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  1. I know. That's not his price point per se, its what he paid for the 2255 he's getting
  2. We both agree, but when was the last time you saw a low hour 1466 for 5900????????
  3. To injpumped, I have not redone the pump, I do remember that you were backed up. How are you now? He has just bought a 2255 in search of anything that will start good and lug. He likes the 1355mm he has but it is on its second overhaul in 3k hours and is not looking good. I believe I will be rebuilding one over the winter. I have decided to try cam to crank timing mod with an offset key for a few degrees, its something ive done with a ford FE. Your thoughts on that would be appreciated too.
  4. Thanks for the reply's. Radiator was cleaned by what is the last good radiator around here. EGT's are ~1200 max with new turbo 20-24 psi boost @2400rpm
  5. My brother is considering taking my dad's(passed last year) 1466 combine and putting the 436 in his 7060 or 80
  6. His 7080 has the west German crank in it, they are considered the most reliable of the cranks
  7. Here is a pic of the new turbo and inlet tube
  8. Thanks. OK, ambient is 85-95 F, Radiators have been boiled multiple times hot is boiling over Has a hard time pulling itself up a steep hill @ 5 mph under 1900 rpm ( duals, weighted down)
  9. And I know I'm posting a lot but you all are really the nicest people, ive followed this forum because there is not a lot of bad mouthing other brands and a genuine sense of trying to help people...I'm very excited.
  10. We actually have a diesel timing light that hooks to the line and timing is ok...
  11. I am just looking for that "oh yeah, I had that problem too..." or "man that's just how they run". When my dad was shoping around (before I was born) he talked to a couple of people who finally told him allis went out of business because the engines just wouldn't work hard all day. the 1355 MM with the 585 is a beast at any rpm but its life is limited if you want to run it above 1900 rpm. Hoping the 3150 cat in te 2255 he just bought is similar.
  12. The pumps have both been redone and we have confirmed the crack pressure of the injectors, set at 19 degrees, I also took the valve lash on the top side of tolerance to simulate a wider lobe separation angle (moved back when it did nothing), I'm actually thinking about an offset cam key to get the intake and exhaust lobes operating sooner, 8 degrees should shift my powerband by 3-500 rpm...
  13. Thanks for the reply. Plus these engines have fresh overhauls in them. (well a few hundred hours) correct wear in procedures and no blowby. Heads redone at a very reputable shop and a good sleeve kit.
  14. Gentlemen, I was wondering, because you all are an impartial group, if you could help me. I have... 7080 AC,7060 AC,220 AC,700 AC, 190XT AC, 1950T Oliver, Waiting on delivery of 2255 Oliver, G1355MM (585), G900 MM,g1000 vista MM, 5000 ford 7600 ford and a host of smaller tractors. 2 combines.. 1466 IH with the 436.I have to say the 436 IH is one of the finer diesels I've ever been around, starts great and torque out the a**. I will begin by saying these tractors are not mine but my brothers(except the 220 which is mine but he uses). We know a significant amount about diesels, and I can tell you that the AC's (426, not 301) run hot and will not start below 50 degrees without a heater. They also have no torque below 2000 rpm, if the 7080 falls to 1900 rpm you have to shift down immediately or you will choke it out. To a lesser extent the 7060 is the same way. The 7080 has a upgraded turbo and inlet pipe and does a better job of not getting hot, but still chokes out. My brother is absolutely now convinced that is just the way they are. Everyone at the Allis forum acts like I am crazy or may pm program sucks, but who else runs synthetic rotella. The answers include...blow out the radiator, bad gaskets on exhaust or intake, injectors backwards or set incorrectly, pump timing. I can assure you these are all correct. After this exhaustive post, is there any help, or from an impartial jury, are these tractors to be relegated to a life of hanger queens?
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