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  1. All done calving for 2024! 3 heifers and 1 bull. This last one is line bred and will probably end up in the fat pen, but who knows. If she is nice enough, and polled, she might get saved.
  2. Stratica salt mine is about an hour northwest of Wichita. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I think there’s a Stetson outlet store in St. Joseph Missouri? In between Dallas and Wichita is the Lazy E arena. Kinda a big deal in the cowboy times event circle. I think Oklahoma City has the Quarter Horse museum and hall of fame. As for red equipment through there, I can’t think of anything that really stands out. Wheat harvest will be done in that area, unless they are trying to cut stuff that was muddy. Sorry not much help
  3. Happy birthday Ron!! I had to get my ac worked on last week. I am a WUS!
  4. Lazy WP

    IH hydro

    What you guys have said is how I have run the other hydros, but the IH ones always felt awkward or something. Probably the position of the lever compared with the BiDis or Rogators.
  5. Lazy WP

    IH hydro

    Explain to me how you operate a hydro. I have several thousand hours on a hydro in a Rogator. Quite a number of hours in a Bidirectional, and have run both a gas Hydro70, and an 826 hydro. The IH tractors are not very comfortable to just use the hydro. It seemed like you almost had to use the “clutch” when changing directions. Is that common, or was I just being a whiny bum?
  6. It’s not my cup of tea, but it’s kinda cool. I still want a 4fiddy diesel
  7. Only did it to see if I could. The boss was bragging about his rifle, that he had spent a small fortune on, being accurate out past 1000 yards. I did put a high dollar scope on it, but I am not smart enough to be able to adjust the reticle, so I just high or left according to my guts. I used to shoot about every day. I have not shot a rifle in over 5 years. I would have to start all over now. And as to walking, that’s why you have a side by side.
  8. Lazy WP

    RPRU 2024

    I was told that a truck knows what is in the bank account and it will always want it’s share. I try to keep the truck account with just enough money to run the week. We(Lisa and I) will be there Friday, all day. Only going to be there for the entire day, truck, cows, and other stuff around the house need my attention.
  9. We have several stainless steel firearms and they are more accurate than I am. I shoot an M77 in a 7mm REM mag. I’m not afraid to shoot a deer at 600 yards. It’s the boat paddle stock, stainless barrel, and a high end scope.
  10. Not going to argue. I am just saying what is here. We were 90% wheat when I first moved to this area in 1999. Probably still over 70%. There aren’t any many chemicals for Milo, so close row spacing is important. Milo will out perform corn in our area and there’s a decent market for it.
  11. We are getting closer!! Had .25 a week ago. Had another .15 on Wednesday, I think. Had another.15 yesterday, and Lisa says it’s sprinkling again. Amazingly the grass is still looking good. Ponds are in bad shape, but critters can water at the house.
  12. I would guess that nearly 80% of the beans around here are drilled. Over that percentage of sorghum/milo and even some corn is drilled with air seeders.
  13. Yes it’s concrete. I can almost lift it with my 3 point bale fork. As Ray said, they should outlast anything else, but this is the last time that one will get moved. It’s starting to disintegrate. Doesn’t leak, but the top is starting to crumble. Again it’s a local thing. Lots of older concrete tanks. This area has gone to heavy fiberglass tanks now. Nebraska, was all heavy gauge (bottom ring) grain bins, with plastic bottom. I got good at setting them. Largest was a 36 foot diameter. Normally we would make them 21 foot. Always tried to get them so you had to actually put a drain in, otherwise they would overflow everywhere. I tried setting one at my father in laws place by Pueblo Colorado, but his ground heaves and so did the tank.
  14. Interesting. I don’t think I have ever been around an area that doesn’t have drills. Different stuff in different areas.
  15. I had 1 set that were junk. Never did get them adjusted correctly. I have had 6 sets of progressive lenses and that was the only pair that really bothered me. I still can’t back up to hook up implements with them. I’m fortunate in that I only need them to read with. I just got tired of carrying a pair of readers and sunglasses.
  16. We built a short piece of pipe fence today. 5 rails 2 7/8 pipe. Remember about 5 years ago, I was sure we would be done building our corrals in 1 weekend? Yeah, 5 years later and we still have about as much to do as when I made that statement. We do have very useful facilities, just keep finding more places that a good pipe fence would work better. Picture might come tomorrow. We are used to sitting not physically working.
  17. We sent our first pure bred Pinzgauer bull to Texas every year and they collected him and sexed the semen. That was back in the late 70s.
  18. Just standing around watching the critters.
  19. I have been through on both 65 and 24. Neither are any fun. You really need to be there during a snow. Once around all the wrecks, I had the roads to myself. I used to HATE leaving Kentucky. Traffic always gets worse. As bad as Nashville is to drive in, I would rather drive there than St Louis!!
  20. I got Lisa a CF Moto 600 for Christmas. Cost $11,000 new. I had a diesel Gator up in Nebraska. When they first brought it to me, I was positive I would never use it. I had a Suzuki Sidekick that was 4X4, good cab with a/c and was as narrow as the Gator. Legal to use on the road and fast. With in a week I told them they could sell the Sidekick. I never drove it again. The Gator was SO much easier to get in, I could haul more and it would go places that I couldn’t get to with the 4wheeler. The Moto is a bit more crude, maybe than a Ranger, but it gets used everyday.
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