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  1. I was thinking either wd45 diesel or a unstyled wc or a d series
  2. Yesterday was the official day of the tractor being done. Me and Brody put the decals on and mounted the front tires. Wonder what will be next
  3. Today me and Brody put some more orange on. Painted the silver rims and painted the black. Hopefully next week my decals will be here and she will be complete. Should be getting front tires tomorrow.
  4. Today me and Brody put the first coat of orange on the G . All we like is putting another coat on it and painting the black and silver and putting decals on.
  5. Well here’s a update on the G. Me and BrodyNC has busted tail on this thing and got it cleaned up and primed in two days. Hopefully soon there will be some orange.
  6. Dt Fan Thats a nice WD45. Wouldn’t mind to gets some weights like that for the front of mine but haven’t found around here. That’s a good looking 45. Looks great
  7. Here they are complete. At first I was going to just lift them with my hands and not hook up the hydraulics. After about 3 times of doing that plans changed and the hydraulics got hooked up.
  8. I was thinking that he backed into something. You may be right though
  9. TN Hillbilly Yes. I don’t know what happen I got it that way. Would like to find the old farmer who had the tractor before I got it to ask him what he did
  10. Now that the tractor is done it was time to start on the plow to show with the tractor. Since everything slowed down I went ahead and repainted the plow to match. Hopefully soon I will be able to test it out
  11. Well I’m a Allis man at heart and it’s showing. I figured I would show my new project off since I’ve showed everything else. This is my 1949 G that I just bought couple weeks ago. Had to rebuild carb and changed the oil. Luckily I haven’t had to do anything else. Got a couple more projects to finish before I can start the repaint process but hopefully that will be soon
  12. Wow I was reading through my post and relized I haven’t gave y’all a update in awhile. Not a lot has happened to the wd other than painting the rear rims. Here’s just some pics of stuff I’ve done with it around the house.
  13. Well it finally happen. Full set of cultivators on the Ca. All I got left is to do some touch up paint where I bolted them on and it will be done.
  14. My uncle called me back yesterday and told me he forgot he had a scrape blade in the weeds. Went and picked it up. When everything slows down I will bolt it up and try it out
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