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  1. I thought about calling you when I unloaded in Albion, but I started the day about midnight and wasn’t ready to visit much.
  2. Some of us travel out of the areas where we know where the good food is. I think you should all share some of your favorite places to eat. Last night I stopped in the metro area of Willis Nebraska, about 15 miles west of Dakota City Nebraska. Place looks like a dump, but WOWSERS. 16 oz ribeye steak for $16.75! Probably the best steak I have had at a restaurant!!
  3. We never had it either. Went to Kimes and the forest. South to Anna Marie. Our phone came from Tom and Sheri
  4. With the tator farm up the hill, you still don’t have DSL? When Lisa had her leather shop, and website, they tried to tell us that all of Cody zip code had DSL. It went as far north as the forest headquarters.
  5. I used to have 1 of them up on the ranch. My dog took out the windshield, twice. Anytime anyone would start hollering oowieeee, Squeek would brace himself between the seats.
  6. I assume it’s there until spring? I don’t mind snow, but that’s stupid.
  7. There’s nothing about that that I like
  8. I found this. What do you think? @vtfireman85
  9. Is it possible to put round headlights in an 88? Feasibly?
  10. If they are like the Chrysler 300 we had, by the time you got enough Barsleak in it to stop the leak, you could never get any heat in the cabin. Stupid $80 part would have cost 3 grand to replace.
  11. Lazy WP

    Not good

    Bad but not as bad as I thought. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kwch.com/2022/11/17/semi-flips-catches-fire-after-collision-with-train-russell-county/%3FoutputType%3Damp
  12. Lazy WP

    Not good

    CB said train hit a fuel truck.
  13. You guys laugh, but a serpentine belt makes a great exhaust hanger!!
  14. School me on Jeeps. I would like something fairly modern, that could be a run around vehicle as well as a toy. Probably want a 4 door, since we take the 4 legged kids everywhere. I thought I wanted a manual transmission, but the automatic in my Dually has somewhat spoiled me. I have been around the inline 6 cylinder, 4 liter and truly believe that might be one of the best engines ever built. Are the current v6 motors any good? Pretty sure I want a hard top, but would be fun to go topless too. What do all the letters mean?
  15. I know mine is terribly busy throughout the day. Have both the gain and squelch turned trying to shut them out.
  16. Awesome pictures again!! Happy belated birthday!! I would wish you another 80, but that would be a curse with the current political situation. Amazing that an 80 year old gent is able to get things done like you do. My mother in law is 77 and you would think, well she doesn’t get around to well. Interesting operation they have there. Very diverse for sure. Again, thanks for the pictures.
  17. It was at the house last night, too. It’s cold enough in Oklahoma and Texas that I can’t leave thiosul on the trailer over night, this week.
  18. Congratulations to all!!
  19. She took him out Saturday afternoon. I told her to put him where it was a safe shot. Not like in the hills, we have to watch for the neighbors! Anyway I wasn’t paying attention, setting panels up and sorting other critters. That night, after DARK, I said what do you suppose the distance is to the bait? Ummm, 350 to 400 yards she says. Dang woman! The only riffle I have, that I am comfortable with that distance, is my 7mm Rem mag! So, no! The blaze faced pony came from Shane Wobbig. This calf got knocked down in the truck and had a hip out for sure, if I would have saved the drugs, they would have gone after him. Hopefully we have enough ‘yote dogs around that are hungry to clean him up before the pooches from the house find him.
  20. We kept a steer over that wasn’t quite ready for slaughter. Cattle don’t feed well by themselves so I went to the Sylvan Grove salebarn. It is definitely not in the same league as Valentine!! I bought 5 critters, ranging from 390 to 825 pounds. Paid $1425 for the entire bunch. The only steer in the bunch turned into coyote bait. Paid $10 for him, but added to that with 30ml of Resflor. The rest of the bunch are doing great!
  21. That would be him. Thanks
  22. Anyone close who could look at some cows for me?
  23. Most likely manually controlled. If you are good at witching you might be able to find something.
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