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  1. I’ve been contemplating this one. Is it what it says? 1954 with pony engine.
  2. At least that was this morning.
  3. That’s real cheap, in Sacramento, diesel $7.29
  4. See if this outfit would part out the two brackets you need. Looks like a 510 or 520 loader to the right.
  5. California allows for tongue transfer weight. My rear hitch can handle 2000 lbs of weight and tow 20,000 lbs. Depending on balance, keeping a record of where my equipment should be parked at on my 16k trailer, I can haul a payload of 13,700 lbs. To help calculate my tongue weight, I just by chance remembered recently, having this scale lying around. I’ve had it for years. Still works and calibration is spot on. The hooks are rated at 2200 lbs
  6. It was a great week for a drive through the country.
  7. Bought all new tires for my 5250 back in October 2019 (pic). The rears were $3200 dismounted and mounted in Alberta Canada. Bought all new tires for the dually early last year. Haven’t mounted the rears yet but did pay up front for the service.
  8. I actually saw this name listed in the Chula Vista, California phone book near San Diego in the mid ‘70’s. Was in the navy back then.
  9. White knuckle for sure. But I think no one has anything over the guy at 33 seconds. That bicyclist is crazy nuts. Almost left me with my cluster phobic anxieties.
  10. Dad bought new a 656 utility gas hydro. We would have been better off painting it yellow. After a year IH credited dad 100% of money spent and we got a 656 utility diesel standard trans, TA. And it’s still in the family.
  11. I’ve been very lucky buying over the internet. Mainly Craigslist. Probably 14 plows, a Kewanee disc, a Quicke 660 loader, Maschio flail mower, Case 5300 grain drill & on & on and just today a crazy powerful motorcycle in Virginia. The iPhone and its FaceTime have been my guiding eye. And it’s great for sizing up the person I’m dealing with. I’ve met a lot of nice people this way and stay in contact with many of them.
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