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  1. It’s the lay of the land. The pipe reach’s to a low area north. That development is either level with or even lower than the rise requiring a 35’ dig. It was amazing to watch the choreograph of those four excavators. Two CAT 390F diggers - one digs it’s load, backs up and dumps along the end of the dirt pile, the other unloads on the side of the pile. The two CAT 349F diggers - one on top of the pile, the other moves the dirt to continue the length of the pile. All of it was a very smooth moving operation.
  2. I had a ‘68 Roadrunner in ‘71 & ‘72 then my sister totaled it minutes after I left for the Navy boot camp. Then another ‘68 in ‘74 or 75. Used to drag race that one near LA. Then in 1980 a ‘69 Dodge Charger RT SE. A guy gave me the car and $500 for my ‘50 Panhead with a blown engine. That RT was probably the most beautiful car I ever owned. I’ve got a ‘66 Satellite right now.
  3. It’s starting. Development. I was shocked at how deep that 21” pipe is being laid at. 22 feet deep. By the time it gets to those beautiful redwoods, it’ll be 35 feet deep. But, when it gets to those redwoods the digging will be vertical sides only. Not the V shaped digging they’re doing now. See that redwood tree right in line with the turd-pipe?
  4. My original pic was taken in portrait position, volume buttons to the left. I have the iPhone X. The following pic was taken in landscape position of encroaching development in the background.
  5. MTB98 That’s exactly what I did with the original snap shot. What you’re showing is my screen shot.
  6. I don’t have an answer to this. An iPhone pic will most generally rotate itself to 90 degrees posting on a forum such as this one. Screen shoot that pic and all is fine. Need an answer please. It was mentioned to go to edit and rotate the pic. Edit it where? First pic, of course, a lens shot - the other a screen shot - the third a lens shot pre-rotated 90 degrees before posting.
  7. Are you using an iPhone? To properly set a pic I always screen shot a pic and post that one. Too many times I've sent iPhone field pics only to see them sideways or upside down.
  8. Nice plow. Interesting spring reset. The mouldboards look like KV #3 bottoms. Identifying by the shin.
  9. Reminds me of tractor tipping in ‘Cars’. Nice catch.
  10. I’ve commuted all my life by motorcycle 90% of the time. 68 years old now and still doing so. This morning I took the hard bags off my BMW and slowed down 5 mph. Went from just shy of 45 to an easy 49 during a 56 mile commute to a job site. Trying for 50 at least so changing tires soon with less drag.
  11. Just saw $6.99.9 for diesel a couple hours ago. And I was planning a road trip to Oklahoma to pick up a ripper I bought a couple weeks ago. NOT.
  12. Putting that new hauler of mine to good use. 44.7 vs 19.5 mpg. Picked up the reel mower 48 miles round trip.
  13. $5.69 a gallon for diesel near Stockton yesterday morning. Returned from discing firebreaks in the afternoon - $5.89.
  14. I just did a battery check on my Klein shop light. 8 hours 50 minutes on high beam (460 Lumens). Not bad considering max is 9 hours and I bought this light Dec-2019.
  15. Until I saw that sunset last night, I hadn’t thought of surfing the web for California wildfire pictures.
  16. Knowing the difference between what’s beautiful, a photo of a sunset at my friends place in Minnesota yesterday and then the photos of California’s dilemma. We’re in the beginning stages, according to news sources, of a 1200 year drought. If you didn’t know, would that sunset still be beauty or horror? So eerily familiar.
  17. I remember back in the early ‘80s working in Fresno, CA two weeks out of the year for many years. I felt I could stand up on my motorcycle pegs and run my fingers through the thick hovering cloud of smog while riding through the streets. It was real bad. Always wondered how the race horses health was challenged exposed to that during the spring races or regional fair.
  18. I can’t say enough good things about this little shop light. Still going strong since 12/4/19. It’s not a long distance flashlight but more of a local use, shop light type of tool. I’ll slide the hook end into my pants pocket - adjust the light angle- and walk freely & hands free in the dark. No boogie man’s for me.
  19. Just picked this up an hour ago. Test ride showed me just how loose a bike can get at 130,000 miles That’s how you change a problem tire. 😂
  20. Well. Got pooped and lazy. Didn’t patch the tire from inside and blew another plug out. I have never had this problem before. In the past 20 years I’ve maybe plugged 25 times with success. Maybe this new long mileage Road 6 (?) tire has such a hard center that rubber cement can’t catch a grip. Plugged it again to get home. And just now bought another 2012 GSA with only 15,500 miles on it.
  21. Following approximate mileages: ‘69 Harley 140,000 after 1981 rebuild - 99’ Yamaha Venture 113,000 - ‘07 BMW R1200GSA 162,000 - ‘14 BMW K1600 32,000(totaled) - ‘07 R1200GSA added 26,000 - ‘13 R1200GSA added 29,000 - ‘13 R1200GSA added 121,000 presently. At 68, still adding those miles, 99% for work and I get paid mileage for 50% of that (approximately). All that doesn’t take into account prior to the ‘69 Harley back to 1968. Just a riding fool.
  22. I just rode one mile and took the exit. Darn it, I’m getting ‘Flat Shy’.
  23. One of the plugs didn’t hold. Worst possible place to get another flat. Waiting for rubber cement to set up. Going to pull tire off tonight and patch from the inside. Road 3/4 mile in front of that traffic before I could pull over.
  24. I was eastbound I580 near Livermore, CA. The rubber cement tube looked full. Not. Seemed more like evaporation than hardening. My bike runs tubeless. And yes, I remember last time riding gravel roads in Iowa back in 2007 on my other bike. Reduced pressure by 8 psi. Helped. I normally run at 41F / 46R.
  25. Small compressor. Had to wait for my friend to show up with a fresh tube of rubber cement. Mine hardened. Bike is pushing 127,800 miles.
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