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  1. So I need to order 385744r1 for the front one and leave the back one?
  2. I’m looking for the two o rings that set in the rearend housing on top , between it and the rockshaft housing . I’ve ordered two sets from IH and they’ve both been wrong. If anyone has the part numbers or has a way to look I would greatly appreciate it. The closest IH dealer is 100 miles from me so I can’t just run there and show them. BTW it’s an 806 SN 4429 . Thanks
  3. I’ve got a 782 I mow with occasionally, a 124 that does most of the mowing it has a strong 12 with a little work done , and a 71. All 3 are dependable enough to mow my yard every week. Everyone tells me I need to buy something newer and faster, I can mow my entire yard with the 124 in 45 min tops. If I mow on the weekends , there’s always more traffic, 2-3 people thru out the summer will stop by because it’s “cool” to see a old machine still mowing or they’ll ask if I want to sell it. My question is how many people still use these old machines to mow with and doesn’t have anything newer, I think buying a zero turn is a waste just to mow your yard . You can mow with it and that’s absolutely it. At least with these things they’re for one , paid for, Dependable as it gets , you can piddle with a garden , keep your drive way plowed in the winter and whatever else you wanna do. And besides the fact I actually enjoy still riding around on it for an hr a week sweating my ass off. I know there’s still a lot of older cubs around , zero turns have kinda took there course around here and a lot of people are going back to compact tractors or riding mowers. But am I the only one who just keeps patching them back every winter to keep them going and to keep from buying anything newer? I work at a Deere dealer and for a decent size “heavier” riding mower your gonna have to spend at least 8k to get it.
  4. 64806

    782 engine

    Yea I know I don’t think I’ve ever hardly heard of a hydro failure on these. There’s a place I found on Facebook that specialize in the hydro’s on IH tractors. I’m sure they could fix it up or send me parts. Has anyone on here put a newer deck on these? I’ve seen it before somewhere but can’t remember where , it’s been a long day . The newer decks just cut a lot better.
  5. 64806

    782 engine

    This one has the 4 3/4 pulley on the deck. Both Kohler motors has 6 inch clutch’s on them. Sounds like that will be my best bet. My luck if I go to the trouble to switch the motor then something will happen to the hydro haha.
  6. Yes sir, it’s hard to tell in this pic. The paint is extremely well when it’s cleaned up. Still has the series 1 engine. All 4 hub caps shine up like new. All lights work , the hr meter isnt faded out. Also has a sleeve hitch. The seat I changed last yr it looked original. Besides the seat and front tires I don’t think anything else has been changed. Besides someone making the black floor board pieces out of thick diamond plate haha. Its hard to keep it clean in the last yr or so, the motor is leaking oil every where and blowing it back and down on the deck.
  7. I’ve got a pretty nice one, all original. All hub caps. Needs engine rebuilt it runs and mow’s but needs engine rebuilt or swapped.
  8. Before I put the axle housings back on, the right axle was plum full of oil, the left was about half way. Couldn’t I just knock the freeze plug out behind the inner axle bearing race or is it better to have a smaller hole drilled in it? Just curious.
  9. Yea it’s been noisy for yrs but it’s gotten worse and started getting stuck in between gears this past yr. Don’t have any updated pics but got the wheels and fenders off and the axle pulled today. Ring and pinion will be here this week. CIHTECH loaned me the pinion depth tool, I really appreciate it. I should be done with it by this coming weekend.
  10. Pics from a few days ago. Found the growl, pinion nut was loose and the gears on the bottom shaft have ALOT of wear and teeth missing, I’m guessing from the pinion shaft moving so much.
  11. 64806

    782 engine

    I’ll have to measure the pulley on the deck on the 82, it for sure runs slower than the triangle deck but it may just be cause the kt isn’t running enough rpms. I’ve got a 124 with a fresh 12 and 42” deck and it will run circles around the 82 in taller grass. And yea I agree the triangle decks cut great , especially to be 50+ yrs old.
  12. Good to know, I’m putting a turbo on a 806 if I ever get the rearend back together, I’ll know for sure now what I need.
  13. Will the center section work on a non turbo end pieces? Say going from a non turbo, removing the center section and putting the turbo center section in?
  14. 64806

    782 engine

    I’ve never checked the rpms it always sounded like the commands run more rpms than the kt. Hopefully cause the deck turns so slow even the old triangle decks turn faster.
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