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  1. Thank you for the information. My tractor has the old style.
  2. Found the original bolt. Going to pick up some copper washers for it tomorrow. I managed to get one rim modified yesterday but ended up digging a basement today. I am taking the 14.9-28 tires off and putting 18.4-26 on because well that's what I have available. Cutting the centers out, flipping them over and welding them back in.
  3. Yeah he look like he was about 16 years old
  4. Here are some pictures of how she sits this morning.
  5. I appreciate the part number. J-Mech dont suppose you know the correct size for the banjo bolt on top of the injectors do you?
  6. Good morning. I have recently acquired a 2500A with a 574 base. I'll give everyone a run down on where I started and where I'm at. So I found this online talked to the guy and he just wanted this machine gone. I wasnt sure of the condition of it some I started tearing down the top end to make sure it wasnt full of mice and lord knows what else. Pulled the hood, air cleaner, intake injector lines, and valve cover off. I checked the valves and had movement with all of them. So I pulled the injectors and scoped the cylinders. I found they where clear. I put it in a higher gear and tugged with an excavator about 3 foot and it was loose. Somewhere in all of this a rear tire blew (I dove under a work bench and my ears are still ringing). Cleaned the injectors the best I could, re installed them the intake manifold and valve cover, injector lines. Checked the oil installed the battery from my bulldozer (950CCA truck battery) hit the starter and nothing. Jumped the starter solenoid and click. Took the starter off fred it up put it back on still nothing from the key but jumped the solenoid and the engine turned over, bleed the injector lines, tightened and the engine started then went wide open throttle. Snuffed it out because kill cable didnt work, loosened the throttle up, engine fires up and runs great now. When to move the backhoe and all of the levers are stuff, removed, loosened and reinstalled those. Went to lift the machine and ofcourse blew a hose or 4 but got the machine lifted with the outrigger to be level. So now I have this old machine running again but I've hit a bit of a snag. I want to completely service this machine but cant seam to find an air filter. Does anyone know where I can find them? I asked my local dealer and the kid gave me the deer in th headlights look. Said he never heard of a 574 or a 2500A. I said not surprised they where discontinued before I was born. This machine as been sitting for over 20 years. Thanks for the help and I look forward to sharing this project as it progresses. Sorry for the book.
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