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  1. 3 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    Protocol should be the vet should never have to get in the pen or alleyway, owner should have enough help there to get cattle into the chute and vet does his work there and maybe his helper gives shots or pours or whatever

    There in lies the problem, Jeff. So many “livestock owners” don’t have a clue how to handle livestock, nor do they have any kind of facilities to work them. Sadly that applies to the vet clinics also. So the vet has to work with whatever situation they come across. 
    I would never ask a vet to do what she did in Wisconsin, on my own place. I felt terribly guilty with what went on, and offered to haul the cows to the clinic to use their facilities. She said they didn’t have any kind of chute there either. We then offered to haul them to a sale barn and use that facility. Nothing within an hour around them. 

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  2. My experience is similar to what Sandhillers is. Lots of large animal vets around here, and I take them for granted. I rarely have a veterinarian out. We have a big trailer and excellent loading facilities, as well as good working facilities, especially for an outfit with less than 20 cows. 
    My experience is that when you get away from beef cattle, and say you are in dairy country, they have NO IDEA HOW to handle beef cattle. They are used to a cow that sticks its head in a stanchion. That poor lady vet in Wisconsin last week handled our situation with grace, but honestly she should have refused to put the tags in, unless the cows were restrained safely. 
    My brother is a large animal doctor in Connecticut. Nearly 60 years old, and still fights with farmers that have no way to restrain a large animal. I told him that I would send him a few portable panels and chute. He didn’t seem interested. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, JaredT said:

    I am NOT a liar.  I'm not sure what you mean, I am sharing my experiences, not promoting or degrading.  

    I’m saying even in the best conditions Docamba volitalises.  It might sit there for 3 days, but a warm day and it moves. 
    It should never have been labeled for summer usage!

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  4. 6 hours ago, JaredT said:

    We have used Dicamba products for over 10 years and I have sprayed it right along side of soybeans and drybeans with the light breeze blowing towards them using a drift agent. Excellent kill and weed control, never had an inversion problem. I have always paid attention to conditions and humidity when spraying anything, sometimes delaying application by a day or two to get favorable conditions.  Some people even screw up roundup applications, some areas are just too humid for the product, it's not a one size fits all product like it was advertised by chemical companies. 

    I call BS

  5. 20 hours ago, Alan Dinan said:

    Started the next project in the house. Upstairs has no insulation. We have the hardwood floor protected and pulled all of the baseboards and window trim out. Ready to gut the whole room. We’re doing one at a time. Gut, rewire, insulate, new windows, drywall, paint, move the door. My weekends are filled up for a while!



    That means work!! We somewhat redid the bathroom. Tiny little thing. 5X8 and have been at it since Thanksgiving. I never thought I was a perfectionist, but this remodel job has proven that I have more scruples than whoever did it the last time. An 8 foot wall should not be an inch and a half out of kilter. 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Red666 said:

    I know that’s what you were buying. Do you buy feeders to finish or do you buy started calf’s? The high beef prices and low milk prices makes it easy to cull a dairy cow if she’s not milking good. 

    I buy critters that have bruised a toe on the way to the sale barn, or something that is discounted for some reason. 
    Last year about this time, I bought 5 animals for $900, I think. Fed 1 out with a big steer that wasn’t ready when the other animals that were started with him. The boughten heifer, that I had paid $300 for, brought 1800 3 months later. I don’t have the dollars spent on corn to feed her, but she made money. We then put 2 others on feed, and fed them a LONG time. Had hanging weight of 840 and 815. Sold 1 and a half for $2500, but they ate a lot of corn. Still made money. 
    Last heifer out of the bunch got hauled to the sale barn when my tax man said I needed to show a profit for my farm or it would be a hobby. That heifer weighed 675, and brought nearly $1800. No feed other than grass. The fifth one I dumped $100 of drugs in him, only to have him die 3 days later. Waste of drugs and my 10 dollar purchase. 

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  7. 14 minutes ago, Red666 said:

    Thought you just bought four last week. Lots of Holstein beef cross out there are they any cheaper than a straight beefer. Angus Holstein calf’s are over five hundred dollars. Nice money for a two day calf. 

    I bought pregnant cows last week. Now I need something to feed out. Someday I’ll get it figured out how to raise them for eating. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Gearclash said:

    Flip side of high calf prices is trying to fill a feed lot.  I have a little sundowner feedlot and the guy I feed for is having a hard time filling me with calves that can make a profit.  

    I would like to buy 4 or so for freezer beef. I am sure if I sat in a sale barn for a few hours, I could probably come out okay. Last ones I bought were about this time last year, and I made a lot of money off them. Sorta hate to gamble with the kind of money that they are bringing right now. 

  9. I spent the second half of the week putting a motor in my Jeep. I don’t like to mechanic nor lay on my back to do it, but I succeeded, sorta. Still need to change a motor mount and service the transmission. 

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  10. 20 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

    @mike newman 

    On the front of the KW above, there is a light grille guard of sorts covering the lower portion of the windshield. What is its purpose?  

    When you are first on the scene, you want a little bit of separation between you and the Roos. 
    I have seen deer go over a grill guard on a truck like Ron’s @ihrondiesel and take out the windshields and center post. 

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  11. 22 minutes ago, from H to 80 said:

    I am not an accountant but who is the other partner,the missus ? Didn't you have engine problems last year. Taxes are a cat and mouse game,i would get a second look from a different accountant.

    Yeah, the wife is the other partner. They deduct all expenses from her share, but since I am self employed they tax 100 percent of my share. 
    No major expenses last year. I should’ve bought a cow trailer and lost my back side. 

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  12. Anyone have an accountant who is not afraid to push the envelope as far as taxes go? 
    Obviously the truck made too much money last year! Then they are taxing 100% of my half of the partnership. No expenses are taken from my share, which I find strange. 

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  13. I have a buddy up north who has one. Probably pushing 500,000 on his by now. He was a Ford mechanic, but never babied his Excursion. I’m pretty sure he has never stripped out a spark plug hole, nor done anything other than routine maintenance. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, 7and8and1456 said:

    Area  south of Garden City , Kansas must have the most center pivots  of any place in the country. 

    Capture Garden City KS.JPG

    And how many didn’t get run last summer? Between the hail that wiped out the crops and the drought, there were a bunch that didn’t move all summer. Some got run this winter because if they didn’t use their alotted water they lose their rights. 

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  15. You are rv exempt! You can do whatever you want and be legal. Now if you want to transport them for hire, you fall under real rules. Just get a semi and tag it rv. You are legal for a 53 foot trailer and drag your pickup behind all of it. 

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  16. The puppy is not so much of a puppy anymore. He spends a lot of time body blocking Dolly. For the most part they get a long great. 
    The 1600 mile road trip last weekend, he did great with. Dolly did better. She never moves in a vehicle. Shadow would get bored and want to get in Lisa’s lap. 



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