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  1. Lisa found an article that said that the field had not been searched because they were told it had already been. I agree, nothing adds up.
  2. I spent Thursday night at Columbus and was darn glad I got parked when I did. Guy who unloaded behind me drove back to Grand Island and said it was terrible driving. Yesterday I unloaded in Plymouth Nebraska and caught some hard rain and hail. Looked terrible north and east of there.
  3. The closest thing I have seen any where close to that is the copper mine down near Tombstone Arizona. That one was impressive but much smaller I believe than your gold mine! Thanks for taking us along and explaining what you saw.
  4. Awful hard to compete against a country that doesn’t have the same environmental laws, labor laws or extensive taxation laws.
  5. Kinda priced themselves right out of a job didn’t they? I am not a very well educated guy, but I could see it coming. Again, I believe unions had their place, but you will be hard pressed to get me to believe they are beneficial now.
  6. Awesome pictures and background. I could probably drive that Mack
  7. I must be getting old! Why would anyone spend that kinda money on something that has absolutely no use? I mean you can’t pull a trailer with something like that, the bed isn’t big enough to handle a sheet of plywood. All you get is fancy. Of course I lean the other way and drive a 1 ton dually most of the time, granted it usually has a trailer of some sort behind it.
  8. @cm228 sorry for your loss
  9. I was in Nebraska this morning!😡
  10. I saw a map this past weekend that there were quite a number of counties in Kansas that are going well past 100 days without an inch of moisture at a time. A couple are pushing over 200 days. While we have had enough moisture to make the area green up, we haven’t had any runoff in over two years. Our ponds, which we water livestock from are rapidly shrinking. I took some pictures today of the dust in the air near Lewis Kansas. Visibility was less than a half mile.
  11. I bid on a lot of things also. I’m not afraid of driving and I bid low enough that I can put freight on it and still be good. 90% of the time I get out bid but I put my maximum bid in early and if I win, it is good, if not oh well. I have won more under my max, then up against it. I thought I was going to steal a JD530 baler this week. It’s close enough to the house that I could go get it with a tractor if I wanted, but I see I got out bid by someone in Alberta. Maybe I can get the trucking out of it?
  12. Do you Believe? It was on Pure Flix.
  13. Shortly before I started working for the fertilizer company at Asseria Kansas, one of the guys roaded a new 1844, Terragato floater back from Jackson Minnesota. A bit over 450 miles.
  14. Raptures aren’t for the working class. They were originally touted as Baja ready. Something like 800 horse power and 14 inches of suspension. I know a guy, up by Halsey Nebraska, who bought one for his coyote wagon. Not sure how many Yote dogs it would take to pay for a $100,000 dog wagon but I seriously doubt that the Greyhounds paid it off.
  15. I’m sure that this has been discussed, but I am lazy and don’t want to look it up. What are some decent places to stay during the Roundup? How about good places to eat?
  16. Saw this on marketplace. Might give you a starting place for price.
  17. We had a neighbor when I was growing up, who was picking corn southwest of Anselmo Nebraska. If I remember correctly he was using a F-20 to pull the picker, then had 2 wagons hooked behind that. There’s a pretty big hill and either the tractor jumped out of gear or Ed was heading home and was trying to make time, either way he said that he would have bailed out had he known how. As it was he rode it out. Was pretty sure the tractor was going to get rolled. His birthday was exactly 70 years before mine. He had stories of the natives leaving the rez in South Dakota and raising Cain along the state line.
  18. If you get a hold of the governor on a 880 diesel, you can make them hustle down the road 😜
  19. Yes sir. Only time I know that they did something like that. It’s a 100,000 watt AM Station. Flag ship station of the rural ag network
  20. What is the farthest distance you have driven a tractor, and what was it? Dad bought a propane H at a Sandhill Equipment auction. I can’t remember for certain what year it was, maybe 78 or 79. I drove it home, right at 80 miles. If it was 79, I would have been 15. I somewhat think it was earlier than that, because I headed home with a Minnie Mo, G1000Vista when I was 12, from Holdrege Nebraska. Would have been 140 miles, but it spun a bearing at about mile 40, and Dad had to come back and get me. Long before cell phones. Mom called the radio station in Lexington and had Dad call her to get him back to me.
  21. I don’t like braggarts!!😤
  22. You were only 70 miles straight north of our house.
  23. You guys don’t know miss Jean like I do!! She has probably run every tractor Jeff has nearly as much as he has. She will know exactly what tractor has been moved! That being said, I will store them down here. She will never know you bought them and I won’t have to write the check! I will even haul them for cheap 😁
  24. I would pay you to bring rain to us!!
  25. Nope I have a glider that doesn’t require E-log. I run with guys who do have e-logs and they put more miles on than I. I drove that many miles last year. The rate I am running now, I will barely make 120,000.
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