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  1. I have loaded potatoes in Alliance Nebraska and got moved out so they could load Frito Lay vans ahead of me! You want to call me a liar, we will have some major issues. Again, jump in one of their trucks. It can even be one of their CNG powered ones and run with us for a bit. Just make sure you understand how the ag exemption works for your log book. And verify where you can fill the CNG, which is way easier to find than a charging station.
  2. What you appear to be saying is that they have no value in the agricultural sector? Every facet of ag transportation is based on the weight you haul. Now just guessing, this site is called Red Power, and I believe that pertains to the International Harvester company. I am just guessing, but I believe that most of the people who participate here do so because of their ties to the agricultural industry in one form or the other. So you are preaching that electric trucks are the way to go. Might be a hard sell to this bunch, specifically since you have already talked out both sides of your mouth. I hope Tesla makes Musk another fortune. Maybe he can get into politics also. Might be quite the pair. Trump/ Musk ticket!! I would vote that way!!
  3. Again I will say, go lease one and let’s go truckin. I follow Frito Lay nearly every morning. They have a rather large facility in Topeka Kansas, you know? Also well over half of their fleet hauls raw potatoes into it. Did you know that? Oh, raw potatoes are heavy!! I have hauled them, I can speak with a bit of authority as to that fact. And would you like to know where a good majority of those potatoes are raised and stored? Western Nebraska, the panhandle of Texas and eastern Idaho. You know what isn’t in any of those areas? The infrastructure to charge your beloved electric beached whales.
  4. You go lease one then pull the same product I am and let’s see which is more profitable!! My truck weighs in the low 16000, with a 5600 gallon trailer, I can get down to weighing less than just that truck, based on your skewed figures. I am paid for the amount of weight I haul. I normally load 52000 pounds, but can get on as much as 54000, if I am only going 300 miles. I am averaging a bit over 7 miles per gallon. Fuel is averaging 3.54. You take the government hand outs away from electric vehicles in general and they can’t make it. Through out my journeys, I have yet to find a single charging station for a Tesla truck. FedEx has taken delivery of several electric trucks in the area, but they have to be charged off site, since they don’t have the infrastructure on site, and guess what they are using to charge them? Diesel! Yep they had to lease several diesel generators from Cat to charge their electric trucks. My calculations might be a bit off, but to my feeble mind, doesn’t it make more sense to just burn the fuel moving freight? Lease one and let’s go truckin. You can follow me for a week, then go follow Ron during the fall run. I would pay dearly to see you trying to hang out with a bunch of cow truckers.
  5. When I first went to Colorado, back in 1985, I worked for Kalcevic Farms. They were featured on the front of Farm Journal back in the day, but I asked them at the time why they chose Versitile over Steiger. Their comment, “we have several young people who have no vested interest in our operation, they would spend all day shifting a power shift”. Nearly 40 years later I tend to believe they were correct.
  6. Lazy WP

    Foot wear

    Cabella’s wool. They helped a bunch when I went to them. Honestly, I was on my feet most of Friday and Saturday wearing my new lace up Sketchers and for the first time in years neither my back nor feet hurt. I would still like to find a pair of pull on boots but if it never happens, I found something that works for now.
  7. Only thing I can say is if you are concerned about tracking mud and snow in, I still like pull ons. Someday I might get over the stigma I grew up with about lace up boots, but cowboys don’t wear lace! My back and feet say different though!
  8. Lazy WP

    Foot wear

    Good catch!! That is the way I have always been.
  9. Lazy WP

    Foot wear

    These boots should be the greatest thing ever and they are extremely comfortable, but if I walk all day in them, my back hurts so bad I can’t move. Not sure why.
  10. Nope, I would whine and complain the entire time, unless I owned it and it was my baby. Not many like my plastic truck, but I do, at least 2 more years it’s the greatest thing ever. In 2 years I might decide that a fancy Pete would serve me better.
  11. Rick nailed it. I run into guys all the time complaining about wages, trucks or lines at elevators. My answer is always the same. If you don’t like it leave!! I love hauling for farmers and ranchers. I don’t haul livestock, because I believe that to make any money doing that you have to play the feedlot shuffle going to packing plants at weird hours then haul salebarn cattle the rest of the time. I never put a terrible amount of miles on, when I did it, but I rarely got a decent nights sleep. On the grain side, the rates are beat down so bad, if you are getting a percentage it doesn’t work. Elevators and ethanol plants think they only need to receive grain at best 6 to 4 and most rural elevators are 8 to 3. Hard to be aggressive with those hours. I like the tanker mainly because I can load 24 hours, unless it’s Coffeyville Kansas, and a good majority of the time I can unload 24 hours.
  12. I think it’s multi generational! I have been around 18 to 25 year olds who are excellent workers. Show up early, leave late. I have also been around people in their late 50s who show up 20 minutes late whine and complain the entire time. It’s not an age thing, its an attitude thing!!
  13. Lazy WP

    Foot wear

    I know that you can get pull on boots that support your feet! I had these custom made, 4/13! I can wear them all day walking around on concrete and still be comfortable. Cost me $750 back then, and I think he has passed away now.
  14. Not so sure it’s just driver’s. Try finding any laborer.
  15. Lots of South Africans drivers around central Nebraska. They don’t complain near like the local guys.
  16. Good luck! No, newer and better trucks just get you louder beechers! The guy I lease my tanker from has 4 trucks on the road. He has FANCY NEW Peterbilts, and 3 of his drivers whine about how he doesn’t care about the drivers!! From the outside it sure appears that he takes care of them!
  17. I was told if it’s cold enough to wear mittens, it’s to cold to wear that thing.
  18. Lazy WP

    Foot wear

    You want to ride with me for a week? We will see about staying active. I would venture to guess that well over 90% of the technicians at the Cat house in Salina have pull on boots. If you don’t have any recommendations as per my request, please mind your own business.
  19. Lazy WP

    Foot wear

    I know it has been discussed in the past, but I need some new insight. I have always worn pull on boots. When I rode all the time I wore anything from Justin, Honcho or Olathe. Almost every pair was 16 inches tall or taller and under slung heels. Driving, I have gone to “Roper” style pull ons, short lace ups, or slip on loafers. My problem is, when I am home, and on my feet a lot, either my feet hurt terribly or my back hurts like crazy. I did buy a pair of Sketcher lace boots and have worn them 2 days now without much pain. Not a fan of laces but I can deal with them if that is my only option but I would like a pair of pull ons. I need opinions. and for Seth, no I AM NOT WEARING CROCS
  20. Different hydraulic system.
  21. J I Case Farm Machinery. Thomas Stanley is the moderator.
  22. There’s a group on Facebook that are very generous with their knowledge of the 30 series. Again the hydraulics might be an issue. Seems like they were talking about bits and pieces a while back. May have been a different setup than what you have.
  23. Just send it to me!! You won’t like the CaseOMatic!! Terrible for loaders!! just giving you a hard time. Best loader setup ever. The hydraulics on the 530 might be a challenge. My 530, I took the factory hydraulic pump off and ran the loader and backhoe off of a pump driven from the crankshaft up front. Mine wasn’t a Caseomatic, but I have a loader on my 800 which is CaseOMatic.
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