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  1. Well the Ca is sounding a whole lot better since there is no exhaust leak but when I drove it up our road it spit and sputtered like crazy. I went a picked up some new points for the tractor because I thought that was the trouble. When I went to change them I spun the engine over with the distributor cap off to see if the old points were any good. When I done this I realized that one of the lobes on the shaft in the distributor was completely flat. I ordered a new distributor last night so hopefully it will get here soon and can make the tractor run better.
  2. Today I put the rest of the tractor back together but my battery was to dead to start it today so tomorrow I’m going to charge the battery and hopefully start the tractor
  3. Well today I was able to clean all of the grease and oil off and make everything slick. I had to reuse my old muffler because the new one that I have order have not made it yet but I got the new gasket, new manifold and the muffler on. Tomorrow my plan is to put the rest of the tractor back together and fire it up. I was lucky none of my studs broke because no parts store or hardware store in the local area sold double sided 5/8 coarse thread studs
  4. Well today the sun finally came out so I was able to pull the manifold off it actually came off with ease, didn’t even have to use a torch. Now it is time to clean it up real nice and make it look right and put new manifold on. Still waiting on my new muffler no telling how long that will take.
  5. Dtfan That’s interesting about you having the same problem. Thank you for the pics I will post some when I get farther but the weather here is terrible right now. Mto That’s cool. My hand clutch doesn’t work so one day that will be the project. Tearing it apart to see what is wrong. No I haven’t joined the Unofficial Allis forum yet but I’m planning to in the near future.
  6. It's been a while since I have posted anything. Yesterday I started taking everything off that I needed to so I can take the intake manifold off. I had to take the gas tank off because we are going to use a torch to heat up the nuts on the studs on the manifold. The reason I'm taking it off is because the gasket has blowed out, but I went ahead and bought a new intake instead of using the one I got. I went ahead and got a new muffler too because mine is broke at the top seam and leaks exhaust out. Sorry for so much and such a long period of posting and sorry if the pic ain't the greatest.
  7. Well today was the major voyage for the Ca, my towns Christmas parade. Me and BrodyNC drove our tractors in the parade instead of marching in the band. Even Brody’s dad AdamNC had his tractor in the parade pulling people from his church. BrodyNC was driving the farmall 240 and his dad was driving the Allis Chalmers WD.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Be safe and enjoy all the good food
  9. Dennis yes it is a delco distributor
  10. I know these ain’t the best pictures but today we finished all but little touch up and putting the new front tires on
  11. Well here’s the update. Monday we sprayed the first coat of orange on the parts that where ready and finally seen that all the hard work had paid off.
  12. Thanks for the invite Chris, will have to head over and check them out!
  13. Well I’m new to the forum and all and I know most tractors on here are red but I figured I would let y’all look at what I’ve got. I bought this tractor in July and the man told me that it had been went through just needed a paint job so I ended up have to rebuild the carburetor and clean out the gas tank about 4 times. Had to take the generator to a local shop in town and have it gone through too. Now it was time to put the paint job on it so me and my uncle started stripping all the old paint off and putting primer back on. Hopefully soon we will be able to start spraying some orange on it.
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