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  1. Mike Links probably has what your are looking for on his LED light page
  2. MCV is easy you can do it in less than a couple hours. Longest part I had was scraping off the old MCV gaskets that took me an hour alone... Other than that it depends if you want to rebuild all the springs and stuff to while you have it apart. Hy Capacity makes a good kit that you can use that has the pump and all the gaskets and springs.
  3. That is the same as the PTO right? Have a gauge for that. Just need the adapters. so 1/8-27 for lube and 3/4-16 for TA
  4. Going to test pressures on a newly rebuilt MCV. What fittings do I need? Anything else? 1. 600lb gauge for reading TA pressure 2. 60lb gauge for reading lube pressure. what are the fittings so I can read them? I’ve heard 7/8ths straight tread (ORB) for the TA? Is this correct? What is lube? any help would be appreciated -Chris
  5. Right lol. I got one for my 15 and everyone has how good they work but nobody has pictures of how to assemble it or how it looks when it’s done lol. Got mine from ASAP and they had no accompanying papers for it.
  6. Does anyone has a picture or diagram of how the foot throttles are assembled on 66 series?
  7. If your rebuilding an engine why skimp on 260$ that can easily cost more if your head doesnt clamp right and you have to tear into it... Its like doing an engine overhaul and only doing an inframe.. If your that far your better off just pulling the engine otherwise 100 hrs later the rear mains gonna start leaking lol
  8. In the process of taking apart an MCV and replacing it with a 13 gpm pump. Does anyone have a picture or directions to which orfice gets drilled? Manual I have does not go that in depth.
  9. 1566IH

    1586 axle

    no too small of an axle
  10. What is sold: Front axle and tires Rear tires and rims Seat Sentry Engine RH swing door for engine The rest of it from the rock box to the drawbar is for sale
  11. Ok thanks, actually pulling the cab off and throwing on fenders and rewiring the tractor and putting on a new pump and everything because the mcv is leaking.
  12. Thanks, What is the pressure difference? Would you know off hand?
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