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  1. Matt, 560..., and Fan.... Thanks to each of you for your replies to my questions. It obvious that there is much to learn and do as I attempt to bring my Super C up to it’s maximum potential. Hopefully, I’ll take the time to post updates and personal experiences on this thread.
  2. Bitty: Thanks for the reply. Going off to search for an owners manual for the machine. There’s a lot to learn and much to do! Joe T.
  3. Folks, I am brand spanking new to the Red Power world, though Dad raised me up on an F12 that I could never crank start. That’s another story though. I just acquired a 52 Super C and need to ask for advice on several issues. 1. Fuel. I’ve read that ethanol laced, non-leaded gasoline can be harmful. Are there additives that ought to be added to today’s gasoline to reduce this problem? 2. In a similar vein, what type of motor oil would you folks recommend? 3. Similar question as to hydraulic fluid? Thinking out loud: I am going to rebuild the carburetor. I do not know the type since the carburetor appears to have been painted over by a previous owner. First step would be to disassemble the unit and clean it up. Then give it a try. If the tractor likes this, stop and go no further. Otherwise, rebuild the current carburetor with a good kit. Are there any suggestions as to which kit to use? (Dad used kerosene as a cleaning fluid. What do you folks use in today’s world?) If this fails, replace the carburetor. Again, recommendations as to which kit? Lots of questions on my part. However, any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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