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  1. There are 2 different 7.3 Ford motors. The IH designed V-8, and a truck model inline 6. The 6 cylinder will perform as well as either the 466 or the L10. Someone might verify, but I think the 6 cylinder is a version of the 466? I’m not up on the mid range engine enough. The L10 was put in class 8 trucks and in my opinion under powered, but they still had a good reputation. Same with the 7.3 inline.
  2. Cab harness to fuse block?
  3. I sent it to her. Give her a few minutes.
  4. Have a VIN? Lisa thinks she can get it.
  5. @sandhiller I sure miss the hills and canyons! Looks great this year.
  6. I did that with a brand new JD 590? Don’t remember what model for sure, but was used to using an ANTIQUE Marty J. Other than the chain drive, I truly believe those were the best zero turns ever made. Smooth, fast and would go anywhere, as well as having a flip up deck. The JD is just a typical mid deck mower. Our yard is so rough and has enough terraces, that even with only a 54 inch deck we dig dirt, if you don’t mow the correct direction.
  7. Lazy WP


    Both?😂 I might have created a monster!! I think she has the Jeep bug worse than I do.
  8. Lazy WP


    Yeah, we’re back at home. I need to generate some money. Sucks being self employed when it comes to getting a paid vacation! I’m taking all of next week off! We are finally going to get our building erected, I hope.
  9. We have a Bushhog brand. It’s been an absolute horse. Our next one will have a front deck instead of a mid deck.
  10. Lazy WP


    I felt extremely secure in it. Nothing dropped or swayed. Kayla said that this was the most secure one she has been on. We have done things that are normally not things we would do. It’s been fun. Tomorrow evening it’s back to reality.
  11. Lazy WP


    Well, I got talked into the Vigilante Zipline. I was extremely nervous, but I enjoyed it immensely! Lisa, my daughter, oldest grandson and myself went.
  12. Lazy WP


    This is the first time I’ve ever taken a real vacation. Always before it’s been squeezed a day or two out while looking at cattle or something work related. This time we actually booked a cabin large enough for us and both of my daughters and their families. Sadly the oldest couldn’t get away. We are close to Branson Missouri. Actually had to go back through Branson to go Jeeping. Spent a couple hours playing with the Jeeps, came back to the cabin and spent some time just relaxing and enjoying the grandkids. We then went to a mountain roller coaster!! What an absolute HOOT!! I was the caboose and caught Lisa about half way down. The extra 75 pounds added a little extra speed. Tomorrow we are off to a cavern tour, then the girls are going zip lining from the top of an observation tower, on top of a danged mountain! The son in law and I are watching!! This has been an amazing time!!
  13. After fueling at the truck stop in Hesston for the last 4 years, and watching some of the people who work at AGCO there, it’s no wonder that they are losing some of the operation. I have about the same experience in Beloit Kansas. I understand that individuals have the right to choose their appearance but darn.
  14. Most of the corn in northern Oklahoma is tasseled. Corn around the house is anywhere from knee high to chest high.
  15. Drive through Hesston. Lots of mowers and round balers.
  16. The northern part of Oklahoma was really dry when they planted wheat and poor stands are the majority. They have had lots of moisture recently and between the crabgrass and pigweeds there’s not much wheat left. Again I am amazed what these new combines can handle. Interestingly, around Dodge City, there’s more of the off colored green, yellow and silver machines than green or red.
  17. I’m a Justin fan, or was. Their quality has really taken a dive. You can get 4 pairs, all stamped the same size and no 2 pairs will fit the same. I have a pair of Sketcher loafers that I drive in, and they are pretty good. Have a pair of Durango work boots that are pretty comfortable, after I fixed the threads at the top. Sorry no good answers
  18. It is in northern Oklahoma too. Went from green to amber and now back to green. I would like to see what some of the wheat looks like in the tank.
  19. We moved 5 times in 6 years, before we bought our place. The first time was 4 loads with a 33 foot flatbed, 2 loads with a 26 foot stock trailer and 1 with a 53 foot dry van. Last time was 2 loads with the 33 foot flatbed, 1 stock trailer load and the 53 foot van. My next move will be in a pine box.
  20. It’s amazing what the modern day combines will digest.
  21. If he’s at his farm, he never responds!! Kind of funny that way.
  22. It will go places that the black one only dreams about. Sadly it has some rust issues in the frame. Nothing serious yet and it is far enough back that I think it will be easy to fix. I have another set of 33X12.50 tires that might get put on. The wheels on the green one aren’t spaced wide enough, and the tires rub when you turn short. The black one will turn WAY shorter.
  23. I’m 2 inches too short. Guess the spare tire comes off.
  24. While I agree that the 79 Ford is my favorite model of pickup. My 2012 Dodge has well over 200,000 miles on it and I expect it to last me another 200,000.
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