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  1. The tool box on it looks like one of the optional large frame mount tool boxes that you could get as a accessory on the 56 series. Interesting how that made it on to that.
  2. Any one got some old hats they gave out at dealerships and on factories tours. I got this Steiger hat on eBay it is pretty clean for being from the 1980s. If you got any (brand does not matter) post em below.
  3. I ain’t selling these but I saw them and knew how rare they are so I figured I pass it on to one of you
  4. So I’m looking at sending the injection pump off our gear drive 656 to get rebuilt. Has anyone sent theirs to Diesel Care & Performance since that is the only place I could find which rebuilds IH injection pumps everywhere else you can only buy a rebuilt one. They charge 495 to get the pump rebuilt which is a lot cheaper than 900 to over a thousand dollars for a new one. So if anyone has any experience with the company I’d like to hear it.
  5. I think the oldest working tractor I’ve seen in my area is a 4430 everything else is 2000s era 90 to 130 horsepower utility tractors with four wheel drive, cabs, and loaders. The farm we buy hay from has 4 or 5 boxcar magnums and then just some newer magnums and utility size cases.
  6. My parents have a 07 2500 crew cab with a 6.7 in it that has between 33,000 and 36,000 miles on it though it does have a little bit of bubbling paint around the rear fender
  7. It has a Swartz front axle and the seat has a custom made mounting system on it I need to find some proper seat suspension and a good after market IH seat
  8. I’m wondering what I’d have to do in order to convert my early 656 which is a 1967 model to be a later model one. Are the grills interchangeable? I know the side panels are different and emblems. Is the section which goes over the fuel tank 3 pieces instead of 1 piece like on my early model. I know the throttle lever is different other than that is the TA lever and gear shift lever all the same? I kinda prefer the look of the Later model more but I’m interested in how work it would be to convert it. I still sort of on the fence about changing it the plan is to restore it. Mines serial number 28741 and is a diesel.
  9. I saw this on a 3020 on tractor house I guess it wasn’t a hit with however owned it.
  10. So I saw this on tractor house today. This tractor has got to be rare because seeing a 66 series just with those fenders is rare enough. It’s on tractor house if anyone wants it just thought I’d share what could be the holy grail of the 66 series. This seems like it would be right up Long Farm’s alley with it having a belly tank too.
  11. Alright so after looking on ih dealers of the past I found out that in the next town over was a small IH dealer now this dealer is in Gladstone, New Jersey. After looking on another website which had aerial views of the place from now until the 1930s I can confirm it was a IH equipment dealer. The building is still there today and hasn’t been added on to or had any parts demolished. Currently it is abandon after a store which was in it moved out a year ago or something like that. I did find a ad which the dealer took out in a newspaper back in the 50s for the Farmall Cub which I can’t find for some reason to show it. I think they may have went bankrupt sometime in the 80’s when IH got bought out and probably as due to less and less farmers still farming this region of NJ. If any of you guys got Information about the dealer I’m all ears.
  12. Leaf blower is great for blowing off all the stuff which collects on the deck of the batwing though ours is a backpack one I’d prefer a electric handheld one just for that purpose
  13. My dad was the one who bought the 100 pounders they are going on our 656
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