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  1. I just can’t imagine having all of that garbage. They may as well just hire 1 gamer for 2 of you guys and let them drive it remotely. Have a neighbor who was an owner operator until E-logs. Sold his truck and went to work for Walgreens? He had all the safety equipment and grumbled to himself, that he was going to shove his truck up someone’s backside. He got a serious reprimand out of the deal and told them THEY could stick their truck up their own behind. I struggled for years about even putting a dashcam in my truck. I run hard when I work. See some absolutely beautiful country. Meet some amazing people and make good money doing it. If I have to run the same area more than about a week, I get bored and start doing stupid stuff. I know my style of trucking isn’t for everyone and I also know that YOUR style of trucking would make me into an alcoholic.
  2. Wow!! I will pay more attention to you guys. I guess I was always thinking it was the driver who was being a jerk. Still sucks all the way around.
  3. I get the safety concerns about the farm equipment on 2 lane roads. The highway in front of my house is 55, and I fight to keep it that way. Way to hilly and narrow for much more. If I ever get a speeding ticket it will be close to the house. By the end of the week I am ready to be home and 55 just seems like a snails pace after running 75 down the interstate. Iowa, on the other hand, has BEAUTIFUL, wide open roads with great shoulders…
  4. Nope, never been one. I’m too much of a rebel to be micro managed. I really wasn’t trying to go fast across there, but riding the brakes down a hill to stay below 54, just didn’t seem smart.
  5. I’m not much of a fan of them. Makes my truck think it’s a Montfort or some such thing. You either have little old ladies who drive like they are qualifying for an Indy road race, or a company driver who’s out to win his second safety award by not exceeding the speed limits. All that aside, there are some really beautiful red tractors along US 71. Some nicely painted smaller ones in Braddyville. A somewhat unique setup near Villisca? I think it was a 706 with a trip bucket loader? Won’t swear to the number but it looked WAY more tractor than loader.
  6. Hang cast on it and never check the bolts again. See how long they stay on. Same thing. You don’t like calcium, I don’t like cast. Neither one will do much good if not maintained.
  7. If it did that much damage in 3 years I call BS! That is more like 30 years of neglect.
  8. Thanks for sharing Mike!! I always love your pictures and stories.
  9. Super MDTA, followed by a 450 diesel, a D-21 series III, and a Versitile 895
  10. It’s always nice when you can take them with you. My old Tators dog went everywhere with me, other than when she knew I would be on the 4-wheeler all day in -20 weather with a wind chill of about minus 100. Could NOT get her to go.
  11. That’s really funny until you are dead tired and run up on it. Years ago, in my fertilizer days, we had a tender driver who was always sleeping. It was always a good time when you would pull the floater up directly in front of him and lay on the horn!! I’m surprised Randy didn’t have a heart attack!
  12. Lisa got her an Aussie puppy. He’s 11 weeks old, who is full of energy. The only thing of Dolly’s that is off limits is a Teddy bear that Lisa gave her old dog for Christmas. Dolly says that is hers and hers alone. Shadow travels REALLY WELL. Let him out every couple hours and he does his thing and never makes a mess in the vehicle.
  13. Probably not. There are lots of 48 volt carts out there to.
  14. I have a spare 36 volt gulf cart charger you can have. Lisa bought the new one on Amazon for not much money. The new one actually has the correct plug for the cart.
  15. Not real handy if you’re traveling through the area. A few months back, someone cut the fiber optic cable down by Oxford, and they didn’t have 911 either.
  16. That’s okay. I bought a temp gauge for my Case 730, that I had at the time and it had an IH emblem in it. As long as it wasn’t JD I figured it was okay. I was really expecting everything to go David Brown white.
  17. Finally got a video of Dolly and her frisbee. She can get some serious air if I can throw it right.
  18. Last week I went through York Nebraska. These were going down the road also. Pictures aren’t real great. Trying to drive and take pictures.
  19. There’s a HUGE list on Facebook with all the numbers.
  20. The guard bolts are 7/16. I think they are 1 1/2 long for the hold down? I can measure some when I get home. You don’t want to use a typical carriage bolt. Get actual guard bolts.
  21. I see most of central Nebraska emergency 911 is down. Not real handy. Another hack job?
  22. Lazy WP

    Fall run

    It looked ugly and with the wind this afternoon I bet it could have really gotten bad!!
  23. It is my understanding that these are strictly battery operated correct? How long can you power a home with it, in say 20 below weather with a wind chill of about-150? Your comment just makes no sense.
  24. Still using a Haybuster near Van Tassel Wyoming
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