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  1. I'm intending on restoring a TD6 I recently bought according to the serial number it's a 1942 model. However some parts are missing and need advice on what type of each part is it need apparently there is a lot of variations but I'm a bit of a newbie! Parts namely.

    *Starter motor 



    Any help much appreciated! 





  2. On 10/16/2019 at 5:30 PM, north of 60 said:

    Welcome to the Forum !!

    Where are you in N. Ireland ? Just got back home to Canada from there this week .... will be back there for sure .. wife is from there..

    I noticed the tracks were adjusted to max forward as well... you may be able to get by with removing a link from each side, if you decide to tighten the tracks ..  in the manuals they recommend you don’t to that, citing the different wear pattern you will then have between the sprokets and track rails...but I think for a limited use machine you could get away with doing it.. I’m sure others have done it, and may chime in with their experiences...

    For limited use you just may get by with the tracks adjusted to where they are ... 

    Keep us posted with your progress...




    Thank you, I'm front the Waterside in L'derry where bouts is your wife from? See this is all new to me its a steep learning curve! Well is there new chains you can buy are they generic sizes or are ther specific? 

  3. hink your right about the adjuster and them being at there maximum, as I say I know very little about these machines and there is very few people in Northern Ireland have even seen one never mind have hands on experience of them, but for some reason I've always wanted one so here I am! As for the pump all can see is its American Bosch. The engine was partially stripped and the parts in a box so I'm hoping all is there to get it built back up again! 

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