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  1. 39 minutes ago, Gearclash said:

    Does that come from always pulling the hay through the net?  Teeth start to get shifted kinda like braces gone wrong?  What if the hay is relatively soft and easy to pull though the net?  Asking because we have a hay burner and a hay net.  Kids really like the hay net. 

    Between pulling the hay and stabbing the gum with stems is what I understand 

  2. 7 hours ago, Gearclash said:

    Try a hay net.  

    Be careful with them, or at least the hay saver net. They can cause lots of dental issues in horses. 
    Only way I know to keep horses from wasting hay is feeding limited amounts. 

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  3. Depends more on the truck than the trailer. I can turn into a trailer with my sleeper. A long hood Kenworth won’t come close. 
    I can turn my 50 foot hopper around on a wide 2 lane road. I would never consider that loaded though. 

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  4. Here ya go @acem

    Pretty sure this had the front differential replaced at one point. They ran tracks on it for a couple years and backed it out of the shop with the tracks on the front and tires on the rear, in 4 wheel drive. 
    Used to be a Loral spay truck. 


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  5. This is Tank. He is an Italian Mastiff. The guy who has him, told me that Tank rides shotgun and his wife has to ride in the back seat. 
    He had just gotten to work and wasn’t ready for pictures yet. Big Teddybear. Weighs 120 pounds and HAS to be within sight of his owner. 



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  6. 33 minutes ago, lorenzo said:

    Depth of wells in our area vary from 125’ to even 250’ within 10 miles of each other.  Much shallower if its just for a residential dwelling. 

    My cousins just finished another well last week . Yesterday  we ran the pivot around dry just to get all the towers adjusted , thats the new pictures i posted of the tower switches.  That well is 250’ deep. 

    All of the stock wells up there are under 40 feet. 

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  7. 36 minutes ago, AKwelder said:

    The local dealers here still haven’t filled there lots since Covid.  Still mostly empty, first from lack of inventory, then from everyone buying, and now why? It’s almost 4 years since they had a large selection 

    I don’t think they will ever fill their lots. Just order as needed anymore. 

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  8. I have always been told once they get started bloating, ship them. That being said, I bought one a year ago that wanted to bloat all the time. We somewhat gave up on her and put her on full feed of cracked corn. She got a terrible case of diarrhea, and we thought she was going to die. Never treated her for anything, and we butchered her late summer. After she got diarrhea, she quit bloating and fed out well. 

  9. 15 hours ago, TroyDairy said:

    how deep is the avg well in your region?  SE corner correct?  We are only 30' to 70' locally.  2-300gpm and big guns with reels.  We got a boom this summer and slowed pump down 40% to apply same amt water.  Friends inland are 700' since they are just outside the Columbia Basin Irrigation project.  The Hutterite guys N of I90 in central WA have 1600 to 1700'.  Lotttttsss of HP to get water up.  Then the Colony fella was telling me they fill ponds......to let the water cool for a bit before going to pivot.  120* at well head.  33000 ac of spuds so.....need a little water since 12" rain is avg there.

    I am not Lorenzo, but did grow up about half way between him and Sandhiller. 
    Dad’s first well was put in 1965. It’s 60 feet deep and when we were using siphon tubes, it was pumping 1200gpm. When we went to gated pipe, I think they backed it down to 1000gpm, and when my little brother bought the place, and put a pivot on it, they are only pumping 800gpm. 
    Interestingly, Dad put another well in 1/3 of a mile north of the original, again 60 feet deep. It would never produce over 700gpm and on a dry year, about 300gpm was it. 
    We also pumped out of a very small gravel pit. Maybe 100 feet diameter, and we could pump 2500gpm using an old Berkeley pump and a DC Case tractor for the power unit. 
    In 1972, Dad put up a 220 acre pivot on the north east side of the North Loup River. I think that well is 250 feet deep and at its best pumped 1350gpm. With the new pivot technology, Tim, my brother, is pumping 700gpm and raising twice or three times the crops. 

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  10. 15 minutes ago, bitty said:

    My air system is plumbed to a manifold with valves for all of my oil delivery functions. If I want to use the greaser I turn the main air supply to the lube system and then I turn the greaser on. I drag a hydraulic hose with the squeeze handle to whatever I want to grease.

    The place this really shines is filling an auto lube container like on our self-propelled chopper or the big square baler. That takes something like 10 tubes of grease to fill it if it's empty, and I think it's something like 10 to 15% cheaper than buying it in tubes also 

    Just for the record, you are talking about an actual greaser, not a junk air grease gun. 
    Do you guys grease everything at the shop? For my tiny operation, my battery powered grease gun has improved how well things get greased. 

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  11. The shop Lisa works with had a sheriff sale on a truck, twice. The first time, they didn’t have all of their paperwork in order. Second time it only brought $3000, and they bought it back. Haven’t seen or heard anything about it in a while now. 

  12. Lisa used to build these. I don’t have this one anchored down correctly. I used to pack all the time when I was horseback. We had a number of different kinds of varmints that needed extinguished. No one knew I was carrying under that vest. 


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  13. 38 minutes ago, 801486 said:

    I've had to caulk for an hour a couple different times in thirty years if using for dry corn.

    I could handle that. These leaked everywhere. Probably didn’t help that they had been repoed and sat vacant for years before we got them. 

  14. 7 hours ago, 801486 said:

    The blue roofs were better because they had glass fused to the steel both inside and out.  Some of the white ones only had glass on the outside and would rust out.  I was told that by a Harvestore dealer at a farm show.  I got to visiting with him and found out he was the foreman of the crew that put up all three of ours.  Before I knew this I was nervous getting on the roof of the 60'.  

    After my dad put up the first two in the late 60s he joined a group called the Northwest Iowa Farm Business Association.  They had an accountant that analyzed the records of all the members.  Our cost of gain was $5/cwt lower than the next best in the association, and the accountant was anti Harvestore.  Saving $5/cwt on 700 lbs of on 300 head per year pays for $20,000 worth of silos pretty quick.  

    The silos are still in good shape and one is used for dry corn and one for wet.  The silage structure would still be in use if I hadn't gotten in a dispute over faulty unloader repairs with the dealership I had to deal with after the old foreman retired.  I'm in the process of converting it for wet corn.

    I built a transition for the drying floor in the one I use for dry corn that doesn't block the access door.  I can get pics if anyone wants.

    The only time I have ever been around them, they were using them for dry grain. Both had moldy grain against the walls. The corn one, we cheated and grain vacuumed it. The other one had Milo in. I don’t think they have emptied it yet, but I left 6 years ago. 
    I assume they need to be calked fairly regularly? Soured me with using them for grain. 

  15. Just now, from H to 80 said:

    Shipping is expensive but if your rolling down 44 I’m right off the highway

    Don’t think I’m heading that way in the near future, but you never know. Be worth a detour!!

  16. We have a bit of an issue here. Since Lisa had to put her old dog down, Dolly has been an absolute mess. She never had to “adult”. She’s always been the puppy. 
    She has always been spoiled. My fault. And she always pouts whenever she is scolded. 
    This morning I let the dogs out and when they came in they got a treat. Shadow is also spoiled in the fact that he normally gets soft treats in the morning, but I gave him a hard one. Dolly got her 2, and Shadow was still working on his. Dolly promptly stole it then proceeded to put a whipping on him. (She better do it now, cause she is a bit smaller) anyway I scolded her and she went running to “her” chair. 
    Not real sure how to correct her pouting nor her wanting to pound on the pup. 

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