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  1. My 1086 had been setting for a while, everything worked fine when I parked it. Today I started the tractor moved the shifter from park to low and when I let out on the clutch it sounded like grinding sound as it moved. When I tried any other gear or range it seemed like it wanted to stall. If I placed in neutral and it would roll back. It seemed like it was stuck between Park and in gear. Any help would be appreciated
  2. It is serial#.35870, The mower has its own hydraulics to run the mower. The tractor hydraulics Do not have enough pressure to operate the deck lift or extension arm
  3. So after all the repairs you all have helped me on, I have now started to use the tractor with a woods ditch mower. other than a leak At the coupler, it doesn’t seem to have enough juice to operate the equipment, I brought the level up to full but the three point drifts down or makes a loud noise while holding the equipment in place. After I brought the level to full the equipment worked better, I thought I read on here to add a lot more hydraulic fluid than the dipstick says
  4. I finally broke down and purchased an overhauled pump, I need all the pointers I can get on the removal and install of the new one. So looking at the timing marks and there is a raised pointer on the engine block. Do I set the crank on 0 for TDC? Sorry for all the questions just been too many years since I worked on engines. Thanks in Advance
  5. So I followed all the advice given on this forum and my tractor ran great for awhile but occasionally acted like it ran out of fuel. It would restart without priming, Now when I start it, it seem like it runs out of fuel. I cannot find in my tech manuals on where the fuel pick up is in the Aux tank and how easy is it to become clogged? How can I remove it an clean it and is that a major task. Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide
  6. The fuel gauge on my 1086, shows the fuel level at 1/4 Tank with the power off, when key is turned on it shows empty. It has an auxiliary tank and is full of fuel. Suggestions please
  7. Danny, I did replace that line. I will check the other lines too
  8. I have written on here before and thank you to all that provided information. The information I received on my fuel injection pump worked to fix it without overhauling it. Now for my next problem, I can start the tractor with very little ether and it will run at any throttle setting (30-40 minutes plus) without any issues, once I start to drive it around after a few minutes it starts acting like it is running out of fuel and dies and then becomes hard to start. I can let it sit for a couple of hours and again it will run at any throttle speed for as long as I want but once I start driving it around again it starts acting up again. So fuel filters are new, fuel is good and return line is new.
  9. The PTO Control on my IH 1086 is frozen in the Off position. This tractor has sit for awhile and I do not believe the PTO was used very much in its previous life.
  10. Fuel flows freely from the lower tank to the filter base. If you really pump the hand primer about 25 times, it runs and then dies from fuel starvation
  11. I just purchased a 1086, when delivered it would not start. I have replaced the fuel filters, the return line and hand prime pump. It has a lower aux tank so I have filled it completely up. The fuel system has been completely bleed, if you hand pump about 25 times and a shot of ether, it starts and then runs out of fuel. Have checked injector lines and bled as well. I have done this repeatedly with the same results. Does the injector pump have a supply pump side and if so can it be replaced or do I need to replace the whole pump
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