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  1. And to think when buying fertilizer equipment, you stay totally away from anything from anything from Arkansas, Louisiana, or Mississippi.
  2. No, but I did get to see them cleaning up a side dump load of POO southwest of Hastings Nebraska about a week after they opened up the new roundabout. There were absolutely NO signs warning that there was a roundabout at the high school. Before it was 65mph. I about jumped the one at Watertown when it first opened. RUDE AWAKENING!! You do the same thing for years and they change stuff, messes with people.
  3. Why should we have to learn to look left? For the first 150 years of automotive history, we yielded the “right of way “! Now that we have people who can’t figure out left from right, we have round abouts? STUPID! The best example of stupidity is Worthington MN. 2 round abouts and a stop light all within a half mile! Only good thing is they are 2 lane rounders and you don’t have to slow down even with a 50 foot trailer.
  4. I would say probably very similar in age. Yours looks like it has a longer wheelbase. Dad had a 24 foot box installed on his, without moving the drivers I could do wheelies anytime even empty.
  5. She doesn’t look too happy in that last pic.
  6. I’m of the opinion that most of our ancestors left Europe for a reason. We don’t need to establish a new Europe here again. Please take your round abouts, camera speed enhancements and all of the rest back to Europe with you!
  7. A 13speed with the top gears turned around will give you a double overdrive. Not sure what all you can do with any of the transmissions.
  8. First decent sized truck I drove was an old IH with a 545? Gas engine. Twin sticks. 5 speed main box, 3 speed “Brownie” box. The 3 speed had a deep reduction, so it was basically a 2 speed. I have heard that some of them had a 2 speed rearend also. More modern trucks run a 6X4, 5X4 and 4X4 transmission.
  9. That is what I refer to as a dash slap. I have seen 13 speeds set up that way. The 10 speed in the 1604 Terragator is that way also. Gives you overdrive in the case of a 8,9, 10, or 15 speeds. Double over in a 13 speed.
  10. Throw in a dash slapper 15 or a double over 13, or maybe a LL8, and you have even the more experienced drivers scratching their heads.
  11. No, Dolly is a pure bred Hanging Tree. I guess the breed is a composite breed and there’s some Heeler in that mix. Shadow is supposed to be an Aussie, but he came from a pound so I not 100% sure. Talk about destructive!! He has destroyed everything that Dolly didn’t.
  12. They don’t work real well for grain. The seams are the wrong direction. They allow water to get in. Anyway that’s my experience with them. Had Milo in it and it molded BAD!
  13. The puppy isn’t a puppy anymore!! I have never been around a dog that that likes being covered up like he does. Dolly gets a bit jealous when he lays on me.
  14. I stole this from Facebook! I might have to dig out a rifle if this guy were around!! @bitty @Sledgehammer
  15. Interesting that he said it wouldn’t start in the cold. I guess I never tried mine in the cold, it had a set of mounted mowers, but it was easy to start in the spring. I would like to have another one, but I’m already tractor poor.
  16. My 450 would start on diesel if you killed it and hit the starter right away.
  17. Just donate it to me!! I want a TD bad!!
  18. Wow! So sad, but for the grace of God, it could have been most of us!
  19. Well Mike, the Chinese have never had anything worth while, but the Chinese Elm do thrive in an arid climate! Sadly I would rather burn them than Cottonwood which was about the only other option. We lost all the American Elm, or Red Elm as some call it, to what I always heard as Dutch Elm disease. That stuff burned extremely well and was easy to split. I have always wondered at my parents for burning wood. Dad lost his right hand shortly before we started burning wood as the only source of heat in a rather drafty Montgomery Wards house. I suppose having 3 boys age 10 and under may have had something to do with it. The 10 year old always acted like he was 30. Now he’s 60 and thinks he should be able to do what a 30 year old does. Sadly that doesn’t work.
  20. Dad got one years ago. I never mastered it. Nothing works well in twisted Chinese Elm
  21. Thanks guys. Means a lot!! I didn’t do much of anything all day other then got the Christmas shopping done!
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