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  1. I buy all my metric nuts & bolts from Belmetric.com Great website and fast shipping, east coast to west coast typically 2 days. Over $100, I think, free shipping.
  2. I ramped my 5300 on and off the trailer. The 3pt could lift the tongue high enough to use the Jack on the deck. It is a different setup, just a thought. I did this in May of last year from Saginaw, Michigan to Sacramento.
  3. Gotta love a flat fold Kewanee. Hauled this one August 2019 from Miniapolis to Sacramento on Interstate 80. The tunnels were fun because at 11’ wide, needed both lanes. Big rig drivers behind me would pull to the middle of the road to block speeding cars from cutting me off entering the tunnels. Then again on a down hill approach to a single lane construction area. Big rig pulled over and blocked traffic for me again. I thought that was so cool.
  4. Wanted to replace that little piece of tin with a reflector. JD wants $97.00 for it. I finally found it from someone in Florida, OEM, for $2.00.
  5. Thank you all for your input. Oh, it’s 4-16’s.
  6. Does anyone have the part numbers to a rebuild kit for this cylinder. The breather port is blowing oil which indicates seals gave out. Also, maybe a bit of a tutorial on disassembly, repair & reassembly. Thanks.
  7. Just the opposite for me coming back into Michigan from Ontario. Hauling for myself, I went through the commercial side and that started the officer’s attitude problem. “Follow the Got darN 🤬signage.” Well, I tried, there wasn’t a sign for what I was hauling. And I wasn’t an RV. So I chose commercial. What a verbal whipping I took that day. Worse than my dad’s flyswatter handle.
  8. I bought my Case 5250 NE of Calgary Alberta 1-1/2 years ago. Extremely nice condition at 7700 hours for $21,000 USD. No problem at all bringing it back over the border with a hand written receipt. Border patrol were very accommodating. A few months later I went to Ontario for some equipment. US border patrol treated me as if I were a terrorist. The most disrespectful officer I have ever met. And the biggest A hole. I just could not believe how I was treated. I can take a lot of poop but after leaving there I had to pull over and shake the experience off for a bit.
  9. OMG. That pic brings back memories of my dad’s new 460 utility. He used to do a lot of custom plowing around Sioux City back in the day. That was one snortin little beast. First thing I learned to drive at age 8. The stories around that tractor I can remember. LOL
  10. This is one of my control cabinets I designed for a project going on right now. Been doing this for over 23 years. All Wago terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail. These are the screwless type.
  11. When traveling on long trips, I will answer the phone occasionally knowing it’s probably a scam call. Press this, press that and someone finally answers. I can be the most foul mouthed person anywhere. Some are soo shocked “Wha wha what”. They forget to hang up and take the verbal abuse. Edit: I save all unanswered calls with no voicemail and the few I do answer all get named “xBlock”. Interesting, I don’t recall ever getting one of those saved numbers calling back again. I actually don’t block the numbers. I've currently saved 95 xBlock callers.
  12. Principal used one like this on me when in 8th grade back in the ‘60s. Third hit sent me flying across his desk and on the floor. Dad just used the wire end of a fly swatter, belt or apple tree stick.
  13. What model Deutz-Fahr is your tractor? Nice Stoll loader. Was looking at an older Stoll F35 for my 5250 a while back. Ended up with a Quicke 660.
  14. ****, I think we let ours vote.
  15. This brought back memories, I think. Used to use this to clean teletype parts in a large ultrasonic cleaner back in the 70’s.
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