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  1. 7 hours ago, sandhiller said:


    Got this for the missus for when shes out walkin the dogs,   "for snakes an such"  (William Munny in Forgiven, Helluva good movie)



    I was actually surprised how soft it shoots the .45LC

    Yepper that’s what I want, but not from you 😉

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  2. 4 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Parts switch around, a 258 crank can be used to stroke a 4.0 to 4.6. If you are in the business…. Might be fun. If you need a 258 or parts from one, i can help. 

    That was what I originally wanted. A 4.6 stroker! But I think now that I’m going to try to find an entire Jeep from back in your world and rob the motor. 
    Between you and Jeff, I think I can find one, and hopefully I can get my buddy who goes back that way with a lowbed to bring it home. 

  3. 1 hour ago, acem said:

    Just rebuild it yourself if you have the skill set. If not have a good rebuilder do yours.

    Factory remans make me nervous. I've worked in factories before...

    I don’t like engine work, nor do I have the time. Might need to talk to the local racecar engine builder 

  4. 12 hours ago, new guy said:

    I picked one of these up last fall since I won't use the fancy 45. Talk about loud!


    With the muzzle brake I can only imagine how loud it would be!! 
    I want to find a Judge, but don’t want a polymer frame. Had one of those and shot maybe 6 rounds before I said uncle. 

  5. I got mine for Christmas a couple years ago. I think she got it from Orschelens when they closed. Mine is okay but it is doesn’t have the easy close nor is it big enough. 
    Just like a shop. Get twice the size and it will still be too small. 

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  6. Doesn’t look like fun! Looks like the pin would have had to of broken on both sides or in the middle and worked out? 
    There is a 2350? loader sitting on a place north of me. I was told to sell it if I can. No mounts and supposedly it is tweaked? I can get pictures if you’d like. 

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  7. 10 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    I am not sure what shape your Jeep is in, and not sure what your budget is, but i would seriously consider a reman long block. You can have that one out in a couple hours and the new one in in the same. I figured when the time came for me I would do the same. 

    Dollar wise it’s not a huge difference. I will probably go that way. Just thought if I could find something that didn’t cost a lot, I would make sure I enjoyed the Jeep before I sunk a bunch of money into it. 

  8. 1 hour ago, New Englander said:

    I've bought a long block from these guys. Most likely too far from you but click on the price list for Jeep. Under $2,000. Must be a rebuild shop nearer to you. 



    Probably a different outfit, but back when I thought I wanted to be a mechanic, we bought several motors for Marshall Engine, but I was thinking they were in Missouri?

  9. Any of you guys know where there’s a decent early 90’s 4.0 for sale? Lisa found one in Rhode Island with 130,000 for decent price, but freight is a bit much. 
    Mine sounds terrible. I think it’s a piston slapping. 
    I want to take it to the Ozarks this summer and goof around, but I’m afraid to take it with the knock. 

  10. I learned many years ago, you can pick corn in the snow, but beans tend to not work so well. Corn doesn’t work so well if you have bright sunlight and a dusting of snow. Freezes your sieves over and you run corn right out the back. 
    Also learned that you don’t thaw them out, inside the combine with a weed burner. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, F-301066460puller said:

    I want a mares leg 45lc... I still have a couple hundred rounds

    I had a mates leg 44mag. Most miserable thing I’ve ever shot. Can’t shoot it like a rifle nor a pistol. Traded it for 2 set of custom made spurs. Mine I still use. Lisa’s were junk and she traded them off on probably another firearm! Matter of fact I am sure she traded them for a handgun. 
    That woman has an extreme firearm fetish!! And it kinda scares me a little. 

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  12. 4 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Went to drop off a shotgun for gunsmithing, ended up coming home with something else. 
    Ruger Super Wrangler, 5.5” I think I want to change grips out for black rubber. 
    I probably could have saved a buck or 2, but there’s something special or fun about seeing it in a case and buying it. 



    I want to shoot one of those!! I don’t think we have bought any firearms in quite some time, but I don’t see all of the checking accounts and I forgot the combination of one of the gun safes, so there might be quite a few more than I thought there was. 
    Our household is a bit strange. I try to hide tractors and trucks. She hides firearms.🤗

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  13. 27 minutes ago, ihrondiesel said:

    I’d tell you to stop at my place for the night but I’m in what looks to be at least a 6 hour lineup at JBS in Grand Island, my better half might not appreciate it much. 

    I honked. Enjoy GI. I HATE JBS!!

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  14. 7 hours ago, td9inidaho said:

    And to think some people out there say there's no money in trucking 😂


    Anytime you want to run with any of us independents, just let me know!! I would even just like your phone number so I can call you when I’m tired, and still have 500 miles to go. 
    There is, or was a lot of money to be made in the trucking industry, but any more it’s so regulated that it is tough.

    My next truck will be an old mechanical truck that there is no way to regulate my speed or check my hours. 

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  15. 3 hours ago, ihrondiesel said:

    You should have taken NE 275 east out of Norfolk, it was even better!  I went down to a podunk packer in Hastings NE today. 

    Can’t remember the name of the place, but it’s on the south side of highway 6? 
    I think I am going through your part of the world today. Loading beans in Milbank going to Cherokee? 
    You need to get involved with the Walmart run to Arkansas City. Lots of cowwagons going south last night. 

  16. 2 hours ago, ihrondiesel said:

    The ‘06 is my truck, I would say it’s pushing 700 hp and probably averages 5.25 mpg pulling a bull rack. (3.55’s and lo 22’s) The ‘07 is the one with twins, my son drives it 99% of the time. Factory 550 hp and I’d say that’s accurate. Gets about 4.45 mpg pulling a bull rack. (3.36’s and low 22’s)  The ‘97 daycab (SDP serial number engine out of a 2011 Pete) I’d put at 625 hp. It’s a backup bull hauler and mainly pulls a side dump. It’ll get 6.0 mpg on the side dump and about 4.75 on the bull rack. (3.70’s and tall 24’s). The ‘06 and ‘07 both have 70” standup sleepers. 

    I might average 5.5 pulling the tank. Empty half the time and rarely gross over 80,000. Pulling the hopper, 4.75 on a good day. 90,000 and external ribs. 
    Lisa put together a quote for a single turbo Acert that should be in the neighborhood of your big one power wise. Went with 15:1 piston, 625 cam and injector, then someone played with the ecm. Absolutely no warranty, but he has a hotrod!!

  17. 1 hour ago, OsagePrairie806 said:

    I recently acquired a new to me 806.  It has an excel cab on it and unfortunately the previous owner pitched the doors years ago.  It was mainly used for hay making and never got out in the winter.  Anyhow, was wondering if anyone had any spare doors near Northeast Kansas. Thanks!

    Did you try Elmers? Miller repair at Maxwell Nebraska might. 
    Excell cabs were on a lot of tractors. Don’t strictly look for them on red tractors. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, ihrondiesel said:

    of my 3 ACERTS have been single turboed - with their longer stroke they easily outdo the older Cats.  The third one will probably get singled out this year and get a Full Tilt exhaust manifold at the same time. The one I drive the most gets about .75-1 gallon better mpgs than the one that still has twins, and probably .5 better than the 6NZ that it replaced—and makes more power.

    What kind of power do you think you are getting? And mpg?  We were over at my buddy Steve’s house the other evening. He is a firm believer in the old mechanical Cat engine. The one in the truck he is driving is somewhere north of 550. 
    I was drooling over his old school trucks and commented that I would like to build 1 someday, but need to make all my money now with my light truck and good mileage. His comment was, “but you can’t look cool in plastic”. 

  19. 44 minutes ago, AKwelder said:

    Really?  Ok.  Here these in tanks or the inline ones are on everything big that needs to run in the winter. Of course a week at -40 will make a believer out of you.

    Yeah, when I started working for the fertilizer dealer here in early 2000, they bought 4 trucks out of Minnesota, and they all had tank heaters. They took everyone of them out. Said it was just a fuel contaminater in the making. 

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