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  1. Should people be held accountable for starting a fire that gets out of control and causes millions of dollars in damages, or kills livestock, wildlife and or humans? If so, how many dollars? Imprisonment?

    I read that Excel Energy is already being sued for the cause of the largest fire in the Panhandle now. A weak pole and 60 mph winds. But the line was going to a cabin by the lake. 
    The big fire at Halsey Nebraska, a year or so ago, was started by a 4 wheeler that back fired. 
    The fire last week at North Platte Nebraska was started by a lawnmower. 

    I am somewhat picking and choosing, but all 3 of these fires are part of recreation. Should they all be accountable?

    The big fire that nearly burned Kilgore Nebraska, awhile back was from burning a slash pile, by a local rancher, who when I was a volunteer on the department there, was the assistant fire chief. Is he held to a higher standard because he should have known better?

    I don’t have any answers, but I am sure that the Excel Energy is going to have to ante up because a lawyer sees a big check heading to his office. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, sandhiller said:

    I'm all for giving out free passes until I come up on one at night, the trailer with no lights (and no relective tape) covering up the pickup tail lights. 

    And all of a sudden my truck headlights picks up something in front of me........close, going 20 mph slower than me. 

    Then grownup words  are bounced around the inside of the cab. 

    Bonus words if he left turns in front of me

    I did the laugh emoji but I totally agree. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, ihrondiesel said:

    No lights on the trailer…….SMH. A pet peeve of mine, if I worked in law enforcement I’d be pulling over EVERY trailer without working lights and EVERY driver that I saw not using turn signals properly.  For what it’s worth, you could live in South Dakota, I swear every time I’m running down I90 after dark I pass or am passed by at least one vehicle towing a trailer with no lights. 

    I totally agree!! I used to hear all the time that people couldn’t hook their lights up because they would get ripped out crossing the pasture. They still had to stop at the road to shut the gate but couldn’t plug in their trailer? And then I heard just how courteous the rural community is? BS! Lazy and self centered is more like it!

    Ask me again sometime what I think about people with no trailer lights!

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  4. I have 2 Kuerig type coffee machines. 1 in the truck and 1 in the house. I am the only one who drinks coffee at home and our well water tends to leave a scum on my cup. 
    The K cups are great for the amount I drink. And I can have a hot cup of coffee anywhere I want to. 



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  5. Beginning of the day and unloading the cubes. They are going to pick them up with a payloader and store them in a couple farm trucks. 
    The guy who lives there had his wife get Rattlesnake bit Monday as she was trying to clean up. 



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  6. 7 hours ago, MTO said:

    Allow me to tip my cap to Lazy WP for his donation of trucking this much needed feed to the cattle in need. I'm gonna assume Lazy is the big ugly one on the right of last pic. Just how I pictured him anyhow. Regardless of what I have said in the past, you're a good man Lazy. 

    You assumed wrong. I am the one holding onto my wife‘cause I am scared of the camera! The big one is the Farm Bureau agent and he really isn’t that big in person. 

  7. Well, we loaded this afternoon. 25 ton of cubes. Kinda tight quarters, but we fit, after dumping the air in the trailer. 
    Going to Panhandle Texas early tomorrow. The Ellsworth COOP, and Ellsworth County Farm Bureau has been a HUGE HELP in making this happen. 




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  8. And they must be having some serious issues with it. Niece husband is an engineer on the project and has been working a lot of extra hours. He also farms with my brother in law and he made the comment that the rest of the engineers should run some of the equipment that they work on. 

  9. 3 hours ago, brewcrew said:

    I bought a little harbor freight trailer to pull with my motorcycle for Sturgis. Yes, in Wisconsin there is no need to register it, however, if you cross state lines it needs a plate. I got the lowest weight rating and it wasn’t a bad price. But I only renewed it a couple times, and haven’t pulled the trailer in years.

    Don’t quote me for sure, but other states HAVE to honor the laws of the pulling vehicle. I know that I never tagged my old stock trailer in Kansas, and pulled it in Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa. Yes, I got stopped a couple times, but as long as everything else was good they let me go. 
    That being said, I have always tagged this stock trailer, mainly because I don’t like getting pulled over. 

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  10. I have been around some big fires but this complex is in another league. 
    We had a number of small fires along the interstate yesterday. Assuming someone either lost a wheel bearing or tire and was sending sparks. 
    Be safe out there and aware that a spark can cause a huge fire. 


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  11. We are going to take a load of range cubes down Saturday. Not sure what all I’m paying for, but for sure donating the truck and fuel. Have somewhat of a suspicion that I will be paying for most of the cubes also, but it is what it is. 
    I just can’t imagine going through the devastation that is involved with a fire of this magnitude. 

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  12. I have seen where ranchers are looking for someplace to go with 2000 head of momma cows. They lost all their grass but the biggest issue is that the fence is nonexistent now. He will survive. They always do. 
    The loudest noise is coming from the “horsey” people who lost 10 bales of alfalfa and can’t afford to buy any more. Being a bit judgmental, but maybe you should sell your lawn ornaments? I’m WAY more concerned about the rancher who lost everything than I am about yard art. 

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  13. I have been around 3 different Maxums. Don’t think any of the 3 are in use anymore because of electrical issues. Granted non of the 3 had owners that maintained them but they have made me shy away from the more modern models. 

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  14. 3 hours ago, 1586 Jeff said:

    the Sunflower State taxes feet for feed then I certainly DO NOT want to know about that!!!!

    Predictive text SUCKS! but given our history with our current governor, she might tax feet for food. 
    I ment to say that we have our FOOD taxed. 

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  15. So does Nebraska, Kansas not so much. Legally, I don’t think my stock trailer has to have plates, and anything less than 3000 gvw? has to either. 
    No fertilizer trailers, ammonia tanks, and things like that. 
    But Kansas taxes foot, where Nebraska didn’t. 

  16. I have not been down there, but the smoke yesterday, in northern Oklahoma was terrible. There’s a relief center set up in Canadian Texas. I will see if I can find a link and post it here later. 
    Winds yesterday were over 50mph where I was, and the area that was on fire is ROUGH!

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