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  1. Moving it would be too simple.... But if that works, that's what I'd do.... Here's an article I found with a quick search. https://www.cnet.com/home/internet/best-location-for-router/ In that, they say they update this guide. Not saying it's the best, but it gives suggestions, might help with questions if you need to ask someone, or help you decide on something. https://www.cnet.com/home/internet/networking-buying-guide/ Wiring things directly would of course be best when possible. And the mesh setups can reduce speeds, but should be "good enough" as they are.
  2. Budget? As with anything, better stuff isn't always cheap (sometimes though). You can really spend the $ and have an elaborate setup. And it might take some trial and error (not really possible to know materials/range etc. without testing stuff). Most any router works "good enough" out here with plain houses, so I haven't really dealt with elaborate/through heavy walls, other than a few basic things. You might be able to get by with a single router. Have you had one that works well before? Some setups use the electrical wiring and plugged in units to get through walls, wiring has to be ~right, but I've seen those work. A "mesh" setup might not be the best, but they are designed to work together easily (sort of working like range extenders, but I'd call better). This mesh setup is well reviewed and I saw it recommended for Starlink, I believe you connect them wirelessly first, where they can get a signal from each other. Then you can take them to other rooms, if you can't get a signal through a wall, or it's weak, you can run a cable between them (after the initial connection). Then you can walk around the house and things should just work. This is a good name brand. https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Deco-X20-Next-Gen-Extenders/dp/B085Z35GY6 Or, if you don't mind the brand, another choice. https://store.google.com/us/product/google_wifi?hl=en-US This is something I'd consider a more premium brand. https://store.amplifi.com/products/amplifi-hd-mesh-router If those are too much, a person could possibly get something in the $60 to $70 range, maybe (Maybe Asus or TP-link). Thing like above are what I've seen mentioned more often (at least from what I recall). Also, I don't know how the house layout is, but if you could move the router to a more central location if it isn't already, maybe even a little higher (or so, depends), that might even help enough. You can change the length of the cable that goes to the router from the power brick. You could probably move it around to a different room and plug it in, then check the signal strength, if you didn't have a longer cable for testing. You wouldn't have internet, but you could see the signal. I can look a little more if these options aren't good.
  3. "Signal strength" The antenna points itself, if the sky is clear and you don't have obstructions, your actual signal should be as good as possible. I know you probably didn't mean signal strength from the router, because you don't have to use the one it comes with (it's not very good). As more satellites go up, consistency will improve, it will need to see less of the sky to work, the satellites are also being upgraded as time goes on, and software improvements help optimize things. I have seen it in towns with the poles closer together. I've never seen fiber on poles spaced far apart like out here. Several years ago hundreds of poles snapped off in an ice storm and electricity was off for several weeks for a lot of people. I don't picture that working that well with internet (some people would suffer withdrawal...), if not buried.... I've just never looked into it, I have asked if anything was coming, no matter who, I always get a "no", and often "not a chance", and I see that as well when no company bids on this area for funding. Cell is already here, Starlink will be here, so, not really much of a concern I guess, options are mostly good enough, but wouldn't mind more choices in the plans available or that would work (legitimately) for home use. Fiber is often better, but Starlink's nationwide average speed is faster than the fiber outside of the smaller towns around here anyway (so far).
  4. I get full bars this far from the tower. But there is more to a signal than just the bars.... I can see that tower, they work long distances if nothing is in the way. If Starlink is allowed to continue, there's a high likelihood Viasat and Hughesnet will eventually be out of the residential internet business, if not bankrupt. Especially when more of the companies get farther along (Amazon is doing it too). Starlink isn't intended as a direct competitor to better options. As we've stated, it's for areas with poorer or no connection. Starlink doesn't and won't have the capacity to service high density populations, it simply won't work. Some in those areas yes, a lot, no. They've stated this, and a person can do the math of what they are able to provide. Sort of similar to the areas that are congested with Hughes/Viasat or cell service. I had satellite for years, and I know many that still do. I've been around it 25+ years. It's annoying at best here. This area didn't get the upgrades a lot of areas did. Nobody is planning to run fiber here. The phone company said no chance, and I don't know of the electric coop doing it anywhere. Some fiber around other villages isn't unlimited and they don't offer it. They have a flat fee and you pay per each gigabyte of data you use, that's the only plan they offer. Exactly. Between cell and this, it would cover a lot of the areas that are difficult and not cost effective to hook up. Not everyone yet, but no single option would be able to do that.
  5. Not yet, and a maybe at that. My area isn't turned on yet. Closest area allowing full orders is 70 miles away. I was signed up with a preorder right away but I decided to cancel. My area is sparse and would never be full if everyone would sign up, so I should be able to just order it if I choose. There's also talk of getting the equipment cost down. Not that it's too bad (my cell booster cost that much), but I wouldn't mind a revision, they've filed for changes with the FCC for a lower power version I believe, wouldn't mind a replaceable cable that doesn't need spliced if damaged.... They mentioned beta possibly ending sometime, but who knows. I currently use a grandfathered truly unlimited but full time deprioritized jetpack plan from Verizon (same speeds no matter if I download 24x7). I get about 15Mbps, and the tower is 13 miles away (use a booster). It isn't much faster with postpaid or prepaid closer to the tower (very rural tower, doesn't have the speed like one closer to civilization). It's about $45 on a second line. As long as something doesn't go wrong with the plan, it works well enough, so I figured I'd hold out a while. As of last year, I have an ATT cell option too, but it would take some tree cutting to use that. If I would find a decent plan to work with, looks like that has the possibility of doubling my speed at a minimum. It's 4x faster than Verizon directly next to the tower. No Tmobile at all. Verizon and ATT don't offer their home LTE plans here. I'm about 8 miles from the end of pretty garbage service that doesn't work well. There are no land options here. And the last time I checked, nobody bid on expanding anything here. If a person has cell service of any kind, an antenna can help even in poor areas. Some of the carriers offer decent home options in limited areas. Cell service is often preferable to Hughes/Viasat, doesn't take much to beat their service. Getting plans that work can be a challenge, but there are some things that work if they don't offer the home options. I have been following Starlink in a couple communities and articles. I don't see any major issues, if it's available, it should work leaps and bounds better than Viasat/Hughes. Viasat keeps trying to stop them by filing stuff with the FCC. And some want them reviewed for "sky pollution", or collisions, etc. I don't think there will be major holdups, but who knows. They aren't the only company doing this type of service, but they are the closest to offering it. Some populated areas might have congestion until more sats. go up. But, they are shutting down installs if too many order. Not very many complain about the speed unless they have something faster already available. Typical to see 50 to 200Mbps in a lot of places much of the time, some more, few a little less. Things will only improve as more sats. go up. Starlink is not directly competing with good land services, they've stated that. They are primarily for areas with few/poor/no options.
  6. Some printers are supported fairly well, some aren't. HP was supported well, last I checked, but it's been a while, and I haven't had an issue with Canon, but again, you need to verify the specific model. If you already have one, search the model number with "Ubuntu" or linux in Google. Android is also Linux based, generally well supported, should work fine (mine does anyway). "Business Management"? Like Quickbooks? Not directly compatible. Gnucash (free) comes to mind. "Games", Minecraft works. Steam also works (if you know what that is, basically a game management store), not all games on that will work though. Photos, work fine. For laptop use, the USB ones are a good alternative to the internal ones if a person doesn't want to open up the laptop. And some laptops don't make it easy to get into. This isn't the latest and greatest, but here's an example. One that says "AC" would support more speed, but for general use this should be "ok". The ones with an antenna should have better reception, but the ones without are easier to leave in and move around with less risk of hitting it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008IFXQFU --- I'd suggest Mint Cinnamon as well. Download that, get a flash drive (about the easiest), use something like Rufus https://rufus.ie/en/, select the download and your flash drive, and start. Restart your computer, figure out how to boot from the flash drive (varies by model, sometimes f12 button for a menu). You can try it out without installing at all, run directly off the flash drive, if you don't like it, reboot, your computer is as it started. Install with Windows, when you turn the computer on, you get a menu to choose either Linux or Windows, and you can go back and forth if one or the other misses any software you need.
  7. I did a rough search on this site. Not that many results. I didn't know if it was a plain 1,000 or 1,000 XP, or the specific model with that. It shows a few asking prices. Might help with a rough ballpark when you can see some with various hours/condition. https://www.atvtrader.com/Used-Polaris-Ranger-UTV-Utility-Side-by-Side/atvs-for-sale?type=Side by Side|1049211046&make=Polaris|2319876&model=RANGER|764859561&trim=1000|67505%2C1000 EPS|63735%2C1000 PREMIUM|68268%2CXP 1000|40720%2CXP 1000 EPS|40579&category=UTV%2FUtility|2001681&condition=U&zip=62833&radius=any&sort=distance%3Aasc I don't think "books" mean a lot these days. I was thinking about trading in the highway vehicle before the main warranty runs out. One option I'm thinking about is listed as used for $7k more than the new price, asking price. New ones are hard to find, not impossible though, some dealers are asking above MSRP. I'd guess ATVs might be similar. Of course, my trade in is worth more now too.
  8. https://www.kbrx.com/2021/06/23/firefighters-battling-large-fire-south-of-niobrara-river-between-highways-11-281-wednesday-evening/ http://www.holtindependent.com/news/lightening-fires-spread-havoc-in-northern-holt-county/article_4ba0e386-d528-11eb-b8d8-77838198967c.html That's the former Spencer dam in some of the pics.
  9. Mine aren't/weren't that bad, none needed oil more than once a year, and wouldn't run dry. But really no actual down time or anything. A couple were needing that (and fin repair), but at the same time the wells had been starting to pump sand, changing leathers a couple times a year or so. Not too bad for ~40-60 year old wells in mostly constant use I suppose. The one newer well got the new short tower, with a used, very cheap head (it wasn't great then, but 25+ years later, top pin/bolt is the only repair, some slop in it of course). The most recent one stopped being used a few years ago. At the time, it was only about $600 or so to run new electric poles in a 1/4 mile (it isn't that now), and I already had an extra submersible. Small fee per year, but it works when the wind doesn't blow. So, I did that vs. messing with moving a tower and situating the head. Another, had a line trenched in cheap about 1/4 mile from it, so, it would work, just haven't gotten around to fixing the rod/stick when I haven't really needed it (I could do it in a couple hours...). Etc. The one had a bottomless tank, cement lined, never measured it but 30 might be it, maybe a bit less. Sides were getting lots of pinholes/rust/corroding out. They work fine out in the open like that. It's near the other short tower (shop built/portable). The rest are/were the taller ones. Really like the short ones to work on.
  10. I forgot to include this one in my previous numbers. Its use was a little before my time.
  11. Yours hold the oil long enough to need changed? ? Most in use were very old and well worn. The short one now, easy to work on, so I don't mind it as much. It was well used when it was first installed on the newer well. I wouldn't mind a "new", or rebuilt one, like I said, but closer to the yard.
  12. Mine's a bit back in the shed, but it looks like this one, and there's a video of how they work on the page. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/SwisherBigMowAZV-12V-8MZeroTurnRadiusLawnMower
  13. The engine in that location isn't bad. That style was the first lawn mower I ever used, in the 80s. When I heard they were going to quit making them, I got a new one, sometime around '06. Looks like they started making them again. I have a couple old ones yet, I forget about them, but the new one has a guard on the discharge. Old ones were 2 speed, new one is belt drive trans., but infinitely variable, push pedal more, go faster. Haven't used it for a few years though, inner yard only takes about 10 minutes with a trimmer, outer gets "cowed". Yeah, front wheel can be turned continuously around. I found it very handy when I mowed more. The newer one had a safety switch on the seat, but that's all.
  14. Mud, manure, dirt, sand, or air. Only time they get cleaned is if I need to work on them.
  15. Yes you can use a cable. But, easy way, install Google Photos on your phone, it works with Android or Apple. I won't go into settings unless you decide to do it, or there might be a guide online to set it up written better than I can do it. Set it to automatically back up, take a new picture, automatically saved online, you can set it to do that on wifi only if you have capped data, which only helps if your home data isn't capped too, good idea if the phone ever breaks, new phone, install again, log in, there are your pictures. Then, you can go to your desktop, web browser, photos.google.com, log in, your pictures are there if the backup is done, and you can download and save them. There was a desktop app to automatically download them to your computer into a folder, as they were backed up. They changed the way it worked. I don't know if it can still work that way. It might, I just haven't looked into it lately.
  16. Until about 15 years ago, I had 6 in use. 9 years ago I had 3. Now, one in use (short portable tower), one on standby (needs a new rod and stick, but have a line out there so it's not necessary). The short tower, and 3 full towers are still standing. I don't miss the ones that go out of use, even a little. But I would like a working one near the yard, none were ever near it. Not to look at. Handy when the power goes off.
  17. rancher_


    I don't have one, but make sure the rear end has been updated. Usually a punch mark by the serial number if it's done.
  18. I'd add to this, best to get a '96. Green pickup, updated, better teeth, etc. Mine's this. Many, many, ...many... thousands of bales through the thing plus what it had before I bought it (tongue was worn a lot), very low $ in repairs needed.
  19. Be careful out there. Quick look, didn't see this posted before, sorry if it was. https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1361357642086699017
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=bMmjF5W_0BE
  21. Mom's 80s. She got the first shot Friday, second day they were giving them. I signed her up a couple days before, very easy. It was at the hospital clinic, no additional paperwork other than a handful of questions (are you sick now, have you been). Got there about 15 minutes early and she got right in. They watched her for 15 minutes after. Saw about 5 others there, most I've seen in the waiting area at once. It was the Moderna one, "out here" that's the one we'll get because they don't have the capability to store the other one cold enough anywhere near here. No issues first day, she was knocked pretty good the second day. Very tired, headache, mild nausea. Today, better. She said she handled it ok and doesn't regret doing it.
  22. Depends on the disc, been years since I've done it, but some can be done, depending on copy protection (even blu-ray). You copied it off with one software, then you'd get a very large file, so you'd have to shrink it with another program (at the time I did it, MakeMKV to copy off, Handbrake to make smaller), well, you wouldn't have to shrink it, but it was like 25GB or so for one movie. The making smaller takes some time. You'd need a blu-ray drive for a computer (or a dvd drive would be a little cheaper if you didn't want blu-ray) example drive, you might need a SATA cable to hook it up https://www.amazon.com/LG-Electronics-Internal-Rewriter-WH14NS40/dp/B007VPGL5U, an external one for USB is probably higher and maybe slower, or you could buy an external enclosure for an internal drive and diy. You could also use that drive as a recorder, and save files to it, any files, not just movies. "Cheaper" recordable discs https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-BD-R-Blu-ray-Recordable-Media/dp/B00GSQ4DBM Longer lasting/higher grade https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-M-Disc-BD-R-Branded-Surface/dp/B011PZALWA They also had standalone blu-ray recorders for tvs with no computer needed, worked like a VCR, but I haven't looked at those in years. If you want actual media, Blu-ray is your best bet. You can play DVDs in a blu-ray player too. There are bargain bins of movies in places like Walmart, etc. The discs don't wear out unless you scratch them a lot or break them, and no more rewinding, etc. Another option is streaming, and you can save those from most services. https://www.playon.tv The Desktop product of this (cloud is pay per recording, option if you don't have a desktop/laptop, or slower internet), it's $70 for a lifetime license now, but it was $20 this last holiday sale, and has been a few times. It's basically a DVR/VCR for the computer. It will log into most services, and you can select which programs to record. It will save them to regular files on your computer with no copy protection, and they are small enough to move around as is, so you could put them on thumb drives or record them to blu-rays, or external hard drives, whatever. They will have a screen at the beginning and end that has your IP address and name (don't distribute the files, that screen could be removed too, but it's not too annoying). The software has been around for several years. The files it makes play in most media players, on phones too, etc. Your internet needs to work well enough to stream in HD. If you keep the files saved on your computer, you can install Plex. Then, on your tv, you can also have Plex if you have a Roku device. Both connected to your same in home network. Open that up, and it looks like Youtube/Netflix (sort of, not exactly), but you play things while your computer is on, on your tv, using the Roku or whatever remote, without using more internet, just your local connection. Setup isn't difficult, it's VERY slick and handy. If you go streaming, lots of free content. Amazon prime video has access to some things without paying for a subscription. Dukes of Hazzard are in there for instance, I'm in the process of recording them (in case they get "removed").
  23. I just got this in my USPS Informed delivery email today. Never had an issue with USPS. Fedex, different story. They've left packages balancing on my mailbox at the end of the driveway. Left it at the highway a couple miles away. Neighbor's yard sitting on a generator mile and a half away. Relative's house, 40 miles away, same last name, not even close address, same zip. And at the Post office in town 30 miles away.
  24. I was in Dollar General yesterday (no Walmart or anything else more substantial in well over an hour drive). Paper towel and toilet paper section looked right at full.
  25. "latency is a killer with Viasat" Several things don't work very well. Logging into secure sites takes longer. Voice, there's a delay there. Multiplayer gaming (not important, but lots of whining about that on the other forum). "I currently have Viasat $110 unlimited data" All Viasat plans are unlimited data, the same way many unlimited cell phone plans are unlimited. You can use all you can use, doesn't mean you'll WANT to use it, or that it will be fully functional. There is a data threshold with additional slowdowns and video streaming speed limitations on all current plans. They do have different plans, pricing, speeds in different zips. Some/many areas are congested and it's poor before the data threshold, sometimes all the time, sometimes only evening. Other areas don't have congestion, and they are fine, good even. My current jetpack is among the best I've seen from a carrier, if they'd still offer it. Verizon does have home internet available in some areas (not talking about their 5g, but their 4g), but signup is very limited, the plan looks similar to what I have as far as data use. "beta" It's not a fully available beta, it's random, like winning the lottery. And they aren't going for population density exactly. They want the testing spread out. They will likely have to have signup limitations, they won't have the capacity to get service to everyone, lots of people in a small area won't work (they aren't competing in cities with better options). You might be in the current coverage area, you just didn't "win", yet.
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