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  1. The northern part of Oklahoma was really dry when they planted wheat and poor stands are the majority. They have had lots of moisture recently and between the crabgrass and pigweeds there’s not much wheat left. Again I am amazed what these new combines can handle. 
    Interestingly, around Dodge City, there’s more of the off colored green, yellow and silver machines than green or red. 

  2. I’m a Justin fan, or was. Their quality has really taken a dive. You can get 4 pairs, all stamped the same size and no 2 pairs will fit the same. 
    I have a pair of Sketcher loafers that I drive in, and they are pretty good. Have a pair of Durango work boots that are pretty comfortable, after I fixed the threads at the top.  
    Sorry no good answers 

  3. 3 hours ago, IHhogfarmer said:

    Wheat color now is changing fast in the area. 

    It is in northern Oklahoma too. Went from green to amber and now back to green. I would like to see what some of the wheat looks like in the tank. 

  4. We moved 5 times in 6 years, before we bought our place. The first time was 4 loads with a 33 foot flatbed, 2 loads with a 26 foot stock trailer and 1 with a 53 foot dry van. 
    Last time was 2 loads with the 33 foot flatbed, 1 stock trailer load and the 53 foot van. 
    My next move will be in a pine box. 

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  5. 27 minutes ago, TN Hillbilly said:

    I like your 2.5 better.

    It will go places that the black one only dreams about. Sadly it has some rust issues in the frame. Nothing serious yet and it is far enough back that I think it will be easy to fix. 
    I have another set of 33X12.50 tires that might get put on. The wheels on the green one aren’t spaced wide enough, and the tires rub when you turn short. The black one will turn WAY shorter. 

  6. I figured they would be cutting full bore this weekend. Where I saw the machines running wasn’t 30 miles south of the Kansas border. 
    We got some serious rain and wind last night. I will bet that they start cutting around us as soon as the ground is dry. 

  7. 19 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    Kinda anxious to get the 560 in the hay field this summer

    Grandpa baled with his 560 for years. Even after he got his 930 Case he still baled with the 560. Eventually the 560 got put on the double bar, I think. At the end he had a 930 Case, my DC Case. The 560 diesel, a 400 fuel burner, that everyone said was hard on fuel, an H,A and 2 Regulars, 1 was reversed for a sweep. 
    Just reminiscing. 

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  8. It’s in full swing today in northern Oklahoma! I am traveling 120 miles straight west of Blackwell Oklahoma to Buffalo Oklahoma. I would guess there were 40 combines running and only 4 red ones? 
    In other years and other areas, the percentage of red machines would have been reversed. Just an interesting observation. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, brewcrew said:

    Well I guess I don’t qualify as heavy then… although the guys at the scale treat me like I’m heavy. I’ve only been over 100k once. And saying I run off road might be misleading, I run the highway, but sometimes start and finish loads on farms or construction sites. I need to find a compromise of being able to do those things while still having a decent top end speed.

    You kinda need to understand who’s doing the arguing. I understood completely what you were saying. Not sure about everyone else. 
    90000 pounds coming out of a field is a heavy load. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, jass1660 said:

    What trans do you have? I’d put a 2.64 in if you have a 13 spd. 

    You are flipping whacked!! I have 3.54 and it will run 94 mph with Low Pro 22.5. 
    If I ran anymore dirt roads than what I do, I would have lower gears. Mine pulls okay, but it doesn’t like heavy loads on soft ground. 

  11. If you don’t mind talking to a woman, call Lisa. She has been in truck parts for over 20 years and she is not going to sell you something. You are out of her territory. 😏

    her work number is 316-249-7869. Pretty much available 7:30 am to 4:00 pm central time 

  12. 1 hour ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Which has a better chassis? 

    The 93 with the 4.0 is probably a little better but honestly neither have any rust and they both have basically the same lifts. I am going to take both of them to Hollister MO in 2 weeks and see which one I like better. My brother somewhat wants whichever one I sell. 
    If I keep the one with the 4 liter, it will get 1 ton axles eventually. I don’t think the Dana 30 will stand up to 33s and the way this motor performs. 

  13. It’s with sad heart that we aren’t going to make it. We just have to much other stuff going on. Was hoping for a quick trip, but for my sanity I am not going. 

  14. We bought a 2018 PJ 20+6, 2 years ago. It has 2, 10,000 pound axles. Basically a brand new trailer when we bought it. Paid nearly new price, but at the time, I couldn’t order a new trailer either. 
    It’s a nice trailer, but I should have over ridden the boss, and got at least a 25+6. 

  15. Okay, update time. I bought a 93 YJ last year. Motor was making a nasty noise. Found another 4.0 and got it put in about mid February. The Jeep has an automatic transmission and has a 4 inch lift. Came with mismatched wheels with 33X12.5 tires on it. Couldn’t turn tight at all without rubbing. Found some nice wheels with year old 31X 10.50 tires on them for cheap. Goofy thing runs GREAT and drives really nice. 
    Well, before I bought this one, I had found a 95YJ with lockers front and rear, 1 owner, but 2.5 and a 5 speed. Had it spoken for and was headed down to get it when they messaged me and said their daughter wanted it. Long story but a year later daughter still had not paid for it and they offered it to me. I went down today and drove it home. About 110 miles. It runs really nice at about 55. Over that and it won’t hardly pull itself. 
    I need advice as to which one to keep. The 2.5 is way nicer inside and other than needing rock sliders, is pretty much ready to go Jeeping. The other one needs fender flares, bumpers, and doors. It has both a hard top, and soft top. 
    The 2.5 has a soft top and a bikini top. Has really nice half doors. 

  16. Collected another one this morning in Iowa. Sure wish the states would pay for the damage THEIR deer do!! I wasn’t even up to speed, and there was a truck to my left so no avoiding it. 
    I love watching them from a distance, but they sure seem suicidal right now!!

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