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  1. I have hauled a neighbor’s fence jumping bull to the sale barn before. Some people should not own livestock especially if they don’t work or live on the ranch.
  2. https://www.gillettenewsrecord.com/news/wyoming/article_d03179d6-c744-529e-a74b-2a39791e342d.html?fbclid=IwAR0iIVoxeaB0w4yJ87381pfGQX8D0f8buKZCtKtdxx1CCRy6sOCnqBVFk4E_aem_AWHIM0iJU5tjIoT2DGGV3UWVmqUs4Naeguw9B3hK82A4-oHZv4EhchRn34j5_Tf7DwA I have been frustrated with neighbors cattle being out, but I guess I always figured that the fence was both of ours to fix.
  3. Yeah, but my wide open shop gets damp if we ever get rain. I probably have enough tractors until I get them all back in working order, then I’ll add to them.
  4. I tried to buy it, but I had just ordered a steel building and my wife took my check book and cards😡
  5. Tim probably hurt his feelings! Eviction is not legal anymore!
  6. I would take a coon any day over the black bear I watched the video of that climbed up the tree with the hunter
  7. Supposedly there is a shop in Iowa, I think, that will do that on 30 series Case heads. They are obsolete though any dealers.
  8. We used them for bottomless tanks. Dad sold a few rings for a “round pen” at a feed lot. (Like in starting horses)
  9. I lied. Mine is a 5 bar. Sorry. Must have been thinking of my father in law’s John Deere rake.
  10. I know a guy that did that, problem was the horse wasn’t nearly as broke as he was told. Awful hard to bail out when they are in runaway mode. No, he isn’t Amish, but he did have the Amish start Scooter!
  11. I’m somewhat of a social drinker. Home alone I might go a couple months without drinking alcohol. Lisa home and I will have 1 or 2 with her. Rarely do I have any if I am not at home. I have been around people who can’t stop. If they have 1, they have to drink it all. I admire your fortitude! Like Robert, my addiction is work, or at least being busy.
  12. They are getting along okay. Dolly gets tired of him and lashes out at times but for the most part they get along well. He is growing!
  13. Lazy WP


    They shipped a number of beef cows to Russia and the region back in mid 2000’s. They were loaded into an aircraft. A number of Nebraska ranchers or their subordinates went over to teach them how to take care of them. I haven’t heard anything about that in 9 or more years. Got away from the ranch world and lost track of them. Guys I talked to said it was a totally different experience.
  14. That has to be the first of the merger tractors. I thought Dads 570Super was a 67 model and they sure weren’t an Oliver rebadged
  15. I bought a 56 a few years ago for $300? The dogs in the hub had failed and they made it a solid drive axle. Seems to work ok. I raked maybe 3 acres with it since I got it and it picked up ok. Mine is only a 4 bar, but has the ability to be a 5 bar, the holes are there. If I was dealing with much fine grass, I’d make sure to get a 5 bar rake
  16. They should’ve sent you!! It would do you good to be a regional driver instead of strictly local!😂😁😉 Honestly I’m surprised that they didn’t jump all over it. Freight couldn’t have been that much.
  17. Seems to me like you always want to start a fight but get all butt hurt when someone calls you out on it.
  18. They have to be inspected and checked for leaks if empty, I know, but otherwise no clue.
  19. There was a guy who got burned pretty badly back in the late seventies. Pouring gas down a carb. Happened in between Dunning and Halsey Nebraska, anyway they loaded Bill in the back of an El Camino and took him to Broken Bow, about 50 miles away. Said the only reason he lived was because of the cold.
  20. They work well by themselves with no pusher in our area. This is only the second time I’ve ever had to hire dirt work done. Growing up Dad had a 5 or 6 yard Reynold pan that got pulled by everything from a DC Case to the D21 at the time. Grandpa had a small Soilmover pan that we used behind a Super 88 Oliver, and a little MT John Deere crawler. Wouldn’t move much dirt, but could get places the tired tractor couldn’t. The finish work was done with a 570Super Cockshutt pulling a 12 foot speedmover. We reclaimed a lot of swamp and turned it into decent hay meadows.
  21. 30X80X16. Going to add a lean to on one side later. Putting a radiant tube heater in to try to keep the tank warm so I can load and not have to unload the same day when it gets cold.
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