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  1. I do realize that. Just came across it, remembered the post for help and forwarded the connection. I’m shipping OEM subframes from Northern Ireland to fit up to my loader. Still cheaper than having them built.
  2. https://kalispell.craigslist.org/grd/d/columbia-falls-loader/7237479308.html I saw this. Will it work?
  3. Hour and a half later. This time with a couple spritz of Panther fiss. Probably 50 or more blows with the small sledge.
  4. No soaking. Picking and using sawzall blades and hacksaw blades. Even flattened out the teeth edges to fit between the parts. Finally using strong rods and a 4 ton bottle jack with about 30 blows from a small sledge. Total hours about 8. The other side is showing signs of loosening.
  5. Wish I had my sonic cleaner from the navy. Used it to clean teletype machine parts on the ship. That would’ve absolutely loosened the lower link parts. Chemicals used in the process is why I am the way I am. :~)
  6. I’ve tried a log chain around a tree, no luck. I put a large breaker bar through both lowers and used a hydraulic jack right next to one side. Should’ve seen bar bend and bend. Used a sledge hammer on the bar with plenty of panther fiss. No luck. Sunday I mounted the plow and went out to a field full of hardpan and unfriendly top something. Traveled about 2 to 3 mph keeping a close eye out for any movement of the links. Nothing.
  7. Spoke with Snowmad and he got himself a 510. Congrats. My updated Quicke subframes are costing me $3000 plus shipping. My 520 subframes off my Case 5250, $450.
  8. I live in California but visit Iowa a couple times a year. Will be out that way in April to visit family & pick up some plow parts.
  9. Myers Ward Tractor & Equipment Co Farm equipment supplier · Riverdale, CA Myers got a cab in stock just a few months ago.
  10. “On 7/18/2020 at 8:06 PM, Snowmad said:Just wondering if anyone by chance has a mounting bracket for a GB 660 to go on a 4x4 5230.” Better late than never but I do have the side rail mounting brackets off my 5250 that had a 520 loader. The front bracket has a tweak to it and would need a little push from a press to make it straight again.
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