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  1. And after a year and a half, I finally got the loader mounted and operational.
  2. Yah. I like my tractor a lot.
  3. But at least I got a great view that someone lets me disc the fire breaks and I get an old barn to keep my toys under cover. Its been a great day out on this 135 acre place. It’ll be housing very soon.
  4. A little added humor someone forwarded. https://www.facebook.com/648670361/posts/10159653057790362/?d=n
  5. Just got my battery adapter in. Works perfect mating my Milwaukee M18 battery to my Dewalt drill. Dewalt batteries were dead. Got the adapter for around $16. And then modified the case a little.
  6. The vertical subframes connected to the loader appear to be Alo. That’s some nice merging of material.
  7. That looks first class to me. I’m partial to the Quicke loader and grew up on a 656 utility.
  8. Censorship and privacy. For heaven sake.
  9. And I ask my insurance agent, over the phone, how she knows that? I was dropping one company for another. She says that’s what Travelers mentions about your VIN number. I asked how the **** another company has that kind of info on me when my present company did not? Silence. I knew the answer. The mileage is when I figured out months ago, on a cell phone app, that Onstar defaults selling my info unless I uncheck the sharing permission clause. My truck has only been in the dealership once below 5000 miles for a warranty issue with the drivers sunvisor.
  10. Just got a new one today from my job site. Customer (Big Corp) Red Badge and Contingent Worker (Me) Grey Badge. We can no longer call each other a red badge or a grey badge. Note: Colors changed to protect the innocent.
  11. Next thing you know we won’t be able to call it drag racing anymore. “💃”
  12. I was very sick a while back so I’m going through my Bucket List. And having a great time not waiting. Who knows. Aside from the dually purchase, I buy equipment carefully so I can sell it later on for the same or profit to pay my fun bills. I’ve done very well so far. All my trips have been paid for - nothing out of pocket. The two plow load was from Illinois after I first got my gooseneck out of Kentucky. Sold them both for $1800 over what I paid. Free trip to get my trailer and I got some road trip time in. Which I enjoy very much. I have always tried to find ways to pay
  13. That number happened as I pulled into the dealer. What’s not to say it didn’t start leaking before 60,000 miles?
  14. I hauled four gooseneck trailer loads in one direction. Empty to go get those loads. One Case 5250. One 17’ disc & flail mower Two 4-16” plows OneCase 5300 & 4-16 & 1-16 & 8’ box scraper Used my 16’ car hauler for one JD 4-16 plow. No trailer for groceries And then sold the gooseneck trailer 1-1/2 years later for a few bucks less than I paid for it new.
  15. At some job sites, it’s frowned upon to say female or male threads. Any mention of master or slave in programming or in O&M manuals that requires what’s in control in a redundant system is now forbidden. At the same time they’re not telling us what to replace those words with. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  16. Service manager there is a friend of mine and trusted. He just shook his head and said ‘because of the times things are tough’.
  17. Just found out my 2019 Chevy dually has a timer. 5 year/60,000 mile warranty expired and today I find the right rear axle seal leaking.
  18. I buy all my metric nuts & bolts from Belmetric.com Great website and fast shipping, east coast to west coast typically 2 days. Over $100, I think, free shipping.
  19. I ramped my 5300 on and off the trailer. The 3pt could lift the tongue high enough to use the Jack on the deck. It is a different setup, just a thought. I did this in May of last year from Saginaw, Michigan to Sacramento.
  20. Gotta love a flat fold Kewanee. Hauled this one August 2019 from Miniapolis to Sacramento on Interstate 80. The tunnels were fun because at 11’ wide, needed both lanes. Big rig drivers behind me would pull to the middle of the road to block speeding cars from cutting me off entering the tunnels. Then again on a down hill approach to a single lane construction area. Big rig pulled over and blocked traffic for me again. I thought that was so cool.
  21. Wanted to replace that little piece of tin with a reflector. JD wants $97.00 for it. I finally found it from someone in Florida, OEM, for $2.00.
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