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  1. I drove by yesterday, still looks like 89 locomotives sitting there.
  2. Thought this may be of interest. https://tracyrail.org/union-pacific-mothball-fleet In Tracy, California ( used Google Earth )
  3. Golly-gee-wiz. After seeing your new 986, I thought maybe I’d like to find one. Apparently on Tractor House, some were put together with golden nuts. 😁 Seriously, very nice find.
  4. I thought I had a better pic of my setup but not. First pic is unfinished rebuild, maybe 80% done.
  5. Top secret. I bought and sold a few plows for profit to build this one. 92 new nuts/bolts, new 18” shares, a couple used shins & new, a couple used cover boards & new, four used like new moldboards, new Coulter blades & bearings/seals and new landslides. Replaced the 16” frogs with 18” adjustable tilt frogs. New Milwaukee sawzall, new Metabo angle grinder and new Aircat 14,000 rpm pneumatic cut off tool (very cool).
  6. When hunting for an IH 450 plow I found out that 16” bottoms were the max in width. That’s when I run across the JD 1600.
  7. JD 1600 mounted plow did come in a 5 btm.
  8. The frogs, moldboards & shares were on many different JD plows of that era. Could it be that 18” shares were mounted on 16” frogs and mated with 16” moldboards? There were two different size of frogs at the time. The 16” frog brace bar was much shorter than the 18” frog. And, also, the 16” frog extended corner was cut off. The blue circle shows the 18” configuration. The red arrow shows what’s cut off on a 16” frog.
  9. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/203026619/john-deere-1600
  10. That sale was in Council Bluffs Iowa. Who knows where the buyer is from. That’s a tough plow to find.
  11. I just rebuilt a 4 Btm JD 1600 moldboard plow from a 16” to an 18”. It wasn’t cheap. This plow was listed as an 18” spacing - it’s not. Buyer will probably be pretty unhappy when picking this up unless he knows and wanted a 16” plow.
  12. 1: Still have my dad’s bought new 656 utility, still in the family. 2: Wanted a 1974 Oliver 1855. Experienced it and loved it. Another family member has it now. 3: Looked for a ‘97 Case IH 5250. Found it and no regrets. Couldn’t be happier.
  13. I got sidetracked this morning and completely forgot about this auction near me. A 7250 went for $16,000. Gosh, I can hate myself at times. https://mulrooneyauction.hibid.com/lot/95855665/case-ih-7250-tractor-s-n-jj40062395?cpage=2
  14. Just saw it for sale here as well. In TractorHouse. 1960 OLIVER 990 For Sale In Buckeye, Arizona
  15. Most ads would read field ready.
  16. https://stockton.craigslist.org/grq/d/stockton-60-oliver-990-pull-tractor/7348580568.html Not far from me. And it’s 112 out here.
  17. Hope you get it. You’re going to have a big following here.
  18. And now it’s going to be 112 degrees on Saturday. I’m glad i don’t detassel corn anymore. I remember how hot it was in the Iowa corn fields.
  19. I was in this one some five miles away on a cliff in a Navy bunker style building looking for submarines. It tore the rooms up. I was lead communications petty office on watch for the west coast to Alaska. All I could do at the moment was jump on the teletype and send out ‘Arnold, you got the con, earthquake’. And then lost all communications. Not very official but I got my message across. Our numbers were actually 7.2.
  20. I road this one out back when. A real ground shaker like standing on a board on a rolling log. Was about 50 miles away
  21. Just road out a 4.8 magnitude earthquake maybe 25 miles away.
  22. And for what reason? Am I cutting in front of you in the lunch line at school? So many fly by me at 80-85 mph only to be a pr($& c about me lane splitting. Hypocrites the way I see it.
  23. I’ll never be able to afford that. But that would sure be an experience. I’ve made my commute faster in California with motorcycle and lane splitting. Almost 40 years of doing so. This lady on YouTube shows her techniques that I perform by as well.
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