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    That time

    It’s that time of year that can be stressful for some. If any of you want to talk, I am available no matter day or night. Life can get stressful in so many different ways. Maybe your crops didn’t make what you hoped, or your boss is a jerk, whatever. Talk to someone. Your life matters!! 402-389-2007 anytime
  2. Neighbor was over a week ago. He has one in the 75hp range. His is a 10 model. Says they quit supporting them parts wise. Glen is 74 or so and thinks he can keep his running for another 5 years then he won’t need it. I think when they were first imported, they were quite a bargain, now with no parts support, I would NOT touch one, even if it was given me.
  3. Lazy WP


    My wife sold a new engine for a complete engine swap from Cummins to Cat. Nearly 65 grand. Guy paid for everything through her and she ordered the conversion kit from an outfit in Oregon. They screwed up something up on the shipping numbers and didn’t let her know on Thursday. Were not open on Veterans Day. The guy who bought the motor had an entire shop booked so his truck was only going to be down over the weekend. Now he will be dow for 7 days plus he has to pay the shop for all of the mechanics overtime!!
  4. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I don’t know. Mine is 12 volt. Probably pumped upwards to your 15,000 of diesel before I got it. Who knows how much Jack used it for. I think gas in general is harder on the seals than diesel. Sitting dry doesn’t help either. If I remember, I will take pictures of it all when I replace the seals.
  6. My brother had one that was either air or vacuum operated. Worked great until everything we had was diesel.
  7. I have a fill rite. Probably had it for 10 years. Ex boss had it before me. I loaned it to my father in law and he ran ethanol through it then I let it sit for a couple years. The seal leaked something terrible. Lisa found a complete rebuild kit for $100. That includes vanes seals the entire thing. I would buy another.
  8. Glad she is okay. I will bet that the driver of the truck has never had a CDL nor in the country legally.
  9. I have 4 of them. Use a come-a-long and you can get fiddle string tight barbwire fences, as long as you have good corners.
  10. Lazy WP

    E V help

    That it does. Just keep up the good work and I bet you will go far in your political career. My point was that I tend to believe that an electric motor contains quite a bit more copper than my internal combustion engine powered vehicle. But it is a mute point as our so called leaders believe that electric vehicles are the way to go.
  11. Lazy WP

    E V help

    I am not real sure, but I somewhat think that copper is used in EV? I might be wrong. They could use all aluminum
  12. Lazy WP

    E V help

    You do realize just how inept all of your arguments are for the EV with this statement? @mike newman posted a big open pit mine for Lithium. @Art From Colemanposted a cool picture of pump jacks pumping crude. Then you tell us that lithium is strictly for storing energy, after it is refined, and a good majority of the energy your favored EV use is s produced by the not so environmentally damaging pump jacks. I strongly suggest getting out and seeing the nation.
  13. I don’t think anyone has said beat him into submission. What I believe was said is say what you mean, mean what you say and there are consequences for your actions. A swat on the back side is not a beating!!
  14. My experience is every 3 years, you will have a good apple crop. Up north we had to pick green apples. Between deer, coons, and birds we didn’t stand a chance. We were fortunate to have lots of wild grapes and plums also.
  15. Lots of trucks go from Canada through the US into Mexico. Before 9/11, I think you could go into either Mexico or Canada without a Visa. Now you have to have a visa to almost cross the state line.
  16. Glad you are safe. People do some stupid stuff.
  17. Yep. I got to say hi to him. I knew about half of the people there and the other half I probably should have known but there were ALOT OF PEOPLE.
  18. I think I know where their shop is, and have heard of them, but don’t know them. Its interesting that here we got custom cutters from Minnesota and Wisconsin. You get over on 281 highway and they’re from North Dakota. Highway 83, they are Montana, and Colorado we had western Kansas guys.
  19. Try Kalcevic Farms. Bennett Colorado. I know that they used to use guy’s with work visas. We had a British Duke, a New Zeland hay farmer, and an English bloke all at the same time. Made for some interesting labor force. I know they are on Facebook and I still have the phone number memorized.
  20. Do you only have 1 450? I need to get serious about finding you another?
  21. The days of loading an old Massey on the back of a single axle truck were what I will always consider the hay day of custom cutters. I remember sitting outside the nursing home in Valentine with my Great Grandmother and a guy in the lead of the convoy killed his c50 with the combine on climbing the hill. Got kinda interesting before they all got over it and into South Dakota. You don’t have a picture of a combine being towed backwards
  22. Dad bought his first combine in 73? IH 101 with a 2 row head, I think. I know it was a 2 row IH, anyway the only reason he bought it was because he couldn’t get his corn out, and he never started picking corn until the middle of November. I think it’s just gotten worse, over the years. Nowadays, it seems like all the crops are ready at the same time. You can’t afford to wait for a custom cutter to show up 2 weeks later. This area used to be all wheat when I moved here the first time in 1998. Now I am guessing that over half of it is in spring crops, so you don’t need as many combines to get your wheat in. Also, when I first moved here, a 24 foot header was big! Now they are running 40 feet plus.
  23. I am not an expert by any type, but most custom harvest starts in south Texas and works north. The Texas areas start mid May? Southern Kansas, usually early to mid June. Eastern Colorado, we always started the 5th of July. I know there used to be a few guys who would go west of Denver to cut wheat, but not many. I was just over there this week with my truck, and even with my truck it wasn’t much fun. Elevation of 11,000 feet and height limits at the tunnels make taking a combine west a challenge. The Rocky Mountains form a natural barrier and keep the harvest going south to north. There are some dump/tilt trailers in use, but they weigh nearly twice what mine does, meaning they can haul less load, in my part of the world.
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