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  1. I miss my 1976 Massey Ferguson MF40. Gas, manual shuttle, PTO, ROPS, Loader & MF 14 box scraper. Started like you are back in the ‘80s. A little problem with traction until I put fluid in the tires and found OEM rear weights. Huge difference in traction. Quite cheap overall and sold years later for more. An MF 202 for sale in your area would the job if it had 3pt.
  2. That same 5250 (5150) with Quicke loader sold back on March 4th for $36,000. Wonder if bidder got bidders remorse once he saw the tractor up close.
  3. I’m blown away at what Case IH 5250’s are selling for. Mechanically my 5250 (North American Model) is in very good condition. Hoping to get it painted this year. Check this out. And I’d expect that Q450 subframe will snap like a twig if over exerted. That loader is meant for a less than 100 hp tractor
  4. Saw this really nice loader at a salvage yard near by. Looks to have come off a Massey Ferguson 390/394. Subframes say MF3225/3235/3245. They’re asking $2800. OBO I’m looking for a small load to bring to Omaha/Sioux City area to help pay for my trip in June.
  5. And after a year and a half, I finally got the loader mounted and operational.
  6. Yah. I like my tractor a lot.
  7. But at least I got a great view that someone lets me disc the fire breaks and I get an old barn to keep my toys under cover. Its been a great day out on this 135 acre place. It’ll be housing very soon.
  8. A little added humor someone forwarded. https://www.facebook.com/648670361/posts/10159653057790362/?d=n
  9. Just got my battery adapter in. Works perfect mating my Milwaukee M18 battery to my Dewalt drill. Dewalt batteries were dead. Got the adapter for around $16. And then modified the case a little.
  10. The vertical subframes connected to the loader appear to be Alo. That’s some nice merging of material.
  11. That looks first class to me. I’m partial to the Quicke loader and grew up on a 656 utility.
  12. Censorship and privacy. For heaven sake.
  13. And I ask my insurance agent, over the phone, how she knows that? I was dropping one company for another. She says that’s what Travelers mentions about your VIN number. I asked how the **** another company has that kind of info on me when my present company did not? Silence. I knew the answer. The mileage is when I figured out months ago, on a cell phone app, that Onstar defaults selling my info unless I uncheck the sharing permission clause. My truck has only been in the dealership once below 5000 miles for a warranty issue with the drivers sunvisor.
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