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  1. So, it has been a crazy couple weeks. Maona, isn’t running, she keeps breaking things, and I swear she’s laughing at us, every time we fix something. So, dad got the new gas line in, with a filter and clamps on the ends, it started leaking. Then, we pulled the sediment bulb and cleaned it out, it started leaking. So, I got a smaller gas line and put this sticky stuff, on the new ends, that fixed one leak. I pulled the sediment bulb back off, pulled off the old gasket, it stopped leaking, put on the new gasket it started leaking again. I’m just shaking my head by this point, she’s laughing at us. I order, a new gasket, if that doesn’t work, I’m not putting one on. Just leaving the bulb without one, tried to take of the entire sediment bulb, from the tank, to clean it out good. Again, someone did such a crappy paint job, along with rust, could not get the darn thing off! So, when the time comes, to actually take it off, it should be fun. We got some new lines, running from the battery, to the starter, by using new jumper cables. I honestly don’t know if they will work out that long, but I liked this fix better than my other options. My other options being, buying cords that where going to be a massive pain in the butt. I did my research and made sure that they could hold up, and from everything I read, they should, but time will tell. The stupid copper pieces, didn’t want to hold on at first, could get them smashed down right, finally on the last one started getting them. A hammer on a piece of concrete, works so much better than pliers, dad told us to do that way the first time. Sometimes, the old man knows better, I guess, he is the one that got us on this crazy adventure. I also, arced the battery for the first time that was shocking, along with banging my head on the frame. I can still feel her laughing at me, the little brat. So, we did all that, put the new belt on, and that thing was the ‘b’ word twenty times over. It was about a third shorter than the one we had on before, and it was thicker. We put it on the same way we did the last one, but this time it was dad and I. The crazy thing, decided it was going to twist, so dad is cranking it while I’m shoving a screwdriver underneath it, get it part way untwisted. I then start sticking my fingers in there and I get a pinch, my own fault. I swear I was trying to kill myself that day, and I went on to work also. See, you now can feel that Maona is laughing at me. We got new cables, from the spark plugs to the distributor cap, I don’t really like them. They are pretty long and they look sloppy, but I will zip tie them back, eventually. We, just got a new distributor cap, I have not put that on yet, I probably will tomorrow. I am hoping, I don’t have to many issues, but I’m not holding my breath, either. I got the new, gasket and screen for the sediment bulb. I’m thinking since, the gasket is cork, it might seal better than a normal gasket and that will take care of the leak. Dad, wanted me to get a new oil screw or something, I don’t know why. Hopefully we will get that al in tomorrow. I also, rebuilt the carburetor, that was interesting, still having some problems with it, but I’m going to fiddle with it tomorrow when I get off tomorrow. The carburetor, took me about two days to put back together, but I was also taking my time. The main jet, I had problems getting that in, because it was tight with the new bushing. I finally got it in all the way just took some time. I messed up and accidentally dropped in the bearing before I put the spring in, for the choke. I couldn’t get the bearing out for the choke shaft, I’m guessing it is the original one. The new choke butterfly and shaft went in okay, all the way. I put in a float and needle, but I think I have it wrong, because the carburetor isn’t getting in gas, but again I will mess with it tomorrow. Dad, used some starter fluid in there, and what little bit she starts, she sounds really good. I’m getting supper excited, that we might get her running all the way tomorrow, crossing my fingers. Thank you for reading, and will always take any advice, especially about the carburetor .
  2. What I’ve gathered and kind of pieced together, is that before my dad, it had 3 previous owners, The second and third owner where father and son, the father did actual work on it and the son paid someone to work on it. The original owner, I know nothing about, I should get a hold of the guy, dad bought it from. I don’t have time for that, basically the last 3 weeks of my life have been sleep, tractor, and work, with tossing watching my youngest nephew. I currently work 3rd shift, which has given me a lot of freedom to do the research and work on it during the day. Dad, is thinking like 3 things ahead that need to be fixed on it and I’m just taking it one at time, as money comes in, with time to work on it. Dad, wants to replace the gas line, it looks like the original and he also wants to replace the wires from the spark plugs to the Distributors , he already got the new gas line, i ordered the new wires, along with the new fan belt. He also wanted a new Distributor cap, but i forgot to order that, whoops! FRom what I gathered, there has been some work done it, but not major work. I know the guy before hand, had the carburetor rebuilt, we can even see the new gaskets sticking out. I’m also being real, about how good of a job he did. I won’t know until I get in there a look, but that’s going to be a winter project. I already said something about the starter being worked on also. Other than, it seems like there hasn’t been a bunch of work done, just basic maintenance with a little extra done it. Someone, did crap paint job on it, and that’s how i can really tell on some of the stuff, that it hasn’t been checked out real good in a minute. Did the 51’s come with Distributor or was someone tinkering with it? The Manifold just looks like crap, just basic cosmetic, I’m hoping, but that will come with time. The original Coil looks to be on there, but I’m not positive on that, with last couple weeks we have kind of started exploring more it. The other day, i took the oil apart, just because i was curious. I’m hoping to god, the transmission never really needs any work, that would be a job in a half just getting to it. I also just want to dig in to it, just to see how it worked, but i would be asking for some trouble. As of right now, she’s just sitting outside getting work done on her, with a can on her muffler, but the plan is to move her in to Steve’s garage with in the next month or so. The problem is that garage is full of crap, crap that I’m going to try to sell, to help pay for the new parts on her. See, before Steve lived in that house, my parents owned and renovated off and on as a rental house, but dad kept control of the garage. Old tools that he hasn’t seen or used in 10 years, along with old garden tractors, he would say he would fix up one day. There is 6 of them and only one he wants to keep, so I’m selling what i can and scrapping the rest with his permission of course. Getting Maona in to the garage, is going to be an adventure on its own. The steering wheel, clears the door by 3 inches, so that mean the muffler doesn’t at all. So, we are going to drive her up to the door, remove her muffler, slap on ear plugs and and ear muffler things, pulling double duty. Since, I’m shortest one in the family, i get to drive her in, and i will still be ducking at 5 foot tall, but nothing compared to my 6 foot brother and dad. My parents have a way bigger, but it is filled with 30 years of crap and really unorganized and I don’t like the set up of the work bench. That’s really all for now! I’m going to try to take and post more pictures tomorrow if the weather corporates. I’m off on Tuesday, I will end up sleep to mid afternoon and again if the weather corporates go and work on it. Dad, should have gotten the new wire for the starter, but I haven’t talked to him since Friday. Thank you everyone who has read or commented i really appreciate. I will always take advice!
  3. So we get back to Steve’s house and tell dad what happened, dad thinks it is the water pump. This is where the fun starts, and things start breaking. Before we can even dive in to the water pump the next day, the motor wont turn over, acting like the engine is frozen, but it didn’t make any sense. We couldn’t even hand crank it, dad goes back to his house, i drag my brother outside and make him help me. From everything i read, the resistor’s can over heat, I don’t have a amp tester or whatever that thing is called to test it. It’s a little burnt, I’ll upload a picture of it tomorrow. I go to NAPA, they test it, its not burnt up. My brother and i start taking apart the starter after that, and i had to go buy my first set of wrenches, because i got sick of digging out of dads bag. HE gets the cover of the starter and it is dirty, but to actually pull of the starter, he needs i think 3/4 wrench, and of course that’s the one he doesn’t have, and I haven’t bought mine. I went and got a set, Steve went to work, he had fun getting the grease of his hands.😂 This is my first time actually messing with anything on it by myself, i have a manual by now, so I’m confident i can figure it out. I found how you test if the starter needed rebuilt or just a new one, but again I don’t have all the tools. Found out the hard way that it is easier, to get the sleeve off and then pull the starter off the fly wheel. It took me about a hour to get everything apart and some very colorful words, it was even more dirty by the time I got it all th3e way apart. By this point i had figured out that the engine wasn’t frozen at all, just something with starter. The next day, my dad takes it to a battery place, that he has known for a long time. Apparently, I’ve turned in to a control freak when it comes Maona, I don’t anyone else’s hands messing with her. She’s a brat but she’s turning in to my baby, my expensive baby, but I’ve got the money and a good job, it makes my dad happy. The next day we get the starter back, the guy said it was probably rebuilt a couple of years ago, but it hasn’t been cleaned since then, everything was with it besides that was fine. I still don’t have the amp tester or the voltage tester, that was suppose to be coming later on that day, it did. Dad, decided he was going to take the jumper cables and hook it up to the starter, it worked, it was neat seeing how the starter actually worked on the inside. So now the starter is in good shape, it still doesn’t want to turn over, so dad jump starts the tractor, by this time its been sitting for a week, it just needed to run. I should of taken a picture of my mom’s 2019 Kia van hooked up to the tractor, seventy years of technology differences. It was amazing comparing the two, what things have changed and what things haven’t, maybe gotten more efficient, but at the basics, it’s still the same. That afternoon, I finally get the testers and the new resistor. First thing, i did was put on the new resistor, and then tested the voltage on the battery, saying 12 volts, I couldn’t get the amp tester to work, i gave Steve the job of figuring that out, to many buttons for me. Then from the battery to the starter button, it reads 12 volts, but from starter button to the starter, the highest reading i got was 4 volts. The wire is the original wire so that’s getting replaced Tuesday, if the weather doesn’t try to screw with my plans. I’ve got a couple of questions now: The tractor was converted to 12 volt, but it still has a 6 volt starter, should we have a 12 volt starter on there? I try not to just crank on the starter button. What is the starter button actually called? I feel like a dork, calling it a starter button. I’ve been reading as much as i can about Farmall H, from the history to the mechanics of it. I feel like the more information I absorb and the more probably sometime stupid questions i ask, the more i know and the less, i am to make dangerous mistakes. I think, why I love working on this tractor is the history of it. How it played a roll in the depression for farmers and the dust bowl, and these things lasted so long. Even, when they are ignored for sometimes 50 years, all they need is some love, money and patience, they will come roaring back to life. What is your reason, for working on old tractors? So, now we hopefully have the starter figured out it is time, to dive back in to the water pump. I’m thinking now it is not the actual water pump, but the belt, you know the new one we just put on. I found Yesterday’s Tractor, and i’ve just been going over every single piece that i can. What I’ve discovered, is the the belt you buy from them is thicker, i went ahead and order a new one with a couple of other things. Could the belt not fitting properly be affecting the water pump? To me that makes since, but a until a couple of weeks ago, i didn’t even know what a governor was or even heard of it.
  4. I got it to work, massive pain in the butt! Dad before we hit the road. The building behind him, is where he bought his Corvette 40 years ago.
  5. Yeah, I've tried uploading pictures, but it isn't letting me. I've tried on my tablet, phone and laptop, and still a nope.
  6. Recently, my dad brought his first tractor, he grew up working on them and using them, but he decided he would marry a city girl forty years ago. That put a stitch in his tractor dreams, and then he had a heart attack this summer. He has whole new lease on life, no better way then to describe that. My mom doesn’t care, she is just happy that he is alive. So this is a start of an adventure! He brought the tractor about twenty minutes from where we live, and drove it home with me, following behind . The twenty minute drive turned in to a hour, with me not going fast than fifteen miles per hour, but it is a story i will always tell. Yes, I’m sure you are wondering when I’m getting in to the restoration part, but it is coming I swear. My parents had me the year they turned forty, with my brothers being thirteen and ten years older than me and I being the only girl of the family. So where the guys went, i went, and trust me dad always had some project going on, so i jumped right on in. He told me about the tractor, whose name by the way is Mayona, after my great-grandmother, who would just need some tinkering,i could still shoot him about the tinkering. Go ahead, start laughing now, I’m sure plenty of people have done the same thing. The “tinkering project” is turning in to things we have no idea how to fix or the tools to fix them. We pull up in to my brothers backyard, to show it off, and my dad mentions something about it getting hot as he got closer to the yard. The three of us dive under to have a look around and the belt is a second away from snapping, that’s an easy fix! Dad and my brother just went to the hardware store to get a new belt, the first belt didn’t fit! The next day, Steve goes and gets two more that are the next sizes up, first size up, he couldn’t get it stretch enough, the next one went on to easy. So we go back to the first one, and this time, he starts just cranking it slowly to slip it on, but his hands are to big. So i start pushing it on while he cranks, i scream stop, flip it over the ridge and jump back with my hands up in the air. Mayona, is officially back in business or at least it seemed that way. So, i hop right on her, ready to learn how to drive and drag Steve along, because if I’m going to crash, he’s getting part of the blame for not stopping me. I can now see why they don’t go any faster, because fifth gear, beats the tar out of you. After, my ride dad asks Steve to go his house and pick up the trailer with straw in it, and I’m going to ride along of course. Everything is going okay, driving to the house, it is about a mile away and we live in a semi small town. Seeing a tractor on the road, isn’t anything new here, but we still get waves, probably not use to seeing a tractor in the middle of town.So we get to dad’s house and hook the trailer up, nothing special happening, until we are half way back to Steve’s house, it’s really starting to heat up. Steve, tells me to hold on, i toss my drink back in to the trailer, i grab on tight, make sure my feet are planted good and to be sure that i won’t trip getting off in a hurry, as he shifts in to fifth gear. I’m whispering to that crazy tractor, that we almost got her home and that we will figure what is wrong. Sorry, it is time to go make the bacon. There is more that happened, but all of this and the others things happened in the first two weeks of having her.I’ll share the rest of it later and then there shouldn’t be anymore supper long posts, well maybe. I will always take any tips and advice anyone can give me. Thank you.
  7. https://youtu.be/pAg4zSOE0Ag This might help, I haven’t tackled the water pump on my 51 so I’m as lost as you are
  8. This was amazing to go through. I’m getting started on a 51 H and it is in a lot better condition than yours started at. Gave me some ideas of problems i could run in to, so thank you a lot.
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