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  1. We are replacing the gear that the driveshaft connects too to spin the transmission. It has the step down gears for 5th to slide on. It is acting like it’s going to far in the hole with the gears.
  2. I'm working on a 1942 Farmall H in my auto class in high school and we are trying to put a 5th gear in it. We bought the 5th gear from steiner and bolted it up in there and it made a weird grinding, whining, noise. It's very hard to turn by hand when it's in the tractor. What could be causing this? Is there any other gear I need to change since this tractor was originally on steel with no 5th gear?
  3. Shelby North Carolina. 30min away from South Carolina. Hour west of Charlotte.
  4. Nice tractor. Would love to have a WD45 Diesel
  5. When I got my WD the headlight on the left side didn’t match the one on the right. So finally after almost a year I got a matching headlight. Went ahead and switched the bulbs to LED’s so I could see better.
  6. Nice. I hope it will snow here one good time so I could try it out.
  7. Been awhile since I posted on this tractor. Well summer ended so the deck came off and stayed off till December. Then I put the snow plow on and of course we didn’t get enough snow to need the thing.
  8. Didn't think of that. Yeah really no need for the weight just mowing. Mine has a lot of weights and all I have for mine is cultivators, drawbar, and a homemade 3 point. I never really plan on using mine for much other than little things. One day I plan to put the 3 point back on so I can use most of the implements I have around. I need to work the CA more than I do. It would probably help it some but I just never have. Might put the rear cultivators on next year and rip up the yard to resow some grass. Oh I bet the 72in belly mower is nice. I have a 60in woods on my cub loboy that's helpful around the house.
  9. Dt Fan They are very neat to have. There is a facebook group called Allis Chalmers CA,D10, and D12. They sometimes have sets for sale for pretty decent prices. Are they not able to be installed with the belly mower on? I haven't really studied a CA with a belly mower. I would like to find a belt pulley for my CA and my WD but everyone that I have found has been to far away.
  10. Well I hate that it happened but I needed room under my shed. Bye bye cultivators. Hello straight drawbar. Don’t worry I’m not going to get red of the cultivators so the may make a reappearance one day. Now I just need to paint the drawbar and touch up where the plows were. Of course I had to put the side weights back on. Don’t really look right without them.
  11. Tj01

    Cub Cadet 108

    Thank y'all. This helps a lot
  12. Need some info. My uncle Shane has a Cub Cadet 108 which was my great grandfathers and been in the family for years. We are needing to put a clutch in it. Does anybody on here know how hard it will be to change the clutch?
  13. Been a long time since I've posted anything but I haven't bought anymore tractors that are welcome on here lol. So when I bought my cultivators for the CA, it also came with the original pin hitch drawbar. Well I need more room under my shed for my newest purchase(a 1942 John Deere LA) so I'm going to take the cultivators off for a while and put the straight drawbar on. Pics to come when the weather clears up.
  14. Dt Fan I know what you mean. All we got around here is red dirt and it's hard to plough. Idk how the pull type plow will work I will just have to try it out one day. The main reason I got it was it was cheap and would give something to show with my John Deere.
  15. So after I got most of my projects done I bought this Oliver plow master 100 trip plow to pull behind my 1942 John Deere B. (I know the words John Deere are not suppose to be in here). I got the plow a moving yesterday and hooked it up behind the wd due to I’ve got the Deere tore down completely so I can replace leaky axle seals. Hopefully I can get a local company to sandblast it for not too much so I ain’t got to grind it. If y’all would like to see some pics of the Deere tore down just let me know
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