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  1. Yes it is and I did have them the wrong way around good call, stripped the pump today and found the pin snapped on the inside of the fuel controller spindle run start stop have made a new pin (2mm drill bit) perfect hopefully this has been the problem hoping to refit and try this weekend
  2. Thanks guys tried everything numerous times just had to convince myself I had tried everything and all it can be is the fuel pump so I’ve pulled it off and I’ll give it a strip and check over any advise stripping the Bosch va fuel pumps
  3. I have tried tank fuel and directly into a independent drum no difference ,I have the Bosch type pump with the advance and retard cylinder on the top. Regards craig
  4. Hi everyone having problems priming the fuel system on my 785 plenty of fuel to the injection pump gravity feed but nothing coming out of the pump I get an initial spit when I start cranking but nothing after that I have rebuilt this engine out of two scrap units so I have no previous history starting to think the pump is faulty please advise
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