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  1. Guy's, sorry for car talk on a tractor site LOL! but I did see Mopar in this thread titlešŸ˜Žand wanted to share a bit. I have owned this RR since 1980 ish. I have decided to Keep the 69 Coronets and parts and sell everything else. I don't have room for it all. new guy we can discuss the RR after Christmas if you like. Iv'e owned this RR a year longer than my Blown Red R/T. I will share more car pics if no one minds. this is a great site. I am excited to follow along on some tractor stories a restos. I have my grand fathers 200 Farmall he bought new in 1955! should be a parts tractor, many would junk it. I am going to save it. this tractor never left the farm till I got it. I have been to a few RPR events. I like the broad range I see there. work cloths to better than new. I have a 234 IH for my mower, and a 782 . I have been thinking about a newer mower. like possibly a 30b or a 35b. I want a loader and 4x4. I don't have many good current tractor pics on my computer. I will look mon my discs for some to share. where is it best to share my tractor pics on here? And DFD. I do love the gold deomo's in your sig pic! dad has his Red 826 yet. a great running German diesel 826.
  2. this is my other 69 Hemi R/T. a 4 speed as well. this is an original Hemi car. and has the original engine. waiting it's turn to get done.
  3. I've been lucky enough over the years to drive the big ol C's. they are a lot of fun. I too drove one for a few years. mostly a winter beater. but I do miss it. very smooth car. well ya this is a Hemi car. I've had this red R/T since just out of HS. early 80's.
  4. I have a 234. I have owned it for many years. it had been a great mower. and a miser on fuel. never needed parts for mine. I can't comment on that. Here's mine.
  5. another new guy here. I do play with the old Mopar's yet. But. I can't get enough IH red either. is the LH front wheel still around on the old red 68 Charger? LOL here is a pic of one of my old Mopar's I have yet. tractors are on another disc. will post them soon.
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