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  1. Yeah, but right now I have 2 loader tractors and while I know I will use a skid steer a bunch, it’s still a toy. Won’t make me any money.
  2. All depends on how much the truck makes me in the next 3 weeks as to what I end up with. I refuse to borrow money for my toys and a skid steer is a toy at this point.
  3. I am bidding on a 85xt, but I not against a 1845c with a Cummins.
  4. I am trying to buy a Case skid steer. Everything (ag related) is Case and I wanna stay that way. Is Case an option? I think @bittyused them some.
  5. Neither one of my old Case tractors have a block heater. Both have tank heaters and are absolutely necessary for them to start below 10 degrees F. My 2090 will start, not plugged in, down to around zero, and my semi down to-15. Dodge dually has never been plugged in and started at -30.
  6. Gave up on that idea. I do a lot of dreaming while driving and probably vocalize them too often.
  7. Also make sure your strap hooks don’t stick out. Got that lecture also. Chains are to stay inside the rub rails too! He was polite and taught me instead of writing me a ticket.
  8. Last 3 gooseneck flatbed trailers we have had are all 102 wide. Makes hauling 5 round bales a lot easier. 😁
  9. I have seen 9 foot wide but I don’t think they are legal? As has been said 102 inches is as wide as I know.
  10. If you don’t think you are paying for them to pat you on the azz, you are smoking dope.
  11. What about a Terex? I had an ASV up north. Single speed but it would work circles around the same Bobcat. I like the lift up doors also.
  12. If you are a Farm Bureau member, Foley is offering a $5000 discount.
  13. Sandhiller has several neighbors who feed well over 1000 head of momma cows. One in particular told me that he hated round bales because he could only feed 6 bales at a time. 10 ton stacks on a stackmover fed with a hydra fork took him way less time to feed. I think he has mounted a bale processer on his dozer blade and hauls 14 bales on his stack mover
  14. If you don’t have to transport the hay lots of miles, loose hay is way more practical than any other in arid climates. IMHO
  15. They made decent garages!!
  16. I have looked at a number of 2000 through 2005 in Nebraska and Kansas and have seen almost no rust. They are a couple thousand bucks higher than that one.
  17. All I can tell you is they don’t work on swamps nor can they back under stacks that are frozen down.
  18. I still contend that a good farmer is a good farmer no matter what. I have seen some so called no tillers who were terrible. Same goes for conventional or organic. You have to use the proper tools for your situation. I still like plowing. My wife likes to spray, needless to say we are not organic!
  19. Nebraska fire insurance has something to say about it, I think. Also most of you guys have never seen the type of soils they deal with up there. Here, I am not afraid to use my semi as a tender, there 1600 gallons on a 6X6 might be to much.
  20. Cool pictures literally!! You know you are going to He@@ according to the no-tillers? I LOVED PLOWING!!
  21. Leather stitching clamp when they stitched everything by hand. Maybe? All the stitching clamps I have seen are wood
  22. They use them for hauling tires up on silage piles. Must be a custom pile covering guy. See the same equipment from central Texas up into Nebraska and Colorado
  23. Thanks for taking a few minutes to wish me a happy birthday. Means a lot!!
  24. Granny’s looks like a dump but it was good! Clear to the west side of town on the south side of the highway.
  25. We did a road trip years ago and only ate at salebarns. I am still a fan of them, but the last 2 I have eaten at were Mexican restaurants. Good Tex-Mex, made by hispanics but it wasn’t the same as the old salebarn cafe food. Along with that thought, if you are ever in Brush Colorado, stop at the salebarn that is down the hill. Excellent food and wait staff that can keep truckers in line.
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