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  1. Looks like an awesome project! Take your time and enjoy it. One of the things I enjoyed about my T6 restoration is that the gas engine was less complex and managable for one of my first projects. Please keep us posted on your progress.
  2. When I restored my steering clutches on my T6, I made certain to remove the scale from the disk and they looked like yours do. I did clean the fiber disk too but take great percaution with reguard to Abestos exposure, I did it outside with a resperator and atempted to stay up wind. After many years the cleaned old parts still work great, but I make sure to move the tractor every few months to ensure they dont freeze up again.
  3. Thank you so much for the detail. I buy from Mcmaster Carr all the time for work.
  4. Awesome job on the brakes. I need to learn how you replaced the brake lining. I need to doe that too on my T6.
  5. Beleive me I wanted to buy the lot. The sixty buck was all I had at the time...... Oh well.... I at least should have got his contact info. I was to excited about the find... silly me!!
  6. I wanted to put lights on my T6, so I fabbed up some aftermarket lamps. I only seen the original lamps once on Ebay for ridicious money. Then much to my surprise,at the construction equipment show this summer a man approached me as I was near my machine and ask if I knew anyone looking for lamps. I couldn't believe it when he took me to his truck and he had six of them, two with mesh guards. I was so excited to get the origional lamps with the mesh guards for $60 it was only days later That I noticed I selected two slightly different lamp heads. (I could kick myself) but I'm going to refurbish them anyway and install them. As far as the side covers on the engine, before I obtained a bobcat, I used to use it to claer snow in the winter, so I put sheetmetel on the sides if the engine. This helped to move engine heat back to the operator as it is an open cab. I keeping my eyes peeled for the origional luvered covers but I'm not holding my breath, but you never know. This spring we'll select a show to get together. Right now my 1996 chevy 6.5 diesel is down so I'm not moving any equipment till I get it fixed, but I did get everything home for the winter. Time to fire up the wood stove in the garage and work in the man cave...lol
  7. That's awesome! Thank you.That is certainly the tractor. Back in 2012 I was able to get in touch with ATECO and to my surprise the president contacted me based in Calfiforina. He sent back this photo with his comment on the availibility of parts. But you photo is correct. I think its interesting yours is a TD6 and mine is a T6, I wonder if a comparison was being done? This summer we'll get our tractors together for some photos
  8. Chris. If you can post the sepia picture I love to see it and if you know of any links or input from your aunt about Greenville Steel Car, that would be great.
  9. Thanks for posting all the pictures of your T6, I really enjoyed them. I have a few more that I found you might find of interest. One is of the inside of the sliding gear shifter cover. I put two small PTO switches and two small tabs on the inside of the cover with an insulated stud near the shifter that activates the back up beeper in either high or low reverse. The next pic was the day I brought it home. I friend of mine who is a dairy farmer told me that If I got it moving in the field where it was and could get it on his trailer, he'd haul it home for me. The last picture shows the crude operator cab, loose battery, temporary tankand electric pump. It was a little scary because at the time I realy didn't know how to operate the crawler and it was in poor condition, but no one got hurt.... To this day I can't beleive considering the shape it was in that I got it moving. Just a quick comment on the steering clutch rebuild, with the fuel tank and seat removed there is just enough room to stand on the floor inside the attachment to confortably work on the steering clutches. (didn't have to spend much time on my head)
  10. Just pistions, rings, and sleeves. bottom end is good. Hydraulic pump is direct off the front of the crank and didn't want to risk messin with that.
  11. This summer I took it to the Historical construction equipment show that returns to Bowling Green Ohio every three years. This year they featured IH. I got to push dirt uphill with my T6 to and old Erie Bucyrus loader. Such fun. Below is a picture of the scarifier shanks in the ripper bar. http://www.hcea.net/ Paul
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