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  1. Sresites


    OMG. I haven’t heard anyone else even say Wordstar in years. I started with an Osborne computer in November of 1981. CPM, 2 floppies and a lot of cussing.
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    Darn double taps.
  3. Sresites


    The media must have gotten the new Woke upgrade software. Advanced spell corrector. Found this comment elsewhere: The word "field" is a racial slur according to the woke community. Perhaps "acreage" would be acceptable. I was once corrected giving directions. ‘And then go straight’. Apparently ‘straight’ is now a stereotype slur. The driver was just kidding but it made my blood boil. I wonder what spell checker would have chosen.
  4. Just moved up from an iPhone X to an iPhone 14 Pro. The camera is absolutely amazing.
  5. I’ve got two complete 1958 Dodge truck 354 hemis. Plus an intake manifold from a D900 - 2 single barrel mounts. Quite cool looking. I’ll get a pic later this weekend. I am also considering a double deuce carb/tbi setup using this: http://autotrendefi.com/efi_97.html
  6. I had the 5250 detailed by a shop some 60 miles away. I think a clean machine helps crossing borders. Especially into California.
  7. I bought this near Carbon Alberta and brought it into Montana with nothing more than a hand written receipt. Border patrol/customs/whatever was very pleasant to deal with. Unlike the primates at the Ontario border into Michigan. Felt like I was going up before a firing squad for bringing plow parts across the border.
  8. Found out yesterday that JD has about 2500 of these switches sitting in a warehouse in Milan, Illinois. Cost is just shy of $98.00. USA or India I wonder.
  9. I ordered a new flasher switch for a Case through eBay and did not get what was represented in the listing. Pic shows Made In U.S.A. It did not show that on the part I received. It said nothing of the sort. The box indicates from India. FCS35. I confronted the seller about that: Hi There, This is the only one we currently have available. I've notified the according team about this listing & it will be revised. The pic wasn’t removed yet but they raised the price by more than $10.00 of what I paid last week
  10. I’ve been contemplating this one. Is it what it says? 1954 with pony engine.
  11. That’s real cheap, in Sacramento, diesel $7.29
  12. See if this outfit would part out the two brackets you need. Looks like a 510 or 520 loader to the right.
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