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  1. I wonder if maybe there weren’t some chunks that plugged the sump? Get frustrated and reach in to clean it out and get an arm caught. I have no clue, but I have cleaned enough bins out, and you get hot, frustrated and angry, you do stupid stuff. Thankfully, my God protects stupidity!!
  2. The Opry was a HOOT! I was somewhat disappointed with Vince. He only sang 1 of his old songs. There was a young lady singing out front of the Opry before the show and she was amazing. Abby Callahan. Homeward bound in the morning after loading a bull. Hopefully we will be there before midnight.
  3. We thought we had gotten hosed with our tickets but we ended up 14 rows from the stage and about that from the center!! Pretty excited. John Conlee is on the bill as well as Dale Watson, Matthew West, Steve Earl, Don Schlitz and Vince Gill!!
  4. Just for the record, don’t take a 26 foot stock trailer into the Motel 6 in Dyersburg Tennessee. You can get in but not out. Another thing is most of Nashville is not designed for a 4 door dually, but if you put the squeeze on a car that’s in your blind spot, they vacate in a hurry.
  5. The worst I have ever had a horse hurt was by a Braunvieh bull.
  6. As to the bush hog, it all depends on how big the stuff you are mowing. My 5 foot is too much for my 830 Case, 64 horse or so, in big grass and weeds. If it is short, I can run it with a 15 horse tractor. I like a tall tractor for visibility, but Lisa’s Dad HATES them. Says they feel top heavy to him.
  7. Beautiful car!! Your way with words always brings me happiness! I can see a 80 year old codger hanging on for dear life!! Thanks Mike!!
  8. Excellent work there young man!!
  9. I’m thinking about shoving a stick of 2 3/8 pipe inside of a stick of 2 7/8, and using that as a flagpole. Haven’t figured out how to anchor it though.
  10. This showed up on marketplace.
  11. Lazy WP


    Lisa said that they clocked 99mph winds at the airport in Salina. We are out of power at the house now and our power comes from a substation in Kanopolis right next to the salt mine there. Not sure why Lyons mine would be down. I thought the storm went north of there.
  12. Not to be rude, but why not use it up in your fence row mix? You can’t have more than two or 3 pounds of Atrex in it.
  13. Spray it out on the field or dump it on a dirt road. It is not worth trying to store. We have stored 2-4D and Roundup, but it was for burn down, and we did not credit what we saved towards the mix.
  14. I have an honest question. Do you guys get tired of never being done? With beef, we generally have 1 season of calving, branding season, out to grass, weaning and feeding. Then we start all over. Grain farmers work the ground, plant harvest. And start all over. You dairy farmers do it 365 days in a row with no break. It would drive me nuts!!
  15. IF HORSES WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL Quarter horses: Definitely jocks. Strutting around flexing those muscles and showing off their butts. Responsible for all the trophies in the glass case. Paints: Quarter horses with too much make-up. Thoroughbreds: Preppies. They are athletes never jocks, monogrammed blankets, leather halters, Nike eventer shoes and the latest custom trailer and tack. Appaloosas: Stoners. the like to drop acid so they can watch their spots move. Arabians: RAH! RAH! SIS MOOM BAH! GGGOOOOOOOO TEAM!( Need I say more?) Shetland ponies: Punks. Spikey hairdos, snotty attitudes and any colour of the rainbow. Friesians: Bikers. Big, buff, always black, cigs hanging out the corner of their mouths and a dangerous glint in their eye. Morgans: Nerdy teachers pet running around doing everything from yearbook to decorating the gym and rattling the bikers, stoners and jocks. Drafts (All breeds): No real clique they're just the big guys who sit in the back of the room and fart a lot. Hackney ponies: Band geeks. Marching along with their heads and knees held high, even going to the bathroom. Warmbloods: The school staff and faculty. Looking down their noses with righteous indignation and disgust. Minis: Primary school students. Donkeys: Would be the teachers with the ability 'to think' and remember what happened the day before. Less likely to step on your feet when dancing. Saddlebreds: The ones riddled the teen angst, the artsy, drama club type? Percheron: Cafeteria ladies. Mustangs: The free spirits and the "rebels without a cause". The PTA would be aged broodmares only. Football team: Well the Budweiser Clydesdale's of course!!!!
  16. Good majority of them go to cow feed. We hauled quite a bit of peas out of Michigan to Iowa for overseas markets.
  17. Lazy WP


    We ended up with 2.75 inches. Lost the flagpole and a few little branches. I doubt that there was enough run off to raise the ponds. There were some puddles last night, but this morning everything had soaked in. I wouldn’t turn down another one just like this one. Have a buddy who sells hay. He isn’t going to have much, and would really like to start on his Brome this week even though it’s only ankle tall.
  18. You would be amazed at how much food grade grains are raised and where. Until I started trucking full time, I had NO CLUE. There’s a big facility that ships food grade lentils of lots of different types in southern Iowa. I can’t remember the town, but I have delivered there several times.
  19. Lazy WP


    2 1/2 inches so far and still coming down. This is the most rain we’ve had in over 3 years. We needed this terribly bad.
  20. Lazy WP


    Awful black out for 5:45 pm. Tornado warnings are in effect but at least we’re getting moisture!! A buddy of mine is making the Run for the Wall and got caught in the rain and hail. Last picture is of one of the guys that got caught in it.
  21. All done calving for 2024! 3 heifers and 1 bull. This last one is line bred and will probably end up in the fat pen, but who knows. If she is nice enough, and polled, she might get saved.
  22. Stratica salt mine is about an hour northwest of Wichita. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I think there’s a Stetson outlet store in St. Joseph Missouri? In between Dallas and Wichita is the Lazy E arena. Kinda a big deal in the cowboy times event circle. I think Oklahoma City has the Quarter Horse museum and hall of fame. As for red equipment through there, I can’t think of anything that really stands out. Wheat harvest will be done in that area, unless they are trying to cut stuff that was muddy. Sorry not much help
  23. Happy birthday Ron!! I had to get my ac worked on last week. I am a WUS!
  24. Lazy WP

    IH hydro

    What you guys have said is how I have run the other hydros, but the IH ones always felt awkward or something. Probably the position of the lever compared with the BiDis or Rogators.
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