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  1. I think the feed trailers we were working on pulling had Perkipillers? Perkins, totally self contained system so we didn’t need a wet kit on the truck.
  2. Under 200,000. I will have to ask. Not mine
  3. Anyone ever heard of 6 liners getting holes in exactly the same place due to poor antifreeze? Factory reman motor. 18 months old. Dealer is claiming poor maintenance due to using Autozone’s orange antifreeze.
  4. Lazy WP


    I tried adding some extra lights but they are either burnt out or ugly, so I guess I’ll just appreciate others.
  5. Yepper and a separate single valve for the push off or grapple. Didn’t they have a float position for the drop? Telling my age now.
  6. I think Dad had a 6 row 56 planter? May have been the first planter after the pair of horse drawn listers that were tied together to make 4 rows. He must not have used it real long. He had an OMC Sidewinder with 8 JD71 row units until he got the 16 row Allis. Should have written all that down. I didn’t think I would forget stuff like that.
  7. ▶️ Watch this reel https://www.facebook.com/reel/645524671059792?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=GCTWuj might not work. Didn’t realize that it was Facebook
  8. Sadly it wasn’t just Dodge who did it. On my 85 Dodge 1 ton, I could use GM parts on it. S10 vacuum valve and shifter was exactly the same as the D-350 parts.
  9. NO, what I said is if I am running slower than others or parked or an ACTUAL hazard, I turn my 4 ways on. NOT if I am running as fast or faster than others and DANG sure not when I am in the middle of a pack.
  10. We are paying $20/quart for honey. I would like a quart of syrup. I know Maple syrup is good stuff and I have enough of it for another year. The first batch I got, I traded a hydraulic system for a 430 Case tractor for a gallon of syrup. Pm me when you figure out how much and how much to ship it.
  11. If you have a little for sale, I would like to buy just a small amount. I have never had sorghum syrup and would like to try some.
  12. Weld that thing in place and put a set of lock outs on! Now that I said that, I’m not totally sure it’s possible. I know my 85 Dodge I was able to. The 91 Chevy ranch pickup, I locked the axle together and just shifted the transfer case in and out. My 94 Jeep, is going to get welded in like the ranch pickup. I know they make CAD eliminater kits, but not sure what all that entails.
  13. When operating under the speed of other traffic, when stopped along side of the highway, or if there is an actual hazard ahead.
  14. Dad had something like that mounted on a WC Allis, I think. Don’t remember much about it other then he only used it to stack hay, and it was pretty light in the back end. Would hate to see guess how many times it was layed on its side, sorta. The wide frame would stop it from going all the way over.
  15. Thanks for sharing!! I think the last 9 foot sweep teeth I bought were nearly $100 a piece. That was many many years ago!!
  16. In a pack? And the visibility wasn’t terrible either. Just a bunch of driving school freight haulers. If you need to run with the 4 ways on, park your truck. Maybe a better option would be to dim your lights, shut off your light bar and drive!
  17. I didn’t try to take them off with the 1/2 inch. I have a Harbor Freight 1” air impact that will take things off that the tire shops IR wouldn’t. The Harbor Freight one is miserable to operate though. Trigger is in the wrong place!
  18. My 1/2 inch DeWalt tightened the lug nuts on my truck to spec! All 6 hubs on the truck on 1 battery. Everything we have is yellow.
  19. Nebraska passed a non corporate farming law back in the early 80s. They were trying to keep only family farms. That bill along with the rest of the economy of that era, about destroyed the state
  20. Case is still in front of IH
  21. The flashing brake lights are required on haz mat loads in Oklahoma, I think.
  22. I don’t think so. Entire pack were probably going about 55
  23. Can someone please explain to me why you would turn your 4-way blinky lights on in the fog? I can somewhat understand if you are driving for a speed limited company and not in your normal pack of turtles, but 10 of you? All with the blinky things AND, every form of illumination known to mankind on the front of your vehicle!! These are the same trucks that will be stopped along side the highway with absolutely zero lights on sleeping or whatever a nospeak does.
  24. I’m going to be off colored. I think my favorite all time is probably my 800 Case followed closely by a mfd 4850. A 7110 Magnum ranks up there also.
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