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  1. I have tried to plant hedge trees and they won’t grow. I try to keep the pasture as tree free as possible and I am always killing hedge trees. 😡
  2. Supposed to be highway but who knows anymore
  3. What are your hierarchies spending your high fuel tax dollars on? It sure isn’t I70!! WOW! Almost like you’re trying hard to have as poor of roads as Oklahoma, only their fuel prices are about half as much!!
  4. I was impressed that Lisa’s flagpole was still straight when we got home Sunday afternoon.
  5. The 2 bottom pictures are from 8/7/24. Strictly dust in the air. Visibility is less than a mile. There were gusts of over 60mph earlier
  6. We have a 20 volt DeWalt. We don’t cut firewood, just trimming around the yard and topping hedge posts. The DeWalt will do everything we need and we don’t have to worry about mixing gas or trying to find no ethanol for a saw.
  7. Kalcevic Farms at Bennett Colorado, but they probably won’t start cutting wheat until about the 4th of July. They were featured on the front cover of several farm magazines when they bought all 17 895 Versitile tractors. https://www.hutchnews.com/story/news/local/kansas-agland/2015/10/25/unbreakable-part-one-electric-shock/20714059007/ I live fairly close to these guys and talk with them once in awhile. Close to Salina Kansas and last I knew was running all red machines. They cut a lot of wheat but never leave Saline county. I can make some calls and introduce you if you’d like.
  8. That is a great looking barn.
  9. Plus the gold mine in Deadwood, but Kansas has the Stratica Salt Mine and museum!! Honestly there is some really great things to see throughout all of rural America! You just have to look for it. Take US 20 through eastern Wyoming and across northern Nebraska into Iowa. You have the coal loading in Wyoming, Ft Robinson, the fur trade museum, and numerous others. Stop in Cody and see Sandhiller. Once you figure out how you want to get to Chicago, we can suggest places along that route.
  10. How much air do you suppose are in the rear tires? I am betting it would spin way before it ran out of power!
  11. You won’t like a sickle mower on big stem, tall weeds. Good chance of knocking sickle sections out and with no live power, you are going to get your workout.
  12. I will tell you in a couple weeks what it costs to polish a Freightliner Columbia. I think the last time it was $1200. This time is gonna be at least that, probably twice that.
  13. I knew I had the wrong name just as soon as I sent it, but was totally brain dead as to what it was. Thanks
  14. Hutchinson Kansas has the largest grain elevator with a single head house. Salina Kansas is right on I70 and the Cargill elevator is pretty impressive. Lots of red combines in the area. Abilene Kansas has some of the old cowtown stuff as well as Dwight D Eisenhower presidential museum. AND Abilene Machine. My nieces husband is an engineer at the combine plant in Grand Island. If nobody else has a contact for them, I will get in touch with him and see if he can get you in. You said old cars. I would stop at the Summit race museum in Lincoln Nebraska. @lorenzo
  15. Wind is just a fact of life in Kansas. We don’t normally have gusts over 50 mph but we have consistent winds year round. I HATE wind!
  16. Sorry I don’t know how to convert it from Farcebook
  17. Sledgehammer at an early age. https://www.facebook.com/share/Th5g5SqPomVBwkq9/?mibextid=Cx5MWH
  18. Send all the moisture our way. We are still terrible dry.
  19. I love that area. Hopefully you got to visit Bearizona at Williams. Somewhat of a tourist spot but very nice stuff. thanks for sharing
  20. I put well over 150,000 miles on last year. I was home every weekend. Did leave a few Sundays but not many. Some weeks I was home every night, but still had over 4000 miles for the week. I have never considered myself a trucker. My heart isn’t in the trucking business, but it’s sure provided me the opportunity to do things that I never could have done cowboying.
  21. Dogs are allowed everywhere in Salina Kansas. Saw one in the grocery store 2 weeks ago. When I asked “oh yeah, we allow dogs”. I probably won’t be going back, and I LOVE animals, but they belong in their space and I, mine.
  22. I got most of my skid steer experience on an ASV 70. Joystick controller and I got SPOILED!! I bought a New Holland 655XL with foot control and I am okay with it now. Ran a buddy’s Case with hand control and I HATED it. Might be okay once you get used to it, but it was nothing like I had ever used before. Buy as much as you can possibly afford. You will use it WAY MORE than you expect. Our ground is much like Bitty’s. Even with a toothed bucket my skid steer doesn’t get a lot of dirt moved. My F-11 on my 800 Case will dig better but not nearly as handy.
  23. About the only time I carried 2 ropes was branding season. I normally pack a 60 foot rope and it gets to be a handful in a branding pen. I would normally use a 25 foot rope for that.
  24. Look under/ behind the pockets. The piggin strings there. I rarely carried the second rope. Lisa rode with me 99 percent of the time and she usually was my second rope!😁
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