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  1. So sorry for your loss. We all know they are “just” dogs, but they sure fill a big part of our hearts!!
  2. If you find something you like, you better buy all that you find!! I still have several dozen “roping” gloves. Got started wearing them when Plain Jan’s was doing lots of advertising with them.
  3. So did you get them all home? Next thing you know all the big ranches will have a fleet of drones and gather all their critters that way. I was disappointed when dirt bikes came into the picture, then 4-wheelers, then side by sides. Now it’s drones!! The poor old horse is just screwed out of a job!! Honestly, that was pretty cool!! How is it for scouting deer?😉
  4. A 276 bidirectional is the best “farm tractor loader”, but total junk compared to an actual pay loader.
  5. This looks like a nice little farm truck.
  6. Not mine and know nothing about it
  7. Only made 2 years, I think.
  8. Nor do bullies win when stood up to.
  9. Nor should they be surprised when a truck bumps them. Probably why they have mainly ex bull haulers hauling out there. TKI pays a premium to start with, then you throw hazard pay in there. Yeah, I am in it for the money.
  10. Maybe the farmers ought to be a bit upset since the picketers are picketing a nitrogen plant. The UAW calls it CVR nitrogen, which is an abbreviation for Coffeyville Resources. Sounds like the scabs are operating the plant in a more efficient manner. Just irritates me that they expect everyone to abide by their rules. I never saw a union member standing up for me when my motor let go, nor have they ever contributed anything beneficial on my behalf, but I am supposed to support them.
  11. So I am supposed to not work? I have delivered cattle into Cargill in Colorado when protesting was happening. You just drove over and through them. Sounds like what should happen in Illinois.
  12. I was visiting with my dispatcher yesterday about the upcoming weeks and how things were going in general. He and I don’t talk much. Maybe a brief chat to say something got changed or a hot load came in and wondered if I could get it. Well I was whining about a trucking company that sends 5 or more trucks to Ponca City and they all show up at the same time, then sit and wait for most of them to get loaded before they leave. Not good on either end but it is what they do. He said, “at least you don’t have to deal with the UAW picketers”! What? TKI is UAW, says I. No, but the plant they are tied into is and you have to go through the line to load. He went on to say that the picketers had scratched the snot out of a truck going inside, and if things didn’t improve that TKI, was going to ask for police escorts into the plant. I said that to say if you don’t want to work, that’s fine, but you damage other people’s property, you should be in jail!! I stand by my belief that unions should be outlawed!! They have out lived their usefulness!
  13. Dolly claims my/our chair! Both dogs seem to want to be covered tonight. It’s warm in the house but they are content being under the covers. I missed Dolly snarling at Shadow.
  14. A little about his truck. It has a manual C model Cat in it. Probably has less than 250,000 miles on the motor. I think they dynoed it at 575 horse. This is the first truck he bought, and he has replaced every bolt on it. Not sure how many sleepers it has had but it now has a Pete Unibuilt on air ride. His wife says it is a great ride now that he put air ride front end, and the air ride sleeper. He keeps telling me he is going to retire this truck and cut it up.
  15. For some, not him. I can’t imagine having 4 children in the truck all the time, but they are the best mannered kids I know. He still takes at least one child every time. This trip he has his second daughter.
  16. Yeah he has a couple more he’s building in his shop. He took his wife and kids with him all the time, until the 5th was born. Amazing family!!
  17. Last time I was through there, yes, a White was sitting there.
  18. They are both made in Kansas? I don’t know the answer.
  19. Very good friend of mine. Lives about 30 miles from me. I will tell him hi
  20. Steve probably won’t be there until tomorrow. He used to live back there and still spends a lot of time there
  21. Pretty sure they are going to a dealer. They are made in Beloit Kansas.
  22. My friend sent me this yesterday. He is heading to Lancaster Pennsylvania with it. Last of three.
  23. Only other thing I would add, is Dodge corporate rearend DON’T hold up to towing. If you change carrier bearings at about 160,000 miles, if you tow, you’ll have no problems. If you let the bearings go out, you went from a $1500 repair to a $5000 repair.
  24. I have owned diesels since the late 80s. I’m not sure I will buy another. Like was said, unless you have a fuel card, diesel is a dollar a gallon higher, and you won’t gain enough benefits to offset it. If you’re serious about pulling, and put on 100,000 miles per year, maybe. Don’t get a dually, unless you’re pulling all the time, they are a nightmare to park. I have pulled way more with single wheeled pickup than I have with my dually. I always wanted a dually for my pride but it is dumb. I wouldn’t be afraid of any of the newer models. Get what you like.
  25. Lazy WP


    We got word this morning that a guy whom we considered a friend took his life Saturday. Tony was a driven mechanic who had the ability to see a completed engine swap and all of the parts, wires, and tubing that were needed, before he ever started on it. He had dealt with addictions most of his life, whether it was adrenaline or something else to give him a high. He also fought with Bi-polar. A couple months ago he quit his job, working for his uncle and disappeared from Lisa who had a real burden to pray for and help him. Tony had done this before, always like a little boy who knew he had done wrong. Well, this time he never came back around. I said all of that to say if anyone and I mean all of you, ever feel depressed, alone, overwhelmed or just in an ugly mood, call me!! Call your kids!! Call the cops!! You might take a few minutes of our time, but we would way rather spend it talking to you than spend it reminiscing about what a great person you were!! 402-389-2007. ANYTIME
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