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  1. I have been in Nashville with the truck a number of times. I hate driving in it but we will have the dually and dropped the trailer at the motel.
  2. Throw the seed in a grain drill and drill it. Plug off every other hole if so desired. Is it for feed or grain?
  3. Well, I believe you guys talked us into getting tickets to the Opry. Not sure what she paid but we are going.
  4. There’s some west of Tonkawa Oklahoma that is over knee high on me. HUGE corn for this early that far north.
  5. Going to go there for Memorial weekend. Long story, but bought a bull there, so we can vacation on the cows. I would love to see the Grand Ol’ Opery but I’m having trouble spending $200/ticket, and sitting up high. Is there any way to find cheaper tickets? If we don’t go there, are there other places to see? I have been to Nashville numerous times, but never had the chance to tour it.
  6. Hot and windy. We got.15 of rain day before yesterday but it has been zapped with the wind. Coffeyville Kansas, big clouds to the southeast. They have had serious rain
  7. Are they on a hot enough ration that the baby will struggle? Last feedlot baby I bought was back in about 2009. She was EVIL from day one. Never would nurse a bottle! Fed her for nearly 2 years. HUGE carcass and was grain fed from day one.
  8. Not everyone has Murdoch. They are probably the best farm/ranch store I have been in.
  9. They are all supposed to have the same price, but individual stores can sell them for less or more. Our local True Value is cheapest.
  10. The wheat around me is dried out. Harvest for what there is will be long over by the time you get here. I am 8 hours straight north of Dallas. You are welcome to stop by, but I don’t have red tractors. Mine are all real Case.
  11. Pretty much. This was supposed to be the storm of the century. Phhttt. Rained hard here but that’s all I got.
  12. Monday of last week. A beautiful evening of about 40 degrees. Perfect sleeping weather. Wednesday of last week darned cold going across Wyoming. Monday of this week. 2, count them, 2! Tornado warnings in northern Oklahoma. Doesn’t make any difference where I try to go, I catch bad weather. Lisa said we didn’t even get enough rain to settle the dust, at home. Maybe I should stay home for a bit.
  13. Half done calving!! Bought 4 cows, knowing 1 was open, plus we had our original Pinzgauer, who just had a nice heifer!! Lisa just locked the entire bunch up where she can look out the door and see everyone. I hate being in the truck right now!!
  14. It was all Lisa other than my teaching respect.
  15. Finally got our first baby of the year. Head was back, Lisa took the cow to the vet and they got it out. Then the baby didn’t want to stand, and when it did, all 4 feet “knuckled” over. That was Thursday evening, while I was in Idaho. Saturday morning I helped get him to nurse, but the front 2 teats had pink milk. Talked with the vet and thought maybe early signs of Mastitis? Loaded the cow up on Excede, a long lasting antibiotic. In the process of loading said cow into the squeeze chute, she decided that she was bigger than I and she was going to go where she wanted. We had a little school time and she went in. I stuck milk tubes in and totally drained her udder. Again the the front quarters were a bit pink and smelly. Gave the calf the back quarters in a bottle. This morning we were heading out to do it all over again and calf was up nursing!!
  16. Saw this on Facebook. Jackson Wyoming Boy Scout Elk antler auction.
  17. I ran a stop sign years ago in my Rogator. It was about midnight and I could see for miles. I could see lights coming at least 4 miles away and I had less than a mile to go before I made a left hand turn that would cause the vehicles behind me to have to stop. I knew I could make it off the highway before anyone could catch me. What I didn’t see was the sheriff deputy hiding in the cattle pens in between my running the stop sign and the fertilizer plant. He pulled me over right in front of the plant and caused all kinds of looky loos as well as my dog pinning him against his car. I know what I did wasn’t legal, but it was safer than what he did.
  18. Well, I got fired yesterday. Going across Wyoming, the temperature was getting down to the critical point, and the forecast for today and tomorrow weren’t great, so I’m off of the tators. I traded my triple axle to my brother for his high side tandem trailer. With 3/4 tank of fuel, I weighed 26,600. Allows me to load nearly 27 tons and go down the interstate. No more overweight permitting. So less expensive to operate across the country
  19. Quit hogging it all! Lisa said that we got a shower this morning but not enough to register in the gauge
  20. I have a set of clamp on forks you can have if you can figure out how to get them to you. I got them with my skid steer, sight unseen.
  21. I made mine out of scraps from the fertilizer company I worked for 20 years ago. I love it probably more than the forks on either loader or the skid steer. In my opinion they are safer than loader forks because you aren’t going to pick anything up high enough to have it roll over on top of you, plus I am sure you can lift more weight with the 3 point than with the loader.
  22. It only took 6 hours to upload. 5 waiting for them to get things out of the way and an hour unloading. There is no way to legally haul 61,000 on 5 axles. I have 6, and I weigh 28,400 with 1/2 tank of fuel. All the rest of the 6 axle outfits were only loading 58500 pounds. Even when I am full of fuel, I can load 61000. Several years ago, we were pulling the farms 4 axle belt trailers. That year I took 2 loads out to Boardman Oregon, from Nebraska. The picture is of them coming out the bottom.
  23. The interesting thing is that they had every sized spud going into the trucks. They had a big air compressor blowing on the sizer, I think. Looked like maybe they were trying to knock dirt off?
  24. 700 miles later and I am waiting to unload. These guys are very open about pictures so I took a bunch. Hopefully someone can explain the different machines and what they are doing. This is another seed production farm. There was an inspector certifying a load they were working on. If you look real hard in the last picture, I believe @cobfly is up over that mountain.
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