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  1. had two issues with the farm king finish mower. first was the lack of greaseable spindle bearings, the other problem is the original drive belt tension adjustment. both were a train wreck for me. saw that behuler changed the belt tension adjustment in 2015. the new system uses 2 long belts that connect the 3 blade spindles and gear box pulley. two idler pulleys are used to route and apply and keep tension on the belts. at first I was sold on the new belt drive system until I realized beuhler was back in the same problem as the old drive system -- needing 2 belts that were the same perfec
  2. have a buehler farm king finish mower for several years -- most of the time inop. have solved the cutting blade spindle issue. see the 2015 operators manual shows buehler has designed a new drive belt system for their finish mowers. the new system adds 2 idler pulleys -- one spring loaded to set tension on drive belts that connect the 3 spindles . would like to hear from those who have operating experience with buehler farm king finish mowers with this new belt drive system or have retro fitted the new system to an old finish mower.
  3. I bought a 6' farm king finish mower several years ago. it has spent most of these years sitting waiting for good repairs. I live in tn. so my mower must live with rocks. I ruined a spindle bearing and threw in the towel -- temporally. a flaw in this mower deck is the lack of grease fittings on the spindles. another flaw in the original drive belt adjustment -- it does not work very well. one of the usa dealers for this mower deck has found spindle bearings for this deck that does have grease fittings. looking at the operators manual for one of the 2015 models farm king made a major ch
  4. "matched set" v-belts is a good start on my trouble. just bought 2 Kevlar 83" belts. they are not a matched set. the belt tension adjustment system will not work unless the v-belts are a near perfect match in length. will try a "matched set" and see if the tension system will work ect
  5. have a 6' finish mower that I am having trouble getting the drive belts properly adjusted. the mower is a buhler brand and uses 2 drive belts driven by a pto gear box center pulley driving the 3 spindles. have not looked at all brands of finish mowers but think this drive setup is used by other brands. when I bought the mower I was never able to keep the 2 belts adjusted ect. I have bought a couple Kevlar belts thinking this might fix my belt adjusting problem. the Kevlar belts are not working either ect. the trouble seems to be the belt adjustment system does not allow for ANY differen
  6. have purchased an old tumblebug scraper. want to hear from those that have had experience operating this tool. there are tow rope rods to make this device work ect. the rear trip rod is the dump -transport device. the other rod is connected to the hitch and raises the front of the tougue higher when the scraper is loaded and the tractor backs up raising the cutting edge high enough it no longer cuts and places the scraper in the transport position. tripping the rear linkage will dump the dirt load and place the scraper in transport position. whne reaching the area to load the scraper the
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