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  1. Thats what i was thinking. Thanks. The search for a crank is on then.
  2. Not sure of the year but its an electronic controlled engine.
  3. I got the 8600 home yesterday. I was given a dt466 mechanical engine with a spun rod bearing. And a Fuller RT 6613 transmission that kicks out of a gear. I have a newer Dt466 sitting around that dont run. Does anyone know if a newer crank shaft will work in an older block?
  4. So here is the latest on the old backhoe. I was very busy all summer but not working on the backhoe. I went to pick it up from my friends place and the starter wasnt working. I took it off and (bench) tested it. The starter was locked up solid. Took it to a local shop and had it rebuilt. Put it on this morning in the rain and hit the starter and it dont want to stop spinning. Decided to disconnect the battery and go dig some stumps with the mini. Well that has a fuel issue now. Decided to call it a day. This is how she sits now, atleast until i can get her going and get in the shop.
  5. I am seeing if anyone would be intherested in a complete 2004 8600 hood and cab. I got them on a frame i need for another project and want to sell them. As far as i can tell everything is there except the mirror on the passenger side is busted off. These are the best pictures i have at the moment i will get more monday when i bring it home.
  6. Good morning everyone. Today i added another fire to the iron. I'm starting on a 54 V190 and im basically going to marry the cab of the 54 to a chassis of an 04 International 8600. As well as working on my 2500A backhoe and 54 Allis HD5B dozer. Here are some pictures of the trucks.
  7. I can't find the serial number tag. It is either gone or under the loader. Either way I need a wire harness for it and whatever else comes up along the way.
  8. I am trying to get some parts together for my 2500A backhoe and was wondering if anyone could tell me what this tag is. I is located on the left side of the bell housing just above the starter. Also im trying to find new hydraulic lines (pipes) that go from the valve block under the feet on a 3100 hoe. Thanks Daniel
  9. Sorry I havent had any updated. Life got in the way as it will do. So I have aquired yet another project. I picked up an early V 190 and an equipment trailer with it. This winter I will be building a DT 466 to put in it. Possibly going with a 13 speed and 3:55 gears. I figure that will pull anything I would ever want to hook to. Mostly going to pull the 2500A or my bull dozer. I do have the 2500A running and functional for the most part. Needs cylinders rebuilt and hoses replaced.
  10. Thank you for the information. My tractor has the old style.
  11. Found the original bolt. Going to pick up some copper washers for it tomorrow. I managed to get one rim modified yesterday but ended up digging a basement today. I am taking the 14.9-28 tires off and putting 18.4-26 on because well that's what I have available. Cutting the centers out, flipping them over and welding them back in.
  12. Yeah he look like he was about 16 years old
  13. Here are some pictures of how she sits this morning.
  14. I appreciate the part number. J-Mech dont suppose you know the correct size for the banjo bolt on top of the injectors do you?
  15. Good morning. I have recently acquired a 2500A with a 574 base. I'll give everyone a run down on where I started and where I'm at. So I found this online talked to the guy and he just wanted this machine gone. I wasnt sure of the condition of it some I started tearing down the top end to make sure it wasnt full of mice and lord knows what else. Pulled the hood, air cleaner, intake injector lines, and valve cover off. I checked the valves and had movement with all of them. So I pulled the injectors and scoped the cylinders. I found they where clear. I put it in a higher gear and tugged with an
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