes. I just dump, don’t measure. It’s probably 3 times or than the regular rate. 

    My Dad has always used Power Service and had decent luck with it. Before he retired and was hauling hogs he kept some Power Service 911 in the semi. Seemed to have good results with that when the truck was gelled up. I know he would occasionally get some crappy fuel from certain stations that caused a lot of problems.

    I also carry 911 with me. It is only for deicing a fuel filter but when needed, it is the go to treatment. 

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  10. 10 hours ago, 801486 said:

    What a day!!  I started the 5240 and fed one bunch of calves and it started to sputter.  I shut it down and heated on the fuel filters, but it wouldn't start again.  So I started the backup 856 and headed to the fuel barrel to fill it up with no. 1.  The pump would run but nothing came out and it gelled before I could get it in the shop.  So I started the 1586 to take hay 3 miles to where the main bunch of cows is.  The 15 started to sputter after a couple minutes so we gave up on it and hauled a half round bale with the pickup.  So now were down to the 806 for everything and it's supposed to be -21 in the morning, was -12 this morning.  The tractors we were using had at least half no.1 and no.2+ power serve.

    Almost sounds like you have moisture in your fuel. 
    I don’t run Power Service. Never had any success with it, but I hear guys say the same about Howes. 
    I guess we’ll see how well it works today. I need to feed critters here and everything has #2 in it, treated with Howes at 3 times the rate. I’m sure my old 800 Case will work, if I put my side panels on to hold the heat in against the fuel tank, but the 2090 has a cab and I hope it works. 

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  11. 10 hours ago, 801486 said:

    Don't know if its really true but some say the big rise in heart problems started when people quit using animal fat and started using vegetable and seed oil.

    That is part of the reason for my question. 

  12. 13 minutes ago, searcyfarms said:

    thanks - i dont stack it for any reason other than it sits in the rack better thatn a pyramid pile - at home we never stacked it, we just backed the truck up to the porch and used it until the truck was empty and then went back n got another load LOL 

    We, also just dumped. I never learned the art of stacking wood, we rarely cut wood ahead of needing it. 

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  13. 14 minutes ago, jass1660 said:

    It’s like butter a stable fat can be left at room temperature. I’m meaning after rendering.

    Stuff like this is what I need to know. Lisa swears that they used to keep it in the freezer. 

  14. Tell me about rendering it. Almost seems like the locker used to do it for mom? About all I remember was a 15 pound? Metal container sitting in the back porch. Probably a 40 pound container now that I think about it. 

  15. 4 minutes ago, jass1660 said:

    I always thought that was one of the standard features on a “Freightshaker” lol

    About my opinion of the Volvo too. And every Mack I ever drove rattled so bad you didn’t notice the radio not working. ‘Course the only Macks I have been close to were drug back out of the fence row 

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  16. We were talking the other day about lard. Last time I saw it used, I was maybe 10? 
    We buy a pig and have it processed, but have never saved the lard. If we have them save it, does it need to be rendered to cook with, or what do we do? All advice is welcome!

  17. 1 hour ago, searcyfarms said:

    Todays project - pix of last wheel barrow load to house - kinda pooped pushing loads thru snow - it split eazy with the maul in the cold temps 








    You have a nice stack of wood, but Loren Fassett was and is the all time best wood stacker. RIP Loren. He was on the Case board on Yesterday Tractors. 

  18. I have not seen any trucks at a dealership, recently that will make decent oil field vehicles, farm vehicles, or even rural delivery trucks. Hopefully they are keeping them hid, but I have heard different people saying that there’s nothing being offered. 
    Speaking from experience, a Freightliner isn’t going to make 2 million miles before it gets trashed. I am already battling the squeaky cab noise. 

  19. I for one am glad you guys have the guts and courage to share what many of us thought was shameful. It wasn’t!! So much of what happened in the 80s was manipulated by people who were not involved in any way shape or form. 

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  20. image.jpeg.95c61cdf3c69973d2b50250c1537209e.jpegThat picture doesn’t even look real! In reality you are heading straight down, 90% of the time there’s a washout that is on one side or the other. Sometimes all the way across at an angle to push you over the edge. 
    Did I mention I HATE getting to where you live? The only other place that really bothered me was Simmons hill. I put sharp shoes on my horse more than once to help Bob. Oh and the bridge east of you SUCKS also. 

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  21. 10 minutes ago, lorenzo said:

    Looking for one of these in category 3.  Any one have advice or suggestions.


    The other day I was looking for a skid steer bucket and that thing you are looking for kept popping up. Can’t find anything now. 

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  22. 1 minute ago, Rick G. said:

    These new trucks look dorky as ****. Not to mention the comments above regarding how to change a tire out there in the real world

    Now you are being realistic and we can’t have that. 

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