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  1. Yesterday I guess was the official start of the cleaning and sanding to start painting process. My goal is to have the whole thing painted by July.
  2. The mount looks good. I think I will just stick to my $32 Stanley lol. It sounds pretty good better than what was on it
  3. Dtfan It was a return to the store that I got it from and the people who work there didn’t know that it came with the mounting bracket so they just took it back. When I told it was suppose to have it they let let me have the muffler on discount and I just made my own mounting bracket.
  4. Well drove the Allis around the house yesterday and it sounded like a two cylinder John Deere but hey it ran and that was a start from when I got it. Well I thought the reason it sounded like that was the muffler was leaking because you could shake it back and fourth. Bought a new muffler but had to make a plate to bolt it to the manifold because it didn’t have it. Went to Napa and got a set of plugs and plug wires. Went to change them today and was looking at the distributor cap and was like it looks like the firing order is wrong. The people I got it from had the firing order 1234. 1234!! Never have I ever seen a vehicle with a inline firing order. That explains the popping and backing firing. Changing the muffler due to the old one being able to be shook.
  5. Well here’s an update on the WD. Went and had the carburetor glass beaded and rebuilt it. Got the starter back from local shop yesterday. Today I hope to start it
  6. Yes. It came with a snap coupler disc, two bottom plow, and field cultivators.
  7. Well Friday I went and picked up this gem. She run for a little then cut off and would start back. Got it home and charge the battery then the starter wouldn’t turn. So first part of the project was pulling the starter off and as you can see the collar or cover for the starter is broke. So I’m taking the starter to a local shop early in the morning since I’m out of school for 2 weeks due to this coronavirus. The place I bought it from has put a new alternator on it so don’t have to worry about that. I will keep a post up when more happens. Took the carb apart yesterday and it’s really dirty from sitting with this ethanol gas so I’m going to get a rebuild kit for it tomorrow too.
  8. After the tractor show l started cleaning the rust off the one bottom plow for paint. Put one coat of primer on it and then sprayed the frame with orange and the moldboard with black. Now I’m in the process of buying a another Allis. A Allis Chalmers WD.
  9. I figured y’all already saw in the coffee shop but figured would do a post on here. Well went to the tractor show and saw some very pretty tractors while I was there. Everyone who came through got a token and got to vote on which tractor was the best. I can’t believe with all the good looking tractors there that I won! After the show me, Brody, and Brody’s dad went down to our schools FFA barn and plowed for mine and Brodys first time. What a great experience!
  10. Today it hit the mid 60’s around here so why not just spend the day working on the tractor! So I took the valve cover off and check valve adjustment. Only one valve was out of adjustment so readjusted it and now she runs smoother than ever. Now it’s time to wash and wax this girl for a tractor show coming up Feb 29. Rumor has it I might get to plow with this girl with my one bottom plow lol
  11. Took the tractor up the road Sunday and buddy did it run good. Now while I have the hood off I'm going to adjust the valves. I'm waiting on a valve cover gasket so I can replace it when I pull the cover off. Ordered it from a local tractor parts store about 2 weeks ago. If it ain't here by the end of the week and since I haven't paid for it yet I'm just going to order one myself. Does anybody know if I could buy one at napa or somewhere like that?
  12. Farmallguy766 The Ca has hydraulics. The Ca has more horsepower than the C. The Ca has a 4th gear for the road that the C didn't have. The Ca has a hand clutch that "broke" the differential so you was able to have a live pto. The Ca has the powershift rims like the famous WD. There's probably some stuff I'm forgetting but that is most of the differences.
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