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  1. OK. thanks for clearing it up. no problem I did get an answer to my question before it was lost. wanted to do a follow up.!
  2. where did the thread I posted yesterday go?
  3. This is very sad to here!! I have been listening to Rush since he started. late 80's. a great American! He will be greatly missed.
  4. I think it is tastefully done. took time and some great skills to create! would fit in at red power!
  5. a 68 Road runner. had it since around 1980. for sale?? 383 auto. i have a 4 spd for it as I don't have the oe trans. I have the tag, sheet. and oe block. I will miss my 782. I wanted one since a kid on the farm. and bought it when we bought our first house in 1996ish. you have a nice line up of Cub equipment!!
  6. I have my new tractor home. we are in the middle of a rain/snow storm here in our area, but they still made it. delivery went well. I will miss the miserly little 234. but this will work well for my needs. just playing with it today, will post more pics. this has the 72R deck. this is a big plus for me. I may have to push the snow off the yard so I can mow it! LOL!
  7. Yes on the 782. (Minn AG Groupe) is where it is coming from. They were great to deal with. it was 2 hrs. away. it is being delivered. should be here in a couple weeks. they did find value in both mowers. mine are OE paint and both very nice and usable. the 782 needs a seat. and the 234 I will miss as it burns almost no fuel. trade was in line with what I expected.
  8. also has the R deck. Rear discharge. wanted this feature, lucky to find it.
  9. Have these pics. I looked at it last Saturday. It is clean and in great shape. I keep my stuff clean as I can, and looked for a long while for one I liked, W/low hours too boot. excited tom get it. but it will set till spring.?
  10. I have found a nice new mower. should be home in a couple weeks. I am trading these two in on it. new one is a 2008 Farmall 35. I've been on this kick and off for 2 years. and I need a loader. so this one was close to home, and will work for us! looking foreword to getting it home! will share pics when I can.
  11. I was looking for a set of those weights. nice tractor
  12. you have an awesome little tractor. I have a 234. burns very little fuel, but I'm considering trading it in on a newer 4x4. yours looks to be in great condition. this line that looks like the 88 series is great looking!
  13. this is what I am looking for. too many of the red ones to choose from actually! but I can use something like this.
  14. I,m interested in this display. I have the 200 Farmall my grandfather bought new.
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