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  1. My dad was the one who bought the 100 pounders they are going on our 656
  2. Very nice collection they had so many variations of those pre 39 tractors someone sort of near me has a complete maybe running O-12 for a grand would kind of be interested what they go for even though I have no use and I haven’t completed my 656 yet
  3. Heres a Possible gold demo 826 diesel gear drive up on FB market place in Alliance, Ohio. It has a black dash and is a 1970 model it has axle mount duals and what looks like after market suit case weights. Another option it has is the 8 bolt front end and unlike most gold demos of the 26 series its a gear drive. The guy selling it want 11,900 for duals and everything. Just thought I’d share this as you don’t come across them often. Also saw another 826 demo parts tractor up for sale it had the gold paint and black dash but was stripped it might still be up for sale somewhere in Upstate New Yo
  4. Happy birthday! only 4 days away from mine
  5. That’s a good lookin set up!
  6. We got a Polaris Ranger XP 1000 that thing can get up to some speed and there is a ton of after market tunes and mods you can add on to it ours has a OEM 6500 LBS winch on the front. I got it up to 44 MPH but I’ve seen people get it easily up to 65 MPH I don’t have the room to test it to see if it will go up to that put on YouTube I watched videos of people doing it. It also can tow 2500 LBS it does a nice job in my opinion.
  7. Alright good to know unfortunately after messaging the owner they said that at this time they aren’t going to part out the widefront which is a bummer but it’s sounds like they are waiting for someone to buy it and if they don’t get any buyers then they will part the whole tractor out
  8. Apparently the whole tractor is 5500 and the cab and dual hubs have been sold
  9. If anyone wants to pursue buying the tractor it’s in Kutztown PA I don’t think it would possible for me to buy the tractor for a loader tractor as we only have a certain amount of room and a 856 is way to big for the size of our farm and we just got a 656.
  10. Hello so after finding out that the 656 I recently one off a auction has a M-450 series of wide front end which makes it sit up higher in the front I looked into finding a replacement for it so after looking around of Facebook market place I found no 656 wide front ends people were willing to part with. But what I did find might be better a 856 wide front end with 8 bolt hubs. Since I am going to replace the front end anyway would I be able to upgrade to a 856 wide front? Is it just as simple as taking the old widefront off and putting the new heavy duty 856 wide front on? We plan eventually t
  11. Percy

    Our New 656!

    Ha ha! I didn’t think of that one we are right next to I-287 only a couple hundred yards next to it
  12. Percy

    Our New 656!

    I don’t really care as I have hearing protection so noise isn’t a problem for me, a turbo does sound cool but I don’t need that much power.
  13. Percy

    Our New 656!

    Yeah I do find those older front rims on it a bit ugly looking with the rest of the tractor
  14. Percy

    Our New 656!

    We won a 656 off a auction a week ago it has 4603 hours on it and has all original paint it is a ‘67 model which means if I’m correct it was one of the very last Farmall models with the 706 style grill. It has the D-282 diesel in it, it probably won’t come until August as it is in Mississippi which is a long ways off from New Jersey. It is S/N 28741 the restored 656 gas I was looking at sold for $7000 I think but now that I think about it the diesel is probably better off for us. My ultimate plan is to restore it starting off with the smaller stuff and yes the seat and front rims will be re
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