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  1. I have the Aircat cutoff extended. Cut many-a-bolts off my plow with it. Paid for itself the first day.
  2. USS San Bernardino LST-1189 here. Yep, very impressive sound. I was one level below you in Radio Central. June ‘73 to December ‘76. Side note: I was thinking 6 V16 Alco’s and 1 V8 Alco generator. The 16’s produced some where around 16,000 hp. Very massive engines.
  3. This is just what I needed today dealing with a loved one. Thank you.
  4. Sresites

    scam ads

    Did a test. While logged into SF CL, I flagged it several times. It vanished while doing a search for 580n. I logged out and there it was again after another search. Logged in - it was gone. Logged out and flagged it until my search couldn’t find it. Without using the the link above, could someone go to SF CL and do a search for it? Cookies are tracking my actions. Is it there or not?
  5. Listed locally to me. I can’t believe the prices. I bought my 2019 3500HD loaded new for $67,000.
  6. I lubed it up and it rotates just dandy. Put the mirrors on my 5250. I still want to adjust them differently so will be dissecting the arm to see if the detents can be rotated a few degrees. Kind of like repositioning the splines if that were the case.
  7. I’m not sure about the detents design. Is it a spring loaded hinge? If so, then I’m sure lubricating would help the movement.
  8. How do you adjust the axis of this area? I need to rotate the mirror assembly towards the left. Thanks.
  9. A link you may find useful.
  10. I thought the same thing about the dash. Maybe year of production. Here’s mine.
  11. I said to myself that I am not going to look at this thread. I know what happens. Then it happened anyway.
  12. At least you have an easy start with the sliding links. Remove those small screws that holds the lock caps in place - soak if need be but be careful. Two of mine broke and had to drill them out, threads were ok. Sounds like dirt buildup on top of the locking studs. My sliders were locked in with rust and dirt as if they were welded in place. See the link below. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/134684-rusted-lower-3pt-arm-extensions-will-electrolysis-work-to-help-free-them-up/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1493902
  13. I'm 99% sure they're telescopic.
  14. I had a leak what seemed like it was coming from the bellhousing. Not. The hydraulic oil filter was barely finger tight. I changed all the fluids and filters shortly after I bought the 5250. No more leaks until just recently with my MFD and that's now fixed. That's sure a nice looking 5250 you got there. Are the lower lift links (telescopic) and lower lift link rusted together? And ask the seller if he still has the hammer strap for your tractor. Looks like there used to be one on the drawbar.
  15. I had a '69 CST20 years ago. 396 factory installed and all the other bells and whistles. I sure do miss that truck but not the mileage.
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