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  1. Howdy ya all, well after a pretty decent tuneup and adjustments...she runs out fairly well. Just the beginning but a decent start. Here's a picture of the old hydraulic fluid. New basic hydro-trans fluid and filter installed as a flushing out is needed. Any insights on how long to keep the flushing fluid in before putting in the good stuff? An hour, ten hours etc?
  2. Could one of you take a moment and guide me on a couple questions? Is there a more complete service manual for this tractor? This one doesn't even show how to change the hydraulic filter? Is there something under a bottom cover that needs to come apart first? All bolts are out and I've tapped on it pretty good. I don't like to pry or wail on things with out knowing it's fully unbolted! Thanks again for any insights.
  3. Thanks Iowa, I'll keep heading forward with original intentions for now. Thanks Nepow, I'll keep that in mind...your resume looks like a lot of fun!
  4. Thanks Nepow, will do. The seller made an excuse of "I must have left the gas on after loading it on the trailer." It was just another line of bs is what I'm coming to realize. The biggest thing that irks me, is he presented this as "his" tractor versus now I know it's just a tractor he bought from a widow and then flipped it...to me. New Autolite 386's, cap, rotor, points, wires are in. I'll run it and drain engine/hydraulics and evaluate, as you said.
  5. It was empty of fuel upon arrival, so not sure what was in there. Now it has 91 octane no ethanol. There is some smoke and no muffler since I unloaded it. Only had it running around five minutes thus far, so don't know about blow by yet and haven't really accessed the smoke. I'm doing the basic tuneup as intended plus some maintenance items and now the hydraulic fluid. From there, I don't know? I just know I'm not tearing into this engine for a partial or full rebuild. I'll have to chalk it up and advertise it for what I know and move it on down the road. I truly do put too much faith in
  6. No worries snoshoe, I appreciate candor. However if that is the case, this tractor will need a new owner.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Nepow. Shoshoe, I wondered how bad things could be inside? That would be greatly unfortunate and quite a lesson to me...I surely did not buy this tractor to rebuild it!
  8. Would anyone care to comment on these? Truly the worst plugs I've ever pulled from a running machine! I've only run Amsoil engine sludge cleaner through one engine before and it helped. I'm thinking of cleaning these up, reinstalling and running something through the system and then changing everything w/ new. Any pros or cons based on this being a '69 tractor? I just haven't done it before, so thought I'd look for insights. Thanks again!
  9. Can't move it with the loader down, so I didn't try it. Sounds loud when running, whirring/whining. Assuming that was the starved pump. Was there a distinction you were going to point out if the steering worked or not?
  10. There's little cream colored ice pieces on the dipstick each time I take it out. Probably need to tarp and heater it tomorrow.
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