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  1. WD-40 and a little elbow grease.
  2. Lazy WP

    Waste oil

    Depends on how you have. Our local parts stores have drop offs. I can take a 55 gallon drum to the Cat dealer and at home I dump it into a 250 gallon tote, and actually get paid for it. Takes me 2 years to fill the tote.
  3. While I agree with you on the declining number, we, in the USA, have an issue of too many people who don’t or won’t work. It’s easier for them to claim some form of disability and never work. Again, there’s some tremendous workers who are 40 and under also, so its not a situation of the younger generation not wanting to work. My mom and mother in law rarely worked their entire lives. Not because they didn’t need the money, but because it was easier for both of them to draw disability benefits from their husbands.
  4. The guy who I lease my tank trailer from has lost another driver. He pays good, has good benefits and NICE equipment. I know we run hard but I also know that if you don’t want to run as much as I do, he’s okay with that also. You just don’t make as much money. He told me last night that he thinks he’s going to sell a couple trucks since he can’t even find steering wheel holders. Makes me a little nervous because if he sells his trucks will he decide he doesn’t want to fight the tanker gig anymore?
  5. Lisa has gotten me to start wearing some orange gloves that they sell at work. Nearly tear resistant and have little knobbys so I can grip things. Only problem is my hands sweat so bad that I dump sweat out of them if it’s very warm out. I know my hands feel a lot better when I wear them instead of using Brakekleen or fuel on them.
  6. Brake cleaner to start. Big Mule wipes for leaving the garage and Dawn dish soap for the finish
  7. They almost always send the smaller one out first.
  8. Drain your air tanks. Pour some alcohol in the line off your compressor. Usually there’s garbage either in the shifter or the transmission. My truck doesn’t want to go to the high side when it’s cold, -20 or so. If I spend the time and get it to shift the first time, sitting, it’s good until I let it sit again.
  9. It used to be that you could get parts next day or for sure 2 day delivery when Greyhound bus went to nearly every town. They might have been in the passenger business but they sure hauled a lot of freight to
  10. I roaded my 750 Massey and a White 8700 70 miles. They were both narrow enough that they weren’t miserable to drive. About 4 hours home. I would think a 715 would travel around the same speed.
  11. Lazy WP

    Busy day

    Campbell Transport. He said that they bought 4 at the same time. Automatic and governed at 65 mph until the computer decides he has burned to much fuel, then he is back to 61 mph. Great guy and excellent communication
  12. I am a wheel gun fan! The Taurus 357 that went down in a boat wreck, would go bang no matter how dirty, high primer low primer whatever it just went bang.
  13. Lazy WP

    Busy day

    Well, today wasn’t as productive as yesterday. I hauled our yearlings to the sale barn. All 3 of them. Hauled the last of the fats to the butcher. Won’t be feeding any next year. Built a connecting stick between the windmill head and the well. Got it installed in 20 mph winds. And no water came out the pipe. Guess I will be pulling the cylinder out again. I HATE HUNG CYLINDERS!
  14. Lazy WP

    Busy day

    Yeah, I should have ordered their r20 package when I bought the building but we are paying as we go and I ran out of money.
  15. I have a Keltec PMR30 in a 22mag. I had shot a gals pistol before I got this one and loved it. This one was a bang, jam. I was ready to send it back but Lisa sprayed the magazines with dry film lube. Since then I’ve never had a problem. I have 2, 30 round magazines and I have gone through both of them and never missed at all. Doesn’t matter what brand of ammunition you use. Awesome little pew pew!!
  16. Lisa had a class that had a number of miss fires with her SR22. Tried different ammo. No change. It has never ever misfired. Got done with the class and she shot every round that had failed. She is sure that the gals were “limp wristing” it.
  17. Everything I read about them says operator error played a role in the firearm going off.
  18. Lazy WP

    Busy day

    Trailer is stainless steel so I am hoping that it will be fine.
  19. Lazy WP

    Busy day

    They made me a heck of a deal! I wanted something long enough for my truck and trailer but narrow enough that it isn’t going to be terribly hard to heat. Other factor is I think other than the concrete, we can do it ourselves. My plan is, is put a radiant tube heater above my trailer so I can load at night and not have it salt out.
  20. Lazy WP

    Busy day

    The truck has slowed down this week, but our building showed up! And we got the windmill back up. Never been up since we moved here.
  21. Some areas it was extremely popular, but it didn’t seem like many years. I think I have only seen 2 IH scrapers? Lots and lots of dozers in the TD9 size.
  22. Lisa’s old dog Dude got it 3 years before. We saved him, barely. Kinda got cocky when Tators got it. Most miserable thing I’ve ever seen!
  23. A 3 year old girl who walks up to the only black person in town and at the top of her voice says “hello Blackie”! To this day I have no clue where that came from nor why my bashful little girl said it. The lady just smiled and said hi your own self.
  24. Amazing!! There are still heroes out there!
  25. I’m pretty sure this song is why @Sledgehammer built his deer blind
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