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  1. I rebuilt it myself. But there’s a good chance I could’ve screwed something up. I bored out the jet a little bit.
  2. I got my emblems back from Jeff and they look great. But I’ve been messing with this tractor for a little while and I still can’t seem to figure out the carburetor. It runs OK but obviously very rich and labored when I have it on choke and as soon as I take the choke off it will very slowly come to a stop. It doesn’t seem to matter where I screw the mixture that still doesn’t change much.
  3. Thanks I gave him a call and he seems like a nice guy. Quoted me $250 so I am very satisfied. I have it all packaged up already and I will send it off tomorrow.
  4. So I’ve been thinking about my tachometer and its time to do something about it. I’d like to get it rebuilt I don’t think metro speedometer is in business anymore because I wasn’t able to get ahold of them on a few occasions. My next thought was bobs speedometer but the price I was quoted for a rebuild went past $1000. Is there any other options for a shop to send it to?
  5. Long time no update. My entire summer has pretty much been booked mainly because of being my dad’s head hay Tedder, Raker, and wagon puller. And also the head mechanic I got busy with redoing the AC in our 7740 and rebuilding our 1466 motor. But this weekend I finally was able to get some good work done. I finished up painting the dash and got some of the gauges in. The rest of the stuff I am waiting for yet. Also today marks three weeks that Jeff has had my emblems so hopefully in a week or so I will get them back also
  6. Thanks for the feedback. This is how it ran for me just putting the distributor on. I’ll have to play with it a little bit yet.
  7. I’m not sure if this link will work but I have it running decent now. https://mifflinburgasd-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/miffehauck_mifflinburg_org/Ed3XKlUqb7JNk760Q2GQq_EBvOIvorMw4jR_wJnr3m__Zw
  8. Also this isn’t exactly original but I like it.
  9. I have my seat completely assembled now. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten to sit in a “Brand new“ Farmall/international seat.
  10. My plan is to paint the gray on first and then tape it off and spray red. I tried hunting and hunting for an original 660 wheel but I couldn’t find anything. But I am keeping my old one in case I would ever get a chance to restore it.
  11. I got ahold of some of that paint. I think it is looking pretty good. I got some other small things done too. This recent heat wave is having me praying for a nice air conditioned shop.
  12. It was in the school ag shop for the entire school year. It was a big help having four or five other students to grind sand blast or sand. Even though my “unskilled laborers” would screwup from time to time, I probably wouldn’t even have paint on it if I wasn’t able to work on it in school. Since most of my time outside of school is devoted to cows and other farm work
  13. So would anyone know an exact color. Or something close?
  14. I have a question about the dash panel. I’ve seen the inside is painted gray and I’ve also seen it black. Does anybody know the correct color?
  15. School is out so it had to get transferred to a new home.
  16. It’s been a while since I’ve updated but quite a bit has happened.
  17. Got super lucky at a yard sale today and found this NOS radiator cap! And it was free! It came from a guy who hasn’t farmed in over 50 years
  18. I took it to a good hydraulic shop. I didn’t get to see the process but he told me he put the old one in the lathe to get rid of the hose then crimped a new hose on the pipe.
  19. Got a lot done today. It’s all about the fine details!
  20. I had one break off before. I bought a pack of small coping saw blades and broke one in half, only took about a minute to pull out.
  21. It was a two man job getting them off and it might take more to get them back on without damaging them. They sure are intimidating though, I’m scared I’ll mess up when I paint them.
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