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  1. Found out yesterday that JD has about 2500 of these switches sitting in a warehouse in Milan, Illinois. Cost is just shy of $98.00. USA or India I wonder.
  2. I ordered a new flasher switch for a Case through eBay and did not get what was represented in the listing. Pic shows Made In U.S.A. It did not show that on the part I received. It said nothing of the sort. The box indicates from India. FCS35. I confronted the seller about that: Hi There, This is the only one we currently have available. I've notified the according team about this listing & it will be revised. The pic wasn’t removed yet but they raised the price by more than $10.00 of what I paid last week
  3. I’ve been contemplating this one. Is it what it says? 1954 with pony engine.
  4. At least that was this morning.
  5. That’s real cheap, in Sacramento, diesel $7.29
  6. See if this outfit would part out the two brackets you need. Looks like a 510 or 520 loader to the right.
  7. California allows for tongue transfer weight. My rear hitch can handle 2000 lbs of weight and tow 20,000 lbs. Depending on balance, keeping a record of where my equipment should be parked at on my 16k trailer, I can haul a payload of 13,700 lbs. To help calculate my tongue weight, I just by chance remembered recently, having this scale lying around. I’ve had it for years. Still works and calibration is spot on. The hooks are rated at 2200 lbs
  8. It was a great week for a drive through the country.
  9. Bought all new tires for my 5250 back in October 2019 (pic). The rears were $3200 dismounted and mounted in Alberta Canada. Bought all new tires for the dually early last year. Haven’t mounted the rears yet but did pay up front for the service.
  10. I actually saw this name listed in the Chula Vista, California phone book near San Diego in the mid ‘70’s. Was in the navy back then.
  11. White knuckle for sure. But I think no one has anything over the guy at 33 seconds. That bicyclist is crazy nuts. Almost left me with my cluster phobic anxieties.
  12. Dad bought new a 656 utility gas hydro. We would have been better off painting it yellow. After a year IH credited dad 100% of money spent and we got a 656 utility diesel standard trans, TA. And it’s still in the family.
  13. I’ve been very lucky buying over the internet. Mainly Craigslist. Probably 14 plows, a Kewanee disc, a Quicke 660 loader, Maschio flail mower, Case 5300 grain drill & on & on and just today a crazy powerful motorcycle in Virginia. The iPhone and its FaceTime have been my guiding eye. And it’s great for sizing up the person I’m dealing with. I’ve met a lot of nice people this way and stay in contact with many of them.
  14. It’s the lay of the land. The pipe reach’s to a low area north. That development is either level with or even lower than the rise requiring a 35’ dig. It was amazing to watch the choreograph of those four excavators. Two CAT 390F diggers - one digs it’s load, backs up and dumps along the end of the dirt pile, the other unloads on the side of the pile. The two CAT 349F diggers - one on top of the pile, the other moves the dirt to continue the length of the pile. All of it was a very smooth moving operation.
  15. I had a ‘68 Roadrunner in ‘71 & ‘72 then my sister totaled it minutes after I left for the Navy boot camp. Then another ‘68 in ‘74 or 75. Used to drag race that one near LA. Then in 1980 a ‘69 Dodge Charger RT SE. A guy gave me the car and $500 for my ‘50 Panhead with a blown engine. That RT was probably the most beautiful car I ever owned. I’ve got a ‘66 Satellite right now.
  16. It’s starting. Development. I was shocked at how deep that 21” pipe is being laid at. 22 feet deep. By the time it gets to those beautiful redwoods, it’ll be 35 feet deep. But, when it gets to those redwoods the digging will be vertical sides only. Not the V shaped digging they’re doing now. See that redwood tree right in line with the turd-pipe?
  17. My original pic was taken in portrait position, volume buttons to the left. I have the iPhone X. The following pic was taken in landscape position of encroaching development in the background.
  18. MTB98 That’s exactly what I did with the original snap shot. What you’re showing is my screen shot.
  19. I don’t have an answer to this. An iPhone pic will most generally rotate itself to 90 degrees posting on a forum such as this one. Screen shoot that pic and all is fine. Need an answer please. It was mentioned to go to edit and rotate the pic. Edit it where? First pic, of course, a lens shot - the other a screen shot - the third a lens shot pre-rotated 90 degrees before posting.
  20. Are you using an iPhone? To properly set a pic I always screen shot a pic and post that one. Too many times I've sent iPhone field pics only to see them sideways or upside down.
  21. Nice plow. Interesting spring reset. The mouldboards look like KV #3 bottoms. Identifying by the shin.
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