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  1. Mom's 80s. She got the first shot Friday, second day they were giving them. I signed her up a couple days before, very easy. It was at the hospital clinic, no additional paperwork other than a handful of questions (are you sick now, have you been). Got there about 15 minutes early and she got right in. They watched her for 15 minutes after. Saw about 5 others there, most I've seen in the waiting area at once. It was the Moderna one, "out here" that's the one we'll get because they don't have the capability to store the other one cold enough anywhere near here. No issues first day, she w
  2. Depends on the disc, been years since I've done it, but some can be done, depending on copy protection (even blu-ray). You copied it off with one software, then you'd get a very large file, so you'd have to shrink it with another program (at the time I did it, MakeMKV to copy off, Handbrake to make smaller), well, you wouldn't have to shrink it, but it was like 25GB or so for one movie. The making smaller takes some time. You'd need a blu-ray drive for a computer (or a dvd drive would be a little cheaper if you didn't want blu-ray) example drive, you might need a SATA cable to hook it up ht
  3. I just got this in my USPS Informed delivery email today. Never had an issue with USPS. Fedex, different story. They've left packages balancing on my mailbox at the end of the driveway. Left it at the highway a couple miles away. Neighbor's yard sitting on a generator mile and a half away. Relative's house, 40 miles away, same last name, not even close address, same zip. And at the Post office in town 30 miles away.
  4. I was in Dollar General yesterday (no Walmart or anything else more substantial in well over an hour drive). Paper towel and toilet paper section looked right at full.
  5. "latency is a killer with Viasat" Several things don't work very well. Logging into secure sites takes longer. Voice, there's a delay there. Multiplayer gaming (not important, but lots of whining about that on the other forum). "I currently have Viasat $110 unlimited data" All Viasat plans are unlimited data, the same way many unlimited cell phone plans are unlimited. You can use all you can use, doesn't mean you'll WANT to use it, or that it will be fully functional. There is a data threshold with additional slowdowns and video streaming speed limitations on all current pl
  6. I used to check in on the Viasat forum before they shut it down. You should have seen the comments from people that had access to cable or something that got "tricked" into satellite. Complaining that they ran out of data on the first day.... And having to pay the ETF even on the first day.... Some rural fiber around I can't get (well, without many, many 1,000s of $$$$) is usage based. Base fee plus $0.20 per GB used. They don't offer unlimited (anymore). I have the "newer" prepaid unlimited jetpack plan, offered from Nov '18 to May '19. I guess technically it has limits. F
  7. Maybe she thought she was in the egg section and her instincts kicked in.
  8. Speaking of pricing. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/27/spacex-starlink-service-priced-at-99-a-month-public-beta-test-begins.html The cheapest Viasat plan in my zip code is $100, plus $10 for the equipment lease (can't buy). With that, speeds up to 12Mbps, video streaming is throttled to 360p all the time, and there's a 35GB threshold before deprioritizing (often well under 1 Mbps here). 720p streaming costs $200+$10, 60GB threshold, same speed. Other than the startup cost, Starlink beats that easily, especially considering the latency difference. Possibly not their final pricing.
  9. I believe that includes mostly earlier models, including test versions, the later improved and fully functional ones, not as much. They intentionally de-orbited some to test functionality. In other words, it includes some that were designed to fail from the start. Someone on Reddit did the failure rate math, it's minimal, some need replaced every year anyway, drop in the bucket. With the naked eye, you won't be able to see them once they get all the way to their altitudes (multiple), except possibly SOME of them evening and morning. They are in low orbit, well away from most
  10. SUVs often have that "hump" to lift a leg over when getting in, instead of a flat floor, that can be difficult. Don't laugh, but have you looked at something like a Caravan? I don't know if a Pacifica has that or not.
  11. Not just iPhones. There are a couple options. Dual sim phones can have two SIM cards (or eSIM), two different service providers or plans. https://www.digitalcitizen.life/simple-questions-what-dual-sim-and-how-does-it-work Some models of those. https://www.androidauthority.com/best-dual-sim-android-phones-529470/ Another option is Google Voice. It's free to get a number. Or, you can port in a number if they support numbers from your area, but porting in costs money, about $15 or $20 one time. With the number on Google voice, people can text or call that number. If they call th
  12. Forgot to post this link. Various mostly new phone prices. Some only work with certain prepaid carriers, some will work with other carriers after used for a certain amount of time. The ones that say "unlocked" aren't tied to a carrier, many will work on all of them, but some will only work on ATT, not Verizon, or things like that, so you'd need to double check. https://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2020/08/prepaid-phones-on-sale-this-week-august_25.html
  13. Operating system? Android. System as in cell carrier? Depends, some use any, some are locked to certain ones, some can be unlocked under certain conditions to be used on others. If you don't like the way the main screen, app drawer, etc. looks on Android, you can change the "Launcher" to set it up differently. It's very easy, and you can go back if you don't like the new one. Here's a video going through a few choices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7pvyKwUAQE You don't necessarily have to spend that much on a phone either. You can get new ones, depending on the carrier, for
  14. I won't own any Apple products, but I see they are having an upgrade sale for the SE at Walmart for Verizon and ATT. Here's where I saw it mentioned. https://www.reddit.com/r/verizon/comments/igmq2h/walmart_upgrade_deal/ and here's the Walmart page. Ends up about $200 for the phone and you can pay it off early. Might be some kind of upgrade fee though, don't know. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Verizon-Apple-iPhone-SE-2020-64GB-White-Upgrade-Only/846184204?selected=true
  15. You don't like Motorola phones? The G line is fairly popular. They don't have an NFC chip for wireless payments, if you use that, but that's about it. Moto G Power has a very big battery. Moto G Fast has a smaller battery and the screen is lower resolution. If you look at them, the ones without numbers after the G are the newer models (g7 or g6 are older). G Power was on sale for about $200 not too long ago. Sometimes you can get them a little cheaper if you activate with service. These are "unlocked" and will work on any carrier. Here, https://www.motorola.com/us/smartpho
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