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  1. Dad had something like that mounted on a WC Allis, I think. Don’t remember much about it other then he only used it to stack hay, and it was pretty light in the back end. Would hate to see guess how many times it was layed on its side, sorta. The wide frame would stop it from going all the way over. 

  2. 1 hour ago, KWRB said:

    I would. For sure.

    Flashers say "something's up here. Use caution".

    Fog is an excellent example, possibly the best example of when drivers sharing a single road might be operating at quality disparate speeds, thus being dangerous.

    In fact, I see zero problem with it

    In a pack? And the visibility wasn’t terrible either. Just a bunch of driving school freight haulers. If you need to run with the 4 ways on, park your truck. Maybe a better option would be to dim your lights, shut off your light bar and drive!

  3. 2 hours ago, acem said:

    But I can't get the ones off my semi after they are put on with the 1" impact and run for years.

    Mine are budd wheels.

    Always works great on my Dayton wheels.

    I didn’t try to take them off with the 1/2 inch. I have a Harbor Freight 1” air impact that will take things off that the tire shops IR wouldn’t. The Harbor Freight one is miserable to operate though. Trigger is in the wrong place!

  4. 1 hour ago, Alan Dinan said:

    Heard on the radio that Missouri is trying to force foreign land owners to sell back any land that they have

    Nebraska passed a non corporate farming law back in the early 80s. They were trying to keep only family farms. 
    That bill along with the rest of the economy of that era, about destroyed the state 

  5. 41 minutes ago, Drysleeves said:

    They somehow convinced their largest customer to essentially take over the company. That lasted about ten minutes until Tenneco picked up the pieces.

    Case is still in front of IH

  6. Can someone please explain to me why you would turn your 4-way blinky lights on in the fog? I can somewhat understand if you are driving for a speed limited company and not in your normal pack of turtles, but 10 of you? All with the blinky things AND, every form of illumination known to mankind on the front of your vehicle!! 
    These are the same trucks that will be stopped along side the highway with absolutely zero lights on sleeping or whatever a nospeak does.

  7. 1 hour ago, ihrondiesel said:

    Have you seen the video of an RV taking it right over the center hump in Worthington shortly after the roundabouts were built?

    No, but I did get to see them cleaning up a side dump load of POO southwest of Hastings Nebraska about a week after they opened up the new roundabout. There were absolutely NO signs warning that there was a roundabout at the high school. Before it was 65mph. 
    I about jumped the one at Watertown when it first opened. RUDE AWAKENING!!

    You do the same thing for years and they change stuff, messes with people. 

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  8. Why should we have to learn to look left? For the first 150 years of automotive history, we yielded the “right of way “! Now that we have people who can’t figure out left from right, we have round abouts? STUPID!

     The best example of stupidity is Worthington MN. 2 round abouts and a stop light all within a half mile! Only good thing is they are 2 lane rounders and you don’t have to slow down even with a 50 foot trailer. 

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  9. 4 minutes ago, sandhiller said:

    It was probably newer than this one

    195? 220 with 549 gas and a 5 x 3sp Brownie



    You are right on how the Brownie shifted

    The third lever down low in front of the seat is a cable operated power divider



    I would say probably very similar in age. Yours looks like it has a longer wheelbase. Dad had a 24 foot box installed on his, without moving the drivers   I could do wheelies anytime even empty. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Farmall 1466 said:

    This is common practice in Europe for years already. Not just camera's to catch someone speeding in the moment, but also systems where they check your average speed over a certain stretch of road. These last ones are pretty effective, because its not like usual, braking for the camera before speeding up again. In the Netherlands, when caught, they don't even photograph your face, just the license plate. The fine then is sent to the person owning the vehicle. This for privacy reasons. Figure yourself out who was speeding. It takes 1 to 2 weeks max before the ticket is received.

    I’m of the opinion that most of our ancestors left Europe for a reason. We don’t need to establish a new Europe here again. 
    Please take your round abouts, camera speed enhancements and all of the rest back to Europe with you!

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  11. 1 hour ago, New Englander said:

    With some transmission experts here I'm trying to figure out what my dad was shifting. He drove when I was real little. They were gas tractors pulling 40' trailers, the longest at the time. Anyway, I remember riding with him and he would work 3 sticks, sometimes with his arm crooked through the wheel so that he could work the sticks fast on a hill.

    Any idea what kind of transmissions they were? I was real little and have no idea what the tractors were other than they were gas with no power steering and real big steering wheels. This would have in the 1950s. The routes he drove were 200 miles or less, home at night, complained about the loads coming in on diesel road hogs and transferred onto what probably were old at the time gas tractors.

    First decent sized truck I drove was an old IH with a 545? Gas engine. Twin sticks. 5 speed main box, 3 speed “Brownie” box. The 3 speed had a deep reduction, so it was basically a 2 speed. 
    I have heard that some of them had a 2 speed rearend also. 
    More modern trucks run a 6X4, 5X4 and 4X4 transmission. 

  12. 7 hours ago, DWF said:

    8LL but the 4 & 8 shift positions were right and up instead of right and down

    That is what I refer to as a dash slap. I have seen 13 speeds set up that way. The 10 speed in the 1604 Terragator is that way also. Gives you overdrive in the case of a 8,9, 10, or 15 speeds. Double over in a 13 speed. 

  13. 1 hour ago, lorenzo said:

    Is there a little Blue Healer in her?E758942A-789E-4549-BFFF-F702685ECAC8.jpeg.0238704752699274173e925e9647eba9.jpeg

    No, Dolly is a pure bred Hanging Tree. I guess the breed is a composite breed and there’s some Heeler in that mix. 
    Shadow is supposed to be an Aussie, but he came from a pound so I not 100% sure. 
    Talk about destructive!! He has destroyed everything that Dolly didn’t. 

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  14. The puppy isn’t a puppy anymore!!

    I have never been around a dog that that likes being covered up like he does. Dolly gets a bit jealous when he lays on me. 






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