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  1. 12 foot wide is awful small for a machine shop. Whats your budget?
  2. Depends if you can do the work yourself. If you can do the work yourself and it doesnt have an observation window in the block that might be the best bet unless the rest of the combine is also shot.
  3. Thanks I always saw people talking about 4 vs 8 fin pumps never knew the application differences.
  4. Anyone know the difference in flow gpm wise from a 4 fin water pump to an 8 fin? Which engines have which pumps?
  5. Most people just use Baldwin or Fleetguard filters or OEM for filters like Rainman said just coolant filter.
  6. 1566IH


    Depends on what you want to do. Repower to 466 or stay stock cubes. If the TA is bad I would go with a Hy Capacity. Think they are just about the best on the market and are much better than the stock ones. Never have to replace again.
  7. Ha yes it is I'm a part of the UW-Platteville Team. We have a 4 speed ranger tranny and now we are going to put the power glide in front of it to have a good shift on the go tractor. Got 3rd last year in the pulls without it. The two teams that beat us both had some form of powershift. Also helps with the durability and the sand pit to make up time. Funny that you guessed it was for ASABE!
  8. Ahh perfect never thought of something like that. You know a lot about them?
  9. Trying to put this in a quarter scale tractor. I figured the housing for the mechanical TA would be too difficult to replicate. Trying to have the total weight under 100 lbs or so. It will be going behind a 31 HP Briggs engine. Trying to stay away from hydraulics as much as possible because of weight. The total weight of the tractor must be under 900 lbs. Only 31 HP and 65 ft lbs of torque will be going through the powershift or gearbox. Anyone else make a TA? Im guessing the Hydra Power weights well over 100 lbs.
  10. Anyone know of a company that makes a 2 speed powershift gearbox? I think a mechanical TA would be too hard to try to put in another application. Anyone have any experience taking one out and putting it in something else to give it a 2 speed on the go shift? Looking to put one in a 1/4 scale tractor. Any help would be appreciated.
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