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  1. DEG

    Metric 7140

    Thanks, that explains it. Tractor didn't come with a manual, I guess I better get one ordered.
  2. DEG

    Metric 7140

    I have a 7140 that is a Euro, does anyone know how to change the cluster back to mph, and acres from km/h and hectares?
  3. OK, problem solved!!! Took the stopper right off, and into 18th it went. I will say though, my linkage does have some wear to it, and it was necessary to put the spacers between the rod end bearing #72 and the shifter #30 to get enough travel. I will repair slop this winter and take the spacers back out. Thanks for everyone's help, this is a great site.
  4. That thing's going, first thing tomorrow.
  5. Anyone see any reason why I shouldn't just remove that????
  6. Yeah, that's it!!!! In "step 44", my tractor has that "18th speed lock out". That's the stopper I was talking about. This tractor of mine is from Europe, think that matters?
  7. Thanks, that gives me something to try. I will try and post a picture of that stop, but I might not be back here for a couple days. Looks like we might be able to get back at the corn harvest.
  8. First off, thanks a lot for the responses, I have lurked around this sight for a long time, but just joined yesterday. 1. Can you explain to me what you mean by "capping out master clutch"? 2. When I take the plastic cap off my accumulators, there is what looks like the end of a set screw, not a Schrader valve type. I assume I have to take these to a dealer, so they can use a specialty tool. 3. See number 23 below, there is a adjustable stopper to limit the movement of that arm down. 4. I have had it under heavy load in 12th and no slip. 3.
  9. When I bought the tractor the shifter was all the way up against the top in 17. I added the shims (washers) behind the rod end bearing to give me a little extra throw, then re adjusted the cable so all 4 reverse gears work, neutral, and the neutral safety switch. When I tried to go to 18, the shifter still wouldn't move far enough. It was limited by an adjustable stopper, preventing the shift lever from moving far enough. I screwed it in, to allow the arm to move the extra distance for 18. Now when I shift to 18, I can feel it jump into gear for a moment, but then it seems to loose the ge
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