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  1. Positive. It’s either a shop rag or a pig mat, or whatever they use to absorb oil. All sorts of soft fuzzy stuff.
  2. I have been fighting with the 2090 Case I bought a year ago. Blamed the Fasse valve, then the hydraulic remotes. Finally pulled the filters out and drained all the Hytrans. I kinda think the guy I got it from may have made someone mad. Pretty sure that is a blue paper shop rag. Close to $100 in filters and 20 gallons of liquid gold later!! I seriously doubt I have 20 hours on it. Less than 1 tank of fuel. Positive note, I live the way it works with the bale forks I built. Not up to the Bitty or Finny standards but they work great for me.
  3. Finally a happy post!!
  4. That picture might otta go on the raw hamburger thread. Cooked to perfection.
  5. I expect that I would be a wanderer/explorer. Not so different than what I do now. Not sure when this area was settled, but the town of Carneio was a Portugese sheep village. I think it was probably mid 1800s.
  6. All depends on how much air and fuel you can get into them.
  7. I like Kraft American, or better yet is the cheese that you can get from the natives when they need beer money. I don’t like the way Cheddar melts. Not real fond of Velveta but it makes cooking easier. I had Kraft mac and cheese for the first time a week ago. My microwave had a mishap in the truck so I used my waterpot. WORST FOOD EVER!!
  8. As of late this afternoon,highway 91 east of Dunning wasn’t open yet.
  9. That guy had a forecart and a Deere plow. I wish I could have parked where I could have watched. I have always loved watching draft horses and I absolutely love plowing. But the road was such that I could check chimneys on either side. Steep and narrow
  10. Way back when, the local repair shop/tinkerer/whatever had what I think was a TD-18? I think he had swapped engines and it might have had a 671 Detroit. Been years ago, but Dad had him push a bunch of dirt. Memories are fading
  11. There are a LOT of organic dairies around Cashton Wisconsin. Lots of Amish in the area. First time I ever saw a 6 abreast hitch pulling a 3 bottom plow.
  12. What motor is that? More to the point, what does the machine weigh? I was assuming that they only were of the M age. I forgot that the 50 series started on gas.
  13. What models had a gas start diesel?
  14. Big difference in a toy or your livelihood. I know that came out wrong so apologies already. I can’t imagine dumping 80 grand into a motor and no warranty, but my experience with warranties is they aren’t worth the paper it’s written on. I know 1 outfit built a big horse motor only to have the driver destroy the drive train. What kind of rpm are you turning to get that power?
  15. Highway 6 was still a mess around Hastings at 1 this afternoon
  16. The high horsepower Cat truck motors are interesting. Most models are stock 18:1. That gets you up to 550 horse. 625, stock is 17:1. Then you have the outlaws who are going 16:1. Voids the warrantee but they can get SERIOUS POWER. Single turbo, instead of the factory twin, different injectors and exhaust manifold. Lisa has all the part numbers and has sold a few, but WOWSERS the expense and no warranty. Probably pushing over 1000 ponies.
  17. Mine is stock other than we took out the egr. Dang, I don’t think it has a tuner. I know it went from barely 13mpg to above 19, if I stay under 75mph. Mine will puff just a bit of smoke, but it is less than my semi. Neither one are enough to notice. I am about to put a tune on the 12.7. I don’t really need the power, but I think I can get better mileage. Shouldn’t complain about it though. Averaged 5.8 on 148,000 miles last year.
  18. My guess is the news source is BS!! I doubt that Jeff went running to Valentine to get a new shovel, unless he broke the last one a week ago digging out.
  19. I out ran one of those trash can tipped, coal rollers Friday night, going through Pueblo Colorado. I know my dually runs decent but his just blew smoke. My wife wasn’t impressed.
  20. I am south of Austin Texas tonight and coming across there were lots and I mean LOTS of gas flares. Nearly every pump jack had a flare. Have not seen that in decades!! Why down here? Next question, why do they have 3 or 4 pump jacks on the pad? They were big, but moving really sllooowww. Just different stuff than what I am used to.
  21. Come on Todd, fess up!! Can’t imagine trying to bale that way. Maybe 50 bales a day? Of course if 50 bales is your total crop Looks like a girls bike. Nothing in the middle.
  22. Years ago we were doing the tourist stuff in Wichita and they were repairing a wooden wheel as well as putting the rim on. Watched them shrink it with a press, then got to help put it on. A few years later we interviewed with the ranch up by Sandhiller, and Marv, the owner, asked me if I knew what the contraption was in the shop. I said it was a rim press for wagon wheels. Got hired right there right then.
  23. And they worked for a living instead of mooching off the government they created. I too research what I am interested in. Lots of times if I was really interested, I’d get a job in that field until I figured out how things worked, then go find something else interesting. You on the other hand appear to just want to argue and try to talk over people who disagree with you. You quote websites that are slanted to your opinion. That is how NOT to win friends and influence people.
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