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  1. were going Friday. my fifth one. can't wait!!!
  2. Well. I am finally restoring this 200. was bought new by my Grandpa. has untold hours on it and was aa great tractor for it's size on our farm. I have been using it for blading my driveway both winter and summer. for the last couple years it has developed too many hydraulic leaks to not address. so here goes. I have posted a couple questions on here already. space/time and budget will control the pace for me. but I do want to get the hydro lift, pump, and cyl. done. so question I have is on the soft touch unit. where do I get a good o ring seal kit for this? OE, or aftermarket? I bought a kit from the local dealer for the rear lift cyl. and they said to check with another more knowledge able dealer for the rest of the parts, for the touch control? I thought it might be a good question to ask here before I go further on this. and pics are usually nice for all. so here are a couple to get this going. thanks in advanced for any help.
  3. have had our Hypertherm for 20 years. a great machine!!
  4. Ok. mine hitch did lower when setting with my blade on it. good to know it's purpose. I will keep looking for the parts to complete this. Thank you!
  5. Thank you. I thought it should have had a check ball. this pic must appear a bit different than my valve? I have only the parts in the pic. it was incomplete when I got it. I was wondering if I can buy the missing parts to repair/rebuild this valve? what purpose does this valve serve? my tractor was missing the valve and had pipes where the valve was in both hoses. turned out it worked very well. as I fix leaks now, I want to reassemble it like OE. I think this valve I found wouldn't work, it would leak inside if I use like this. I've looked on ebay and can't find another OE valve to replace this one. not sure where to go from here.
  6. does any one have a part number for the check valve for a 200 fast hitch? this is located in front of the seat, and sets on the platform. I have a Block/Valve, from another tractor. it was on a (said) functional tractor. bought it 4 years ago. and I cant find a schematic to confirm the assembly is complete. I took it apart to look inside. I have a pic of what I found inside. it looks to me to not complete? I checked at the local Case/IH dealer. they could not find a comparable blowup of this piece I have. the one in the pic was close, but not right!.
  7. another is oooo steel wool and glass cleaner on rust specs on chrome.
  8. many methods work. an important thing is how bad is it before you start will determine the best way to deal with it. and Yes full submersion is the best with evaporust. in my opinion. soak 24 hrs and inspect. dip again for another if needed.
  9. Depending on the size of the Chrome item, Evaporust works great!! soak for 24 Hrs . then clean off. and I would wax it as well. it can be bought in qt,1 gallon, 5 gal, and 50 Gal containers that I am aware of.
  10. That is really nice! not many done that well. my uncle bought a new one in 1968. it was great to drive. we are not sure where it went after his auction.
  11. Thank you for the reply. makes sense. I did look at other images and did notice what appeared to be a stop on the ram. now I need to get the stop. LOL! the nicks are minor and not sharp/blunt at all. I cant get them to show up in a pic or I would post it. I think I will polish it and give it a try.
  12. Newbie here. I was looking for some Info on this OE Farmall 200 cylinder. it is for the fast hitch. I don't know what the poppet? on the top of the cyl is? and does the piston thread in? or just slide on? I have enclosed a pic of this and the cly. there are a couple of small dimples on the ram as well. can't get good pics of them. can it be replaced or polished, or maybe left alone.
  13. Guy's, sorry for car talk on a tractor site LOL! but I did see Mopar in this thread titlešŸ˜Žand wanted to share a bit. I have owned this RR since 1980 ish. I have decided to Keep the 69 Coronets and parts and sell everything else. I don't have room for it all. new guy we can discuss the RR after Christmas if you like. Iv'e owned this RR a year longer than my Blown Red R/T. I will share more car pics if no one minds. this is a great site. I am excited to follow along on some tractor stories a restos. I have my grand fathers 200 Farmall he bought new in 1955! should be a parts tractor, many would junk it. I am going to save it. this tractor never left the farm till I got it. I have been to a few RPR events. I like the broad range I see there. work cloths to better than new. I have a 234 IH for my mower, and a 782 . I have been thinking about a newer mower. like possibly a 30b or a 35b. I want a loader and 4x4. I don't have many good current tractor pics on my computer. I will look mon my discs for some to share. where is it best to share my tractor pics on here? And DFD. I do love the gold deomo's in your sig pic! dad has his Red 826 yet. a great running German diesel 826.
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