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  1. I am at $6.00/mile with the tank. Go from there. If you can wait, a lot of times you can get a truck to work for not much more than fuel money. All depends on the situation. I think the wreckers are at $300/hour?
  2. My F-11 will go 23 feet up in the air. My extension ladder is another 24 feet. I had them both maxed out trying to figure out a yard light. I miss the bucket truck we had up on the river! Heights don’t normally bother me but I was terrified that time!!
  3. I added about 400 pounds and I would bet nearly half of that is in the steel mount that’s still on the truck. I can lift this part, barely.
  4. Everyone tells me that Milo dust makes you itch like no other. I don’t mind it unless it’s moldy, then it’s dangerous! For a trial, I would drill it. I can probably find you some drums if you’re serious. Lots and I mean lots of Milo grown around us. I have seen it mold in heads, and I have seen it cut after the first of the year because it wouldn’t dry down. Milo stalks make excellent grazing for beef cow, but you can get Prussic acid in the stalks and kill a bunch of cows in a hurry too. I have seen Milo out yield corn and dollar per acre blow corn out of the ground!!
  5. No. Bison. This one was built in Mansfield Missouri. Tried to get a Herd, but we couldn’t make the connections. Bought an Alliarc, and sent it back to Canada because their mounts were Jacked up. It will probably be a Herd this time, unless Bison steps up. I spent a couple grand on having it 2 toned powder coated and that lasted less than a year.
  6. Yeah, I think it would have totally destroyed the hood, radiator and charge air cooler otherwise. I know when they built my grill guard, they were having issues with they’re staff. I have not welded enough aluminum to understand the strength of the welds, but every one of them on that side is broken.
  7. Not real sure what it was. I saw it for maybe a tenth of a second before we met
  8. Left home this morning about 4:30. Get a couple miles from home and hit fog. Some of it seriously thick. Get down in between Heston and Newton and boom. Stupid doe hit me on the right corner of my grill guard. Shoved it into my tire. Took out my headlight. 3 hours later Lisa had the grill guard and 2 tires in the back of the pickup. I had a new head light in. Hood is going to have to have some serious fiberglass work done. The high dollar grill guard is junk. Hopefully insurance will buy a new one. $1900 for a set of steer tires and I am back on the road.
  9. Needle and Thread, or sandburrs before they matured enough to drop the burrs. Thrown right into the middle of a back!! I always had the fastest horse that wasn’t afraid to run into any of the other horses. We always rode bareback, and the challenge was to see who could drag someone else off their horse at a dead run. I think all 4 of us kids went through at least 1 barbwire gate horseback.
  10. Until you have to work on brakes
  11. By the time you mess around with hydraulic brakes, that dry out, a hydra boost that leaks, an under powered gas burner that needs overhauled, you can find a single axle truck and trailer for less money and WAY more reliable.
  12. Yepper!! Ya also have to understand that the Herefords are extremely willing to just go where they are asked to go.
  13. Kind of like the looks and price isn’t terrible for what it is.
  14. I wonder how many people here understand this?
  15. My first experience with cotton was hauling cotton seed into a dairy at Ault Colorado. About the third load in, they were grinding hay right next to where I was unloading my cotton seed. (For those of you who have never been around it, the stuff I was hauling looks like your cotton balls at home with buggers in it.) Somehow the grinder spit out something hot and things got REALLY EXCITING! I got my truck moved out of the way and the guy running the grinder hollers to grab the loader. Cotton went one way, bales a different direction and burning hay went into an empty pit. Later he told me that cotton is WAY MORE FLAMMABLE than fuel?
  16. But it is safe to vote by mail!!
  17. Reason I find it hard to believe that they were put up wet, is cotton is generally moved with air. In my mind, it would not be possible to harvest it wet enough to combust? The Deere method might not involve air though.
  18. I have a hard time believing this was moisture related. Wouldn’t it be tough to get through either a cotton stripper or whatever you used for harvesting? As tight as those bales are, maybe. I have seen them catch on fire when being hauled, either from a blown tire or something weird. They burn hot and smolder for LONG TIME.
  19. AND HAD ALL THE SEAMS sealed shut!!
  20. But we are talking about Ace! Remember what he got for his wife to drive?
  21. 8v71, but it says it needs a motor. I didn’t read the add to start with.
  22. When Lisa had her leather shop, she always said she wanted to price her stuff so a working cowboy could afford it. If she does it again, she’ll charge 10 times more. Custom made things are expensive, but they are worth every penny! You build it, I will make it worth your time!
  23. If you go into production, I want one!!!
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