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  1. I watched a Claas chopper and pair of semi trucks open up a field this morning, as I was unloading. Light dried out corn, but it was still reasonably green. I was surprised to see that they were able to fill the back of the trailer, but he also blasted the windshield as they made the corner. Pretty interesting. We used to unload combines on the go with semi’s out in Colorado. Once you get used to it, it is easier than stopped.
  2. Every gas tractor I have owned has been 6 volt originally and I start them on 12. Fairbanks were notorious for moisture tracking in the cap. Dad always used a Fairbanks mag on the SC Case that he had on an irrigation well. If it rained any amount, the tractor would shut down.
  3. So much for less livestock!!
  4. Adel said she got her Elk on the Cody flat? Guess I don’t know where that is. Another nice Niobrara bull!!
  5. Thanks for the stories guys. Very interesting for sure.
  6. Nice!! Glad to hear from you, I was beginning to think the commute had got you!
  7. My sister dated the game warden at Valentine, 100 years ago. If I wouldn’t have known Frank, and a couple other people high up in Game and Parks, it would not have been pretty.
  8. I use my 6 inch bench grinder. When I worked for Kalcevic Farms, back in the mid 80s, they spent a couple hours showing me how to sharpen bits. In a crisis I can sharpen one on the chop saw, but it won’t last.
  9. Thanks to both of you for the pictures!!
  10. In other words you can’t shoot them. I have been involved in 1 of these investigations and don’t care to be in another!! If you shoot one that has a collar on it, toss the collar on a cow wagon headed any direction other then local!!
  11. Cats almost always “bury” their kill under leaves, after they have ate their fill. Coyotes and Wolves won’t.
  12. Unless Nebraska has changed, you can’t kill a mountain lion for any reason. We were talking with the gal who got the Elk I posted earlier, and she told us that there’s 3 breeding age female Lions, that are tagged, on the river between the bridge south of Merriman and Valentine. I think an Omaha state rep, got the hunting season stopped on them. I have pictures of young males from trail cams, since 2009. I rode close enough to get a decent look at one in 2013. Everyone will tell you a horse can smell them. Mine didn’t react any differently than normal. Maybe Jeff can get it caught and turn it loose in north Omaha.
  13. Just into Iowa on I80 from the east. I have never been to it, but driven past it a number of times.
  14. Chadron State college in Chadron Nebraska uses wood chips to heat the entire campus, I think. Lots of chips come off the rez Cousin used to man the fire for them.
  15. I like that a lot. Now you need to donate your old chute to a pauper south of you!
  16. We had a horse get ripped open on a gate hinge right before we moved down here. Vet spent 5 hours sewing him back up. Charged Lisa less than $500. Took my Dolly dog in to get spade and it was about the same. 5 years later, and other then the scar on Oscar’s ribs and shoulder, he is as sound as ever. I have roped a few big critters with him since they got him stitched back together and he has never been sore. I have pictures of him but they are a bit too graphic for general population.
  17. We were 104 Sunday, about that Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday, I ran in rain from Salina Kansas to the Colorado state line. They said it never got above 60 in Stratton Colorado yesterday. This morning, I ran in rain all the way down to Ponca City Oklahoma, and never saw the thermometer on the truck get above 63 all day. Told the guy at Stratton, that I still have my summer skin. 60 feels COLD. Come spring, 60 will be hot.
  18. We probably have well over $5000 in Lisa’s dog. Canine Dysautonomia is the cruelest thing I have ever seen.
  19. I had a good 1066 bought 2 years ago for $7400, with a good loader. Another guy offered 8000 to me before I picked it up. Should have kept it instead of getting my 2090, but I let it go. That 15 isn’t worth what the 10 was in my opinion. Your situation is part of the reason I am hooked onto the tank. Between crappy grain, long load times and short elevator hours!!
  20. I think the song is on that CD. Paper Doll? The Coyote song is about the area I grew up in. Knew all the people he talks about. I think Earl Bestol is the only one alive now.
  21. One of the auctioneers in Valentine has put out a couple of record albums and on one of them, he wrote a song about his Dad and the war. Seems like Burrell flew 35 missions in one, mainly in 44 and the spring of 45. Burrell was our school bus driver, my kindergarten year. But I don’t ever remember him talking about the war. Mike’s song tells about burying his buddy in the English sands. Just a humbling reminder that I really don’t want to go to war.
  22. I am a bit gun shy of pickers in general. Dad lost his hand in one when I was 9. Probably wasn’t the pickers fault, but I watch from a distance.
  23. Lazy WP

    Social media

    Here and Facebook. Facebook is the easiest way to keep in contact with friends we have moved away from. Used to use Yesterday Tractors a lot, but it seemed like there’s so many people on there who have totally lost touch with the rural areas. Also used to be on Ranchersnet.net, but either I changed or the rest of the bunch changed. Probably me.
  24. Not to say that ear corn isn’t good feed, but I am not convinced that it does as much as what some people think it does. I think their Uni is one of the more recent ones made.
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