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  1. I am not sure you guys that are driving the F150s fit my generic profile. I have compiled a list of poorest, aggressive, non caring drivers and the vehicles involved. A jacked up F150, is almost always going to challenge a 80000 pound semi. It’s big or little brothers won’t, but the 150 will. The driver of a Kia Soul must think that they are driving a Mini Cooper! But they don’t have any of the performance enhancing options and generally are looking to get munched by a big truck. If you come across a gal driving a say, Mercedes, BMW, or heaven forbid a Range Rover, those gals are entitled to every inch of the highway, and you better bow and get out of her way. Now if she can somehow get military or National Guard plates on said vehicle and add a handicapped parking permit to it, you are totally at their mercy.
  2. Lazy WP


    I have run quite a few Case tractors with hand clutches. My problem was that my DC was on the other side then the SC was. Then the D4 was on the left, but instead of pulling it to stop, you pushed it. I think I pulled both steering clutches more times to stop, then I used the main clutch to start with.
  3. Do any of you guys drive a late model F150, 4 door, 4x4? How about a Kia Soul? Maybe your wife drives a higher end cross over? Just curious and I will explain later.
  4. Yea, but it has all been good. I could have been broken down up by Sandhiller or some other place hundreds of miles from the dealer that overhauled it to start out with. I worked around the house this week and between myself and a contractor, we got the barn back to nearly square. I got most of the scrap metal loaded ready to haul to town, and my Fasse valve figured out on my new to me loader tractor. Jessie is heading to College Station Texas to attend Texas A and M. Her dream is small animal vet to start with and maybe add large animals once she gets established. I have never met a more determined person!!
  5. We made a quick trip to Longview Texas to watch my oldest granddaughter graduate from high school. She was in the top 10% of her class of 435 kids! She international bachelorette graduate. She explained that to Lisa and I only caught part of it, but it is a tough deal. she was my hired girl when we were up on the ranch. And at the time could out shoot me with her 410. it was hot down there but a beautiful stadium and a hoot to sit in the nose bleed section with proud family of all the graduates.
  6. Way to go!! You were close enough to rescue him if he got in trouble, but far enough to let him do it on his own. I love it. More kids need that opportunity!!!
  7. Not only the USA, but also every other democratic country in the world. Just look and read how Mike has it down under, or the Kannooks up north, or maybe Argentina. We have sat idly by for so many years that now we don’t know how or what to do. This is all planned destruction and if you read the book of Revelations you will have an idea of how it turns out.
  8. I don’t know which I dislike worse. Floods or fires. Neither one is good. Be safe and like was mentioned, wear a life jacket!!
  9. Biggest thing for me is a nation wide warranty. What I had was a Foley Cat warranty, which is most of the area I run in, but not all. This one scattered metal all throughout the oil system, so it was going to be a bare block rebuild. 6 to 8 weeks turn around. You might be able to sit that long without an income, but I can’t. Hopefully it will be ready to roll again Memorial Day.
  10. The Feds - We have shortage of truck drivers. Their Solution - make it harder to get CDL and endorsements. The Feds - We have empty shelves and freights are not making it to their destination on time. Proposed Solution: We'll put speed limiters on Trucks. Why's their Solution contrary to the problems ?
  11. 632000, and yes it was replaced.
  12. That is kinda how the last couple months have been for me. It will go down a nickel, and I get my hopes up and think it’s going on down, so wait to fuel and it jumps a dime
  13. They found the bull gear failed. I am getting a different engine, but it’s still up in the air as to what all I am paying. We found a factory reman, but it is 10,000 more than what they are willing to pay.
  14. There’s ag exemptions out there that lots of people are running under. I was told that you don’t have to start your log or ELD until you are 170 miles from where you load. That is all fine and dandy but I thought you still had to do a pre trip, so you are still limited to 14 hours of work. I am still on paper, so if I need to, I can let my log book take its time getting home. Not very often does it get lost, but if I am under a couple hours from home on Friday night, I am NOT going to let it dictate me going home, unless I am dog tired. There’s been a few times, I got within 10 miles from the house and had to stop.
  15. Be safe. You are a year older now.
  16. I found these when we up on the river. Not sure how I spotted the spike. 2012, I found a number of massive skulls with horns but left them all on the ranch.
  17. Makes a bit of a difference when your spouse is the parts guru. She has a factory reman sitting in Wichita. I am really hoping for that to happen.
  18. Pretty sure the bull gear failed. Broke it in with Delo 15-40 switched to Shaffers full synthetic this last oil change.
  19. We aren’t sure how it’s going to play out. My wife works for the company and we ate lunch with one of the higher ups in the company and they are well aware of how many miles and other things. I am sure they will help some, how much I don’t know. They are a Cat shop and were having doubts about working on my Detroit before they tore into it. The tech that did the work has since quit. I don’t think they should pay the entire bill, but I hope they split the cost of a factory reman with me.
  20. 65000 miles since we overhauled it. No idea what let go yet.
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